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9 Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews | 2024

If you are looking to partake in the most authentic military simulation gameplay possible, airsoft sniper rifles should be your weapon of choice.
Airsoft was originally developed in parts of the world where it was difficult to obtain life firearms for practice.
As such, a thriving market quickly arose with a huge variety of authentic replica weaponry becoming available to consumers. Unlike smaller airsoft pistols that rely on CO2 chambers, sniper rifles operate a little differently. It can be difficult to navigate the airsoft marker to find a sniper rifle suitable for your needs. Need some help whittling down your options? Read on for our useful guide on what to remember when shopping for the best airsoft sniper rifles.
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Tactical Aesthetics

You will struggle to find an airsoft sniper rifle that does not feature first-rate aesthetics and authentic details. However, if you put significant value on military aesthetics, you should take some time to sift through what is available to ensure you are selecting the best replica weapon your budget will allow.

Many rifle manufacturers have licensed other companies to produce authentic replicas, so if you wish to invest in an exact replica of an existing weapon, search the model number to see if is currently available.

Construction & Materials

The best airsoft sniper rifles will be manufactured from similar materials to the weapon they are based on. This usually means a combination of high-grade polymer and metal components. Even the main frame of the weapon is made from a lighter material than the genuine weapon, metallic components can help make the replica more authentic in appearance, handling and operation.

Barrels, receivers and firing mechanisms should all be made from metal if you are looking for the most realistic firing performance and handling experience. A tough polymer shell is also desirable if you intend to play airsoft on a regular basis.

Spring-Loaded Operation

Most airsoft sniper rifles will feature a spring-loaded bolt mechanism in order to fire rounds. Spring-loaded rifles require you to cock the weapon each and every time you wish to fire a round. This type of airsoft weapon are incredibly reliable, but they do mean you have to compromise when it comes to firing rate.

However, the upside is you do not have to reload the weapon too often. If you are relatively accurate with your shots, you will probably find a spring-loaded rifle a good fit for your style of play.

Upgrading a Rifle

Unlike paintball, there are relatively few upgrades available for airsoft sniper rifles. Therefore, you should think about what kind of extra features you want your gun to include before you purchase one. Many airsoft rifle replicas will already come with some accessories included, such as scopes and hand guards.

Some of these accessories will be fully integrated into the overall design, while others can be removed and reattached at will. The most important accessories to think about include a bipod and scope.

A bipod allows you to stand and position your rifle when lying on your chest, letting you maintain cover while targeting opponents from a great distance. A scope will of course make this process far easier. Many rifles will include an accessories rail so you can mount upgrades if you find compatible items.

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles | Reviews

Upgrade your arsenal with our selection of the best airsoft sniper rifles. You will find some first-rate rifles from the best manufacturers around. If you’re looking to protect yourself in a game of airsoft, check out our post reviewing the best airsoft goggles on the market today!

BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M62

This BBTac M62 sniper rifle is perfect for airsoft players who are looking for a more powerful choice of weaponry. This spring-loaded rifle has been designed for use with .2g BB rounds, providing you powerful firepower, every time you pull the trigger.

This sniper rifle will also tick boxes for anyone who puts a value on authenticity, with the intricate finish and realistic details setting this one apart from other available models. This rifle is also built to last. The ABS polymer construction makes for a particularly robust sniper rifle, while providing you with lightweight convenience.

This premium airsoft rifle is precision made, with the internal firing components ensuring you can fire successfully across longer distances. You can also expect good levels of stability and firing precision, every time you fire.

This rifle also allows you to reload very quickly, with clips easily replaced so you can get back to firing at the enemy with minimal downtime. The bolt action of this rifle will also give you a very authentic firing experience. The load and release mechanism feels very authentic, handling in much the same way as a conventional sniper rifle.


BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M61

The BBTac M61 airsoft sniper rifle is another standout option for anyone looking for high levels of realism and easy handling. This spring-loaded rifle is compatible with .2g BB rounds and delivers consistent firing performance at 420-475 FPS. This sniper rifle will also impress with its durable design.

The ABS polymer construction provides you with a secure and stable rifle, while the intricate details add to a first-rate level of realism. Precision machine manufacturing means this rifle will fire across greater distances consistency. Enhanced stability and reliable precision is also guaranteed with this sniper rifle.

As with the M62, the M61 promises fast reloading. Clips can be quickly removed and replaced in moments, meaning you have minimal downtime to ensure. The realistic bolt action further enhances the level of authenticity on offer here, with the load and release mechanism providing a realistic feel.

If you are looking to upgrade from an airsoft pistol to a more robust rifle, the M61 is something to consider. While you can enjoy the added functionality and extended reach of a rifle, you do not have to compromise when it comes to user-friendly design and convenient handling.


Double Eagle Field Marksman Bolt Action

This Double Eagle Field Marksman bolt action sniper rifle will take your airsoft experiences to the next level. You can expect premium materials and construction here, with strong ABS polymer material used to manufacture the stock. This provides you with superior performance when it comes to firing, with minimal recoil that might affect stability and precision.

This rifle also includes a full metal barrel, as well as a metal bolt and trigger. This allows the airsoft rifle to operate much in the same way as a regular firearm, giving you authentic feedback. The metal components also add some extra bulk to the frame, with this extra weight particularly reassuring for those who like their airsoft weapons to be as close to the real thing as possible.

In terms of firepower, this Double Eagle rifle does not disappoint. This rifle is compatible with .20g BB rounds and fires at velocities of up to 420 FPS. This is slightly better than the average. An adjustable hop-up system is also included with this rifle, which will allow you to add some backspin to fired rounds.

This backspin is very useful if you are looking to extend the distance of your fired rounds. If you want a rifle that can be adapted with accessories, this model should satisfy your needs. A front rail mount is included so you can combine the rifle frame with a variety of upgrades.


ASG McMillian Sportline M40A3 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Airsoft Rifle

This ASG McMillian Sportline M40A3 airsoft rifle is a good option for beginners, especially if you have yet to handle many sniper rifles before. This rifle is incredibly realistic in its appearance, but also delivers when it comes to bolt action performance.

This replica is also true to scale, making it one of the most accurate takes on a genuine weapon in this product shortlist. As with the real thing, this replica is made from a dual polymer and alloy construction. A lightweight polymer stock holds the alloy barrel, as well as the bolt and receiver. These alloy elements are crucial in ensuring this rifle delivers authentic firing performance that purists will definitely savour.

This airsoft rifle also features a hop-up feature. When used, this feature allows you to use a variety of BB rounds and can also be used to allow your rounds to go further in the field. This airsoft rifle is also a good option for anyone who wants the freedom to upgrade their weapon at a later point. You can replace things like the barrel and spring for more enhanced performance, while a massive range of compatible accessories can be purchased to provide your rifle with upgraded functionality.


470 fps wellfire aps sr-2 modular full metal bolt action sniper rifle

This replica sniper rifle is perfect for more demanding airsoft encounters. Made to a high standard with precision engineering, this rifle will allow you to fire accurately and consistency, especially when firing over greater distances. You can also expect high firepower performance here.

The reinforced spring is specially adapted to accommodate enhanced firepower. When using 0.2g BB rounds, this rifle will shoot at velocities of up to 470 FPS. This makes this sniper rifle one of the most aggressive in this list.

This airsoft rifle is also straightforward as far as operation is concerned. A simple and reliable bolt action single shot system is the heart of this design. This makes for superb levels of stability, while also ensuring your firing accuracy is maintained effectively. The bolt system is also very durable, meaning you can expect to use this rifle for a long time with minimal damage to the essential components.

This rifle uses 27-round clips that can be easily removed and replenished with new ones once your ammo has been diminished. A foldable stand is also included along with the rifle, allowing you to aim and fire across greater distances.


Evike – CYMA VSR-10 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle

If you are looking for a durable airsoft sniper rifle designed with heavy-duty use in mind, this Evike VSR-10 model is ideal for you. This rifle includes a heavy-duty metal bolt system and trigger box that will cope with consistent firing, while the 55-round magazine makes this perfect for those looking for rifles with larger firing capacity. This rifle will also appeal to those keen to invest in a high-grade replica.

The functional safety adds a level of realism to the design, while the spring-powered bolt system allows the rifle to operate like a conventional firearm. The bolt action also means you do not need to worry about replenishing gas cartridges or using a battery in order to fire.

This sniper rifle has been precision milled, with the aluminium barrel yielding exceptional accuracy and firing consistency. The first-rate finish also makes this suitable for use in all weathers, with the outer casing particularly resilient against water. There is also a huge scope for customisation with this airsoft rifle. You can adapt the trigger and spring system to your liking, while the rifle can also be combined with a bipod for those looking to fire upon targets across huge distances.


Well Full Metal MB08 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

This Well Full Metal MB08 sniper rifle excels when it comes to firing performance, but come at a price that will not break the bank. This bolt action sniper rifle is made from a durable ABS polymer, resulting in a weight that is similar to the weapon category it is based upon.

You can also expect good velocity rates here, with speeds of up to 480 FPS possible when using 0.20g BB rounds. The full metal barrel also adds to the level of realism provided by this rifle, giving you a signature kick when the chamber is emptied.

This sniper rifle includes a folding polymer stock, as well as an adjustable cheek weld and shoulder pad. A rear monopod is also included, while a 20mm accessory rail allows you to upgrade the weapon body with a variety of rifle accessories. An adjustable folding bipod is included along with the rifle itself, allowing you to put this to use when targeting and firing upon enemies from a distance.


BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle BT-L96 Bolt Action Spring

This BBTac BT-L96 airsoft rifle is a good option for those after a lightweight design and user-friendly functionality. This spring-loaded airsoft rifle is incredibly reliable, meaning you can fire away for hours at a time without any worry about performance.

The powerful spring action performance of this rifle make it a much more desirable option than airsoft pistols or similar weaponry that requires CO2. You can also enjoy some impressive aesthetics here. Although this rifle is a more general replica, the manufacturers have gone to great effort to produce an airsoft rifle that looks like a conventional weapon.

The plastic construction of this airsoft rifle make it a little bit lighter than other options we have explored, but the lighter design makes it easier to carry. If you are looking to save a little money on accessories, this rifle package is worth investing in. This rifle is already mounted with a scope, while a bipod is also included.

This means you can target enemies a considerable distance away, safe in the knowledge you can fire away with incredible levels of accuracy. The bipod is also a little bit smaller than usual, which provides you with enhanced stability when targeting your opponents.


Well MB4410BAB Full Metal MB4410 Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun

This Well Full Metal MB4410 sniper rifle will prove a good match for any airsoft player looking for user-friendly operation and reliable firing. With bolt action operation, this rifle delivers consistently for many hours at a time. You will also appreciate the tactical aesthetics of this replica, with a retractable stock, receiver and hand guard all included. Mounting rails are also included so you can add and remove accessories at will.

An integrated hop-up adjustment wheel is also incorporated into the overall design, allowing you to adjust your rifle to accommodate different BB rounds. An adjustable rifle scope is also included, allowing you to target long-distance targets with ease. You can expect decent firing velocities here as well, with maximum outputs of 430 FPS possible when using 0.20g BB rounds.




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