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8 Best Airsoft Goggles | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews | 2024

To ensure you stay safe when playing airsoft, protecting your eyes with reliable goggles is crucial. There are various types of eye protection to think about when getting kitted out for airsoft, with options ranging from stripped-back goggles to more substantial masks.
You can also find ingenious 2-in-1 mask designs that combine premium eyewear protection with robust mouthpiece protection. Our guide includes some useful pointers on what to look for when scouring the market for the best airsoft goggles; useful when using your best airsoft sniper rifle. 

General Design

There is a great deal of variety when it comes to airsoft goggles and mask protection. If you are looking for minimal protection focused squarely on the eyes, a conventional pair of goggles should prove more than sufficient for your airsoft needs.
A good pair of goggles should conform snugly to your face, completely encasing the eyes to prevent injury. Goggles should also feature anti-fog technology to ensure condensation does not form within the surface of the lenses.

Another option to consider is a mask. Full-face masks are an affordable solution that provide you with total eye protection, while also ensuring the rest of your face remains out of harm’s way. Complete masks will incorporate eye protection, as well as a forehead and chin protection. Masks of these kind come in one of two forms.

You can choose to invest in a bulkier mask made from polymer material, or go with something a little more flexible made from wire mesh. If you do opt for a mesh mask, make sure it has been treated with a hardening resin to provide you with good levels of impact protection.

Eye Protection

This is the most important element of any airsoft mask. If you are opting for a mask with a visor, make sure the eyepiece is firmly integrated into the overall build of the mask to ensure it copes with the full impact of an airsoft gun.

If you are interested in purchasing a 2-in-1 mask where the goggles can be removed from the mouthpiece, make sure the two pieces can be firmly attached and remain stable when they sustain impact. Visor goggles should provide you with anti-fog performance as a minimum. Advanced mask models may also include interchangeable lenses, with different lenses for different light conditions.


If you opt for a full-face mask, the mouthpiece section needs some consideration. First and foremost, the mouthpiece needs to be ventilated so you can breathe comfortably when wearing the mask. Most mouthpieces feature sizeable ventilation stripes or perforations to allow for plentiful airflow.

This breathability will also keep temperatures low within the mask. Ventilated mouthpieces are also important in ensuring your voice carries clearly. If you are playing alongside other airsoft enthusiasts in a team, clear communications need to be consistently maintained.

Adjustable Straps & Fit

All varieties of airsoft goggles and masks need to provide you with a secure fit. Elasticated straps with some degree of adjustment are the best approach. This will ensure masks and goggles can be worn comfortably, not matter the size of your head.

All types of mask and goggles should also include a degree of foam padding at the interior, preventing the mask for causing abrasion to the face when strapped to your head. Full masks will require padding at the forehead and nose, while goggles should include a layer of padding around any part of the interior that is coming into contact with your face.

Product Reviews

Looking to invest in some premium eye protection? Below is our shortlist of some of the best airsoft goggles available right now.

OutdoorMaster Full Face Airsoft Mask

This OutdoorMaster airsoft mask provides you with essential eye and face protection, but will also had a fierce aesthetic to your playing gear. This full face mask provides total protection for the face, with integrated mesh coverings for the eyes to ensure you do not sustain injury from incoming projectiles.

This mask is easily adjusted thanks to elasticated straps. In total, there are six individual straps that can be readily adjusted to provide you with a tailored fit that remains firmly in place. The interior of the mask includes ample padding at the forehead and nose, ensuring your face is protected against excessive abrasion.

This mask is ideal for those who want to maintain clear lines of communication with other players. The perforated mouth and nose sections ensures good levels of air circulation, ensuring you can breathe easy at all times.

Because of this perforation, your voice will also carry well without obstacle. This mask is incredibly easy to fit and will remain comfortably in place for long periods of time, without you having to worry about readjusting it as you play. You also have a very impressive selection of styles to consider here.


Anyoupin Paintball Mask, Airsoft Mask

If you are looking for an airsoft mask that delivers the very best head and eye protection, this Anyoupin model deserves a second look. This impressive mas is made from a combination of polycarbonate and ABS plastic, granting the wearer incredible impact resistance performance.

Unlike other airsoft masks, this design boasts enhanced protection of the forehead and chin, with the visor section providing you with reliable eye protection that does not compromise a wide field of view.

This mask is incredibly secure and stable once properly fitted. The adjustment belts allow you to enjoy a fit tailored to the profile of your head, while the interior is fitted with sponge padding to alleviate pressure on the head and face. This mask also boasts shaded visors that make it suitable for use on the brightest of summer days.

You can expect good levels of mouth protection here, but do not need to sacrifice on clear communication. The ventilated mouthpiece ensures good airflow at all times, allowing you to breathe comfortably. The heavy-duty design of this mask also make it a good option for paintballing.


Anyoupin Paintball Mask,Skull Full Face Airsoft Mask

This Anyoupin mask will provide you with maximum protection the next time you play airsoft. The visual aesthetics of this mask are worth mentioning here. The skull motif is particularly appealing and will give you an aesthetic edge over the competition. However, this mask will also impress as far as protective capabilities are concerned.

This mask features six individual straps at the rear that allow you to adjust the mask for a perfect fit. Inside, the mask includes thick cushioning at the forehead and nose, meaning you will not have to worry about uncomfortable levels of pressure, even if you wear this mask for long periods of time.

Eyewear protection is provided in the form of mesh metal. Although this lacks the enhanced levels of protection provided by visor shields, this mesh will provide an effective barrier against incoming airsoft projectiles and ensures good levels of visibility.

The mouthpiece of this mask is perforated with ventilation holes, ensuring you will have no trouble breathing and allowing a good level of air to circulate between the face and mash material. These ventilation holes also mean you can communicate freely with fellow airsoft players.


Outgeek Airsoft Mask Full Face Mask

Although it looks more like something you might wear for fencing, this mask from Outgeek is ideal for airsoft. This mesh mask is incredibly tough and designed to withstand significant impacts.

The mesh itself features a hardened layer of polytene resin that makes the overall construction even more hardy. Unlike other masks on the market, there is very little chance of this model breaking or suffering significant damage.

It might not look it, but this mesh mask is incredibly comfortable. The inner mesh fabric is lined with both breathable and gentle on the skin, meaning you can wear it for many hours at a time with ease. The lining material will also serve to absorb the shocks of impact.

This mask includes thicker material around the chin and ears, ensuring the more delicate areas of the face do not sustain injury from incoming projectiles. This mask is also roomy enough that you can wear glasses comfortably beneath.


VISMIX Airsoft Mask

This VISMIX airsoft mask provides you with a convenient 2-in-1 solution. This product can be used as a conventional face mask for complete protection, while the goggles can be quickly removed from the mouthpiece to provide you with sleek eye protection.

This mask is a breathable choice. The mouthpiece is made from soft TPU that is gentle on the skin, while the ventilated design means you will have no trouble catching your breath or maintaining clear communications with fellow airsoft players.

The goggle element of this mask is without doubt its best feature. The anti-fog goggles will eliminate unwanted condensation forming, especially if you are wearing them for long stretches of time. A mini fan system is on hand to deliver the very best in anti-fog performance. You also have a choice of two lenses on offer here. One can be deployed when playing in bright conditions, while the other is ideal for more overcast weather.


Aoutacc Airsoft Protective Gear Set

This Aoutacc airsoft mesh mask is a versatile piece of protective gear that will become a favourite. The lower half of the mask provides you with considerable protection against projectiles, while also giving you the flexibility to properly angle your aim downwards when playing airsoft.

Metal mesh can be found on both side of the mask, providing you with ample protection for your ears at all times. Not every airsoft mask delivers as far as ear protection is concerned, so it is good to see this feature on show with this model.

This two-piece mask is very compact ad lightweight. The mesh construction is very durable and efficient when it comes to protecting your face against airsoft rounds, but is much lighter than bulky plastic.

The mesh wiring also makes this mask a very breathable piece of protective gear. Not only will the enhanced airflow allow you to breathe more easily and communicate more clearly with other players, it also ensures the internal temperatures of the mask are kept low enough to ensure you remain comfortable at all times.


Black Orca Skull Full-Face Mask for Airsoft Helmet

This Black Orca Skull face mask is a stylish choice of protective gear for airsoft players. This mask boasts a polyamide construction with a high degree of tensile strength, while also delivering solid abrasion resistance. In short, you can put this mask through the wringer, every time.

This mask will definitely appeal to the airsoft player looking to make an impression in the field, with the skull motif a real winner. However, it also scores well when it comes to impact protection. This mask has been tested at 600 FPS, while it will also withstand significant temperature extremes.

This mask includes dual attachment options, with a rear head strap and separate helmet attachment straps to choose from. Inside, foam padding is on hand to provide your face with good levels of wearing comfort and improve the overall fit of the mask when strapped to the head. This mask is also a breathable option, with multiple openings allowing for maximum airflow. Mesh sections at the cheeks encourage even better levels of airflow.


Infityle Airsoft Masks

This Infityle airsoft mask is another worthwhile option for those looking for a more versatile piece of protective gear. Made from low-carbon steel, this 2-in-1 mask boasts the best in comfort and impact protection.

The goggles are made from a robust ABS material, which is both lightweight and comfortable when pressed against the skin. This mask is easily adjusted to accommodate various head shapes and sizes. The lightweight materials also mean it will apply minimal pressure against the head, preventing fatigue if worn for hours at a time.

The foldable design of this mask also allows for a more personalised fit, allowing you to gently contour the mask to your face shape. The goggles can be separated from the mouthpiece, providing you with two distinct pieces of protective gear, each with their own adjustable straps.

The mouthpiece is particularly effective at keeping your mouth and chin out of harm’s way, with tough mesh material providing you with enhanced breathability performance.




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