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8 Best Belly Band Holsters | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews | 2024

If you plan to carry pistols and smaller weapons when playing airsoft, a belly band holster is a good option. Belly band holsters are easy to wear and incredibly convenient, providing you with a good level of concealment for your side arms and allowing you to quickly retrieve your weapons.
Some belly band holsters are designed with complete concealment in mind, fitting discreetly beneath layers of clothing so your opponents have no indication that you are carrying additional side arms.
Some holsters also include additional storage so you can keep extra items within easy reach. If you are thinking about investing in one of these handy accessories, our guide has all the information you need for picking the best belly band holster for your budget.
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Fit & Comfort

As belly band holsters are relatively large, they should allow for a comfortable fit. Most belly band holsters available will come in a one-size-fits-all design, with a maximum waist measurement included for guidance. Belly band holsters designed for concealment will usually consist of a stretchy panel of material that fits around the waist.

These type of holster will include integrated pouches and pockets for housing your weapon and other items. More substantial belly band holders may include adjustable fastenings that allow you to loosen or tighten the holster at will.

The best belly band holsters will also give you some flexibility when it comes to positioning it, allowing you to wear it in different configurations.

Weapon Compatibility

As with ankle holsters, belly band holsters can be relatively limited when it comes to the pistol models they can carry. Most belly band holsters will provide you with some guidance on what kind of weapons they can accommodate, outlining compatibility with compact and subcompact pistols, revolvers and full frame handguns.

Some holsters may also be designed specifically for use with certain pistol models and series.

Easy Release

In addition to securely storing your weapon, a good belly band holster also need to allow you to release and draw your weapon quickly. Make sure any holster you purchase is wide enough at the top so you can grab the grip of your pistol. A reliable thumb release should also be included so you can draw your weapon in seconds.

Extra Carrying Capacity

The majority of belly band holsters will provide you with additional storage potential, alongside the main pouch for your weapon. This extra storage will allow you to carry additional magazines with you, but can also include pouches for storing folding knifes, smartphones and more.

Best Belly Band Holsters | Reviews

Want to upgrade your conventional holster to something more convenient? We have picked out some of the best belly band holsters you can currently find on the market.

Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

This belly band holster is perfect for those who are looking to fully conceal their airsoft weapons. This belly band is made from a premium neoprene material, which not only keeps the holster firmly fixed against the body, but also ensures a comfortable and breathable wearing experience.

If you are looking for a holster that can be worn for hours at a time, without you realising you are wearing it, this is the ideal option. This versatile belly hand holster will fit most users with a maximum waist width of 44 inches.

This holster can also be worn both within and outside of the waistband, as well as across the body. Should you wish, you can also wear this holster higher up on the body.

The design of this holster allows allows for straightforward weapon retrieval. The detachable button strap is incredibly strong, ensuring your pistol remains secure when not in use, but easy to draw when you reach for it.

The holster also includes a spare magazine pocket for additional accessories. This pocket uses the same reliable retention strap as the main holster. In addition to this, you will also find an additional pocket for smartphone storage.


ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Gun Holster

This ComfortTac Ultimate belly band provides users with a versatile way to holster their weapon. This belly band holster is one of the most functional designs on the market, allowing you to conceal your weapon with comfort and ease. The band itself is made from durable neoprene.

This provides you with exceptional levels of security, but also ensures comfortable wear. Even when fully loaded with your weapon and additional accessories, this holster will conform to varying degrees of pressure to ensure it never feels awkward or uncomfortable when worn.

This holster will fit a variety of pistol types, ranging from compact frames to conventional revolvers. The retention strap is very effective at keeping your weapon locked in place, while the deep concealment buckle provides an added level of security. This holster will stand out to those looking for more storage options than the standard offering.

In addition to the elastic holster for your pistol, there is integrated pocket that can be used to store small accessories like folding knifes. There is also an additional pocket for storing things like magazine rounds. This pocket can be removed at will, freeing you up for enhanced flexibility should you desire.


Tacticshub Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

This Tacticshub is a good fir for airsoft players looking for a convenient carrying solution and plenty of storage. This holster is slim and discreet in design, making it a good choice for those looking who value concealment. This holster does not require you to wear a belt or other accessories in order to carry it.

The adjustable design also allows for a slim fit underneath clothing, meaning there is no limit to its application. This concealed belly band holster also scores highly for comfort. The neoprene material is both breathable and skin-friendly, so you will not have to worry about sweating and irritation if you choose to wear it for long stretches of time.

This belly band holster is also reliable. The metal button of the gun holder section secures your pistol in place at all times, while also allowing for quick retrieval of your weapon when you need it. Unlike other options, the elasticated material will not cling tightly around your weapon, allowing for unrestricted access and quick drawing.

The longer elasticated strap of this holder also ensures compatibility with a wider selection of weapons. The larger barrel area will ensure a perfect fit with full-sized pistols, right down to the subcompact category.


Ghost Concealment Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

This Ghost Concealment belly band holster is something to consider if you want to remain stealthy and keep your weapons out of view of opponents. This user-friendly holster is incredibly safe, convenient and allows for unrestricted access to your weapon when you need to be quick on the draw.

The release has been strategically placed over the barrel itself, allowing for a much easier time of things when it comes to retrieving your weapon.

This belly band holder does not disappoint in terms of wearing comfort. The ventilated material will ensure good levels of airflow, while the fabric itself is soft to the touch. This one-size-fits-all holster should also suit the needs of any user, provided your waist size is 40 inches or less.

You have a wide variety of carrying options with this holster. You can choose to wear it within the waistband, but you can also use it in a cross body configuration, at the small of your back, or higher on the body in a shoulder holster position.


UnderTech UnderCover Original Belly Band

This UnderTech UnderCover belly band holster looks relatively simple on the surface, but it has been designed with convenience and performance firmly in mind. This quality holster is made from heavy-duty elastic for a better fit, while rip-tape closure means your weapon will kept firmly in place for the duration of a game.

This holster includes two ambidextrous slots, with one slot suitable for larger pistols including semi-automatic handgun frames, and the other ideal for housing smaller weapons like revolvers.

This holster also includes a 6-inch storage pocket for housing things like spare magazines, cash, cards and small documents. The discreet design of this holster will prove a good solution for those who want to conceal their side arm as much as possible.

The low-profile dimensions mean it can be worn underneath clothing with ease, with no awkward elements that might snag on fabric or cause an issue when it comes to drawing your weapon.


FEATOL Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

This FEATOL belly band holster certainly looks impressive, but it also delivers when it comes to weapon storage and carrying convenience. This holster is more streamlined than other options out there, allowing for deeper levels of concealment.

The pared-back holster design also means you can enjoy instant release of your weapon and silent draws, every time. This holster also comes available in right and left hand draw variants, saving you the hassle of having to seek out an ambidextrous solution.

This holster is made from a first-rate neoprene material. This material is in and of itself very effective as far as breathability is concerned, but air circulation is enhanced here thanks to the presence of air holes. This makes this particular holster a very skin-friendly and breathable solution.

You also have a broad range of carrying positions, with the holster easily rotated to meet your individual requirements. An additional magazine pocket is included to maximise your carrying capacity, but this is easily removed if you want to enjoy complete concealment.


Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

This IWB belly band holster is a tough and reliable choice for airsoft players. This one-size-fits-all holster is made from durable neoprene material that will easily stretch to fit a wide variety of users. Anyone with waist measurement of 44 inches or less will find this holster a comfortable option.

This rough and ready holster is also suitable for a wide variety of weapons. This high-grade elastic holder will accommodate all types of pistols, ranging from subcompact weapons to full frame pistols. It can also house revolvers securely.

This ventilated belly band holster can also be worn in a variety of positions. You can choose to wear it within the waistband itself, or outside of it. It can also be used in a cross body configuration, as well as behind the hip, at the small of the back and more.

In addition to the main weapon holder, this holster includes an extra carrying pouch for carrying magazines and smaller items.


KaMoore Belly Band Holster

You should definitely consider this KaMoore belly band holster if you want something that combines concealment, comfort and user-friendly design. This one-size-fits-all holder stretches to a maximum of 45 inches, making it suitable for almost every wearer.

The soft material makes it incredibly comfortable to wear, even the holster is fully loaded with equipment and firmly pressed against the body. The lightweight material used here is breathable to ensure minimal sweating, keeping your skin dry and as comfortable as possible.

This belly band holster will prove compatible with a wide selection of weapon styles. It is perfect for storing subcompact, compact and full frame pistols. An additional pocket is also included so you can carry additional ammo with you, or keep your smartphone and other essential accessories close to hand.

This holster can also be worn in a variety of ways, making it an incredibly versatile solution. Wear it inside or outside of the waistband, in 5 or 12 O’clock positions, or in the small of your back.




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