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Are Paintball Guns Loud? | 2024

Are Paintball Guns Loud?

There are a number of factors to bear in mind when choosing a paintball gun, although noise is not usually something that potential buyers consider. If you plan on using a paintball gun at an out of the way paintball field, noise is not really an issue you should be worried about, besides the potential discomfort it will cause. However, if you plan on using a paintball gun on your own property or near a residential area, operational noise is something you need to consider.

How Loud Are Paintball Guns?

Generally speaking, paintball guns produce little noise when fired. The majority of paintball guns on the market only produce a subtle, hissing noise when fired. Others may produce a more audible pop when fired. The overall volume of a paintball gun will be determined by the qualify of its build. The type of paintball gun you buy will also have an effect on the level of operational noise. Electronic paintball guns are usually quieter than mechanical models, for example.

What Sounds Do Paintball Guns Produce?

If you purchase an electronic paintball gun, you can expect minimal noise. In fact, the hissing sound an electronic marker will produce will be barely audible. Only the user will be able to detect any noise from the marker, with it being inaudible to fellow players and others in the vicinity.

Mechanical paintball markers are somewhat louder. When you fire a shot, the compressed air from your attached tank will produce an audible pop. Some mechanical markers may also produce an additional hissing noise. Mechanical paintball markers are certainly loud enough to attract unwanted attention.

If you are worried about disturbing neighbours, it may be best to purchase an electronic model. Likewise, if you want to remain undetectable to fellow players, the louder operational noise of a mechanical marker may give away your position.

Other Factors Affecting Paintball Gun Noise

The internal components of a paintball marker will also impact how loud a given model is. The valve and bolt elements of your gun are the two most important factors to consider when it comes to operational noise. If your marker is particularly efficient when it comes to utilising compressed air, the valve will produce minimal noise.

However, if air efficiency is subpar, the valve will create more noise. A spool valve is the best option if you want to limit noise as much as possible. A spool valve is also generally lighter than a conventional one, which brings added benefits to the user.



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