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8 Best Camo Netting of 2024 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Camo netting is an essential accessory for any paintballer looking to incorporate stealth into their game. Premium camouflage netting will allow you to conceal yourself from the enemy for long periods of time, helping you stay out of the line of fire and wait out the enemy. The best netting will provide a near perfect match with your surroundings, allowing you patiently await encroaching enemies until you are ready to attack. If you are keen to take your woodsball scenarios to the next level, read on for our essential guide on what to consider when shopping for the best camo netting.

The Importance of Quality Camo Netting

Camouflage netting will allow you to built an impromptu base of operations out in the field. Good quality netting will keep you concealed for long periods of time, allowing you and your fellow players to regroup and come with new strategy to gain an advantage over the enemy. Netting needs to be lightweight enough that it can be transported across significant distances, while the design should also be user-friendly so you can erect an effective base in moments.

Heavy-Duty Design

Although many paintballers consider camo netting as an overthought, you should not overlook the importance of durable design when purchasing this essential accessory. Netting will be fully exposed to the elements, so it needs to be manufactured to a suitably high standard. Premium polyester Oxford fabric should the absolute basic standard you go for. This hard-wearing material will withstand heavy-duty use and prove resistant to rips and tearing.


This is another crucial consideration when selecting suitable camo netting. The best camouflage material will be treated to ensure good waterproof performance. This not only keeps you dryer in all-weather conditions, it also staves off mould and reduces the chance of the material rotting.

UV Resistance

Many paintballers forget how quickly the sun can burn skin. When shopping for camo netting, look for material that is resistant to harmful UV rays. Premium netting should provide adequate protection against sunlight, preventing you from suffering from sunburn when you are exposed to the elements for long periods of time.


Most camo netting should provide enough coverage for a single paintball player. However, standard sizes of netting material might be too limited when it comes to providing coverage for a field base. However, netting is very versatile and be joined together with other pieces of material with minimal effort. Cable ties provide you with an easy way of joining multiple pieces of camo netting together to provide more sufficient coverage.

Colours & Texture

Always select camo netting that is suitable for use in the type of environment you are looking to play in. Green and brown camouflage colourways are probably the most versatile and perfectly suited to woodsball scenarios. However, many manufacturers also produce camo netting in other colours. You will easily find netting that can be used in tundra settings or sandy environments. Texture is also important when selecting suitable netting. An authentic 3D texture is desirable as this will blend most seamlessly with natural environments.


Camo netting needs to do more than just conceal from you the enemy. It should also allow you to maintain good levels of visibility. Look for netting that is loose enough that scopes, barrels and sights can be pushed through, allowing you to thoroughly assess your surroundings to ensure enemies are not creeping up on you.

Product Reviews

Our shortlist of the best camo netting includes plenty of options to suit every budget.

Sitong Bulk Roll Camo Netting for Hunting Military Decoration Sunshade

Although this camo netting is not the cheapest around, it is particularly durable and manufactured to a very good standard. This Sitong camo netting comes in a variety of colours and sizes, providing you with plenty of options when it comes to keeping yourself concealed in the field. Most paintballers will probably find the woodland camo netting the best choice for them. However, snow camo, green cam and black camo options are also available. If you need substantial coverage and camouflage, you can also easily join separate pieces of camo netting together with cable ties.

This hard-wearing netting is very durable. Made from 150D polyester, this rugged material is designed to resist tearing and rips. It is also well braced for the elements. The realistic colours of this netting will blend in easily with your surroundings, while the textured finish also adds to the sense of realism. This netting is also lightweight, making it easy to transport with you in the field.

Camo Netting 6.5x10ft Woodland Camouflage Net for Camping Military Hunting Shooting Sunscreen Nets

This high-grade cam netting will definitely give you an edge the next time you take to the paintball field. Made from durable 150D Oxford cloth, this netting is one of the more robust options you can buy. The cloth itself is reinforced by an additional backing of rope net, meaning it will last for considerably longer than other netting. Several rope loops can also be found around the edges of the net itself, allowing it to be easily secured in the field. Although this netting has two distinct layers and rope fasteners, it is relatively lightweight, meaning it can be carried around with little effort.

The 3D texture of this netting means it will blend into leafy surroundings with ease. It is a particularly effective option for those looking to conceal themselves in woodland environments, with realistic colours and a detailed pattern. This netting is less easy to peer through and fire on the enemy when concealed, but it is a much better option for those looking to hide out and keep hidden from enemy fire for long periods of time.

Senmortar Camo Netting, Camouflage Net Woodland 5 x 6.56 FT Nets Lightweight Durable for Sunshade Decoration Hunting Blind Shooting

If you are seeking affordable netting for a wide variety of paintball applications, this Senmortar camo netting is ideal. This netting is durable enough that it will endure regular use in a variety of outdoor conditions, while the lightweight material also makes it practical for carrying around for long periods of time. The runner like dimensions of this netting also mean it can be rolled up with ease, making it particularly portable.
This netting can also be cut down to smaller sizes with relative ease, allowing you to furnish your gear with essential camouflage.This premium netting will also provide you with a basic level of protection against harmful UV rays. If you are wearing less protective gear and playing in sunnier conditions, you should never overlook the importance of this. The green and brown colour accents will blend in well with woodland environments, while the textured finish will seamlessly render into leafy surroundings.

CamoSystems Premium Series Camouflage Military Net or Blind Covers with Reinforced Mesh Netting/Backing

If you are prepared to pay more for quality camouflage netting, this CamoSystem Premium Series netting is something to think about. This military style netting is incredibly detailed for seamless blending with your environments. There is also an additional mesh layer to add strength to your netting, ensuring it will last for longer. The material composition of this netting is particularly impressive. It has been treated to resist rips and tears, making it suitable for high-octane gameplay.

The material has also been UV treated, providing you with effective protection against harmful UV rays. Looking to play in all weather conditions? This netting will definitely deliver the goods. It is completely waterproof and mold resistant, meaning you do not have to worry about constantly drying it out. This is also a good option for stealth games, with minimal rustling noise generated when the material moves. The 3D texture is also incredibly realistic, blending in well with natural foliage. This netting also produces next to no glare, even when exposed to bright sunlight.

Ginsco 6.5ft x 10ft 2mx3m Woodland Camouflage Netting Desert Camo Net for Camping Military Hunting Shooting Blind Watching Hide Party Decorations (6.5x10ft (2Mx3M))

This Ginsco camo netting is an inexpensive option for those looking for maximum performance and practical design. Made from durable polyester Oxford fabric, this netting has been designed with regular paintball play in mind. The material is also very lightweight, making it easy to roll up and carry over long distances.

You can also look forward to long-lasting use. The netting is both waterproof and resistant to rot, and can be dried quickly to prevent mould from forming and damaging the integrity of the fabric. It is also an effective choice of netting for brighter conditions, with a quality finish that will eliminate glare. The natural colours ensure effortless blending into woodland surroundings. The heavy texture also complements natural foliage.

While this netting is very effective at keeping you concealed from the enemy, it will not lock you out of play. The material provides excellent visibility so you can keep completely monitor your surroundings and look four encroaching enemies.

LOOGU Custom Woodland Camo Netting Camping Military Hunting Camouflage Net (150D Polyester, 7x26ft)

This reliable camo netting offers a good balance of practicality and value for money. Made from 150D polyester, this netting is robust enough that it can be used regularly, without the worry of rips and tears. The durable material is also relatively light, meaning it can be carried around without much effort. You can also look forward to all-weather performance, with the material boasting waterproof properties.
The authentic colouring ensures you will easily blend into your surroundings, especially when playing paintball in woodland environments. This netting delivers excellent concealment and good visibility, letting you keep an eye on your surroundings without giving way your location to nearby enemies. A structural mesh can found on the underside of the netting, making it particularly hard-wearing and suitable for camouflaging larger areas. If you wish to conceal particularly large areas, you can always combine multiple nets together.

StarQualityBargain Woodland Camouflage Netting – Camo Mesh Hunting Net – Durable and Lightweight Kids Camo Net for Military Party Decor- 10’x5′

This camo netting might be relatively cheap, but it doesn’t cut corners when it comes to construction and quality. This double-layered netting is made from durable 210D Oxford fabric, meaning it will withstand heavy use and resist tears and rips. The netting is also reinforced by a rope net underside. This means it will last for longer, while also allowing you to stretch it over larger areas without compromising the integrity of the fabric. The netting also includes multiple rope loops around the edges for fuss-free securing.
This netting is also larger than many other options we have explored in this list. Therefore you can expect superb coverage, while also enjoying exceptional viewing of your surrounding environment. This mesh netting is lightweight enough that it can be carried around with minimal effort. Rope hanging loops are also included so the net can be rolled up and carried with ease.

iunio Camouflage Netting Camo Net Blinds for Sunshade Camping Shooting Hunting Decoration (Aqua Blue, 6.5ftx5ft 2mx1.5m)

This quality camo netting from iunio makes it easy to stay concealed from enemy fire during paintball. This premium camouflage netting measures 2 metres by 1.5 metres, providing you with adequate coverage for concealing your entire body. If you require more coverage, this net can be joined with additional nets with cable ties with relative ease. The natural colourings of this net will blend in well with natural surroundings, with earthy colour accents ensuring a good match for a wide variety of environments.

This weave of this netting is also loose enough that you can enjoy excellent visibility, even when completely covered. If you want to stay out of view of the enemy, but still want to maintain a clear eyeline of your surroundings so you can take aim and fire on your targets, this netting is up to the task. The high-quality construction and superb material composition also ensures this netting will last for a decent amount of time. Provided you keep it free of moisture in between games, it should hold up well for a long while.



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