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Best Cheap Red Dot – Buying Guide & Product Reviews

Red dot sights can dramatically improve your aim when hunting. The best red dot sights combine the benefits of conventional rifle scopes with other accessories such as iron sights. However, they also offer unique features not found in other sighting systems.

Two of the biggest advantages of a red dot sight is that they provide better overall accuracy and allow you to aim and fire more quickly. A red dot sight will allow you rapidly pinpoint a target and subsequently fire with high levels of accuracy, every time. Interested in improving your aim? Our guide has all the information you need to remember when selecting the best cheap red dot sight.

Unique Features of Red Dot Sights

Red dots allow you acquire targets more quickly because of unique features not found with other sighting systems. One of the reasons for this is that the reticle of a red dot is on the same focal plane as your potential target. This means, that when used, the eye of the user can focus on both the target and the reticle. As such, you will not need worry about shifting your focus when shooting. Red dot sights also mean you do not need to worry about closing one eye when focusing and firing. This dramatically improves the speed at which you can take aim and fire.

Red dots also have reduced parallax when compared to other sighting systems. This means that you do not really have to worry about the position of your head when aiming and firing. You can ultimately look forward to much better accuracy when using a red dot. You will also not have to endure awkward positioning when using a red dot.

Another huge benefit of red dot sighting systems is that they have no eye relief restriction. Unlike other sighting systems, a red dot sight provides you with more flexibility when it comes to mounting your scope. This means you can enjoy a wider viewing field, which will have huge gains when it comes to firing accuracy.

Reticle Considerations

When selecting a red dot, you will want to think about reticle types. There a few main varieties to consider, with each one offering their unique benefits and drawbacks. Red dots and open circle reticles are the best of the bunch, offering you the best visibility and making it much easier to centre your aim before firing.


Another big draw of red dot sights is that they provide you with multiple brightness settings to improve your aim and firing accuracy. Always go for a red dot sight that provides you with a good range of brightness settings, as this will ensure that you can maintain good visibility of your dot in any condition. You want to look for sights that include around 10 brightness settings that can be used in daylight. The best red dot sights will also provide you with some night vision settings.

Battery Life

Although some red dot sights can operate without the use of a battery, many will utilise a battery to power more advanced functions. You should really be looking to purchase a red dot sight that includes a battery as this will allow you to overcome any visibility issues. However, to get the most of out of your red dot sight, you will want a long-lasting battery that requires minimal maintenance. A lithium battery is arguably the best way to go as this will provide with the best operational life and performance. Ideally, you should opt for a top-loading battery port so you can carry out battery replacements quickly and easily.

Best Cheap Red Dot | Reviews

Looking to improve your aim? You might want to consider investing one of the following red dot sights for better firearm accuracy.

HOLOSUN HS507C-X2 Classic Multi Reticle Red Dot Sight, Black

The Holosun HS507C-X2 is an affordable red dot sight option that can dramatically improve your aim. One of the biggest draws of this red dot is its impressive battery life. When fully charged, this sight can perform for up to 50 hours. If you are embarking on particularly lengthy haunts and do not anticipate having access to a charging point, this battery life is a serious perk. This sight also offers you a wide variety of brightness settings. In total, you have a dozen brightness settings to choose from, with a selection of dim settings that this red dot compatible with a variety of night vision devices. The parallax optical free design of this sight also means you do not have to worry about suffering from eye fatigue when using it.

This Holosun red dot sight also features many other advanced technologies that make is incredibly user-friendly. The Shake Awake feature is particularly handy, shutting off LEDs when the sight remains motionless for long stretches of time. This feature will automatically trigger sleep mode, preventing your battery from draining down unnecessarily. Innovative optics also mean the sight will automatically adjust to the brightness of your surroundings. When using this sight outdoors, you can enjoy a bright reticle. When you are indoors with dimmer surroundings, the sight will automatically dim down to better match your environment.


SIG Sauer Romeo MSR RED DOT Sight

This SIG Sauer Romeo red dot sight is a premium choice. With this red dot, you can expect superior lens coatings that result in first-rate light transmission and contrast. This is also a fairly compact choice of red dot, with a minimal weight that means you can add it to your firearm without it becoming bulky and unmanageable. This is down to the high-grade ABS polymer material used in the construction of the sight, providing you with superb aesthetics and an authentic feel. Although lightweight, the polymer material is incredibly resilient to everyday wear and tear.

Should you need to replace batteries to ensure your sight remains working when using it, you can make use of the top loading battery port. This results in minimal disruption to your targeting. This red dot also boasts integral brightness control. You can choose between ten different daytime brightness levels, as well as two different night vision settings. The included battery also provides you with incredible runtime, with a full battery operating for around 20,000 hours. The IPX7 housing also makes this completely waterproof, allowing you to operate it in all weathers.


Holosun HS510C 2 MOA Dot Or A 65 MOA Ring Open Reflex Circle Dot Solar Power Holographic Red Dot Sight

The Holosun HS510C is a superior choice of red dot sight for those looking to enjoy precise aim and firing performance. This impressive red dot sight boasts new and advanced LED technology that provides you with up to 50,000 of runtime on a single battery. This premium red dot also offers you a variety of reticle combinations, allowing you to tailor your sight to your liking or combine it with various firearm models. This sight is powered from multiple sources, including conventional battery power and solar rays.

Unlike more basic red dot sights, this Holosun sight provides you with an unlimited field of view. This sight will also impress when it comes to construction quality. The titanium alloy material makes this one of the most hard-wearing red dots in this list, while the shock-resistant hood means it can take plenty of damage before becoming impaired. This sight also comes with a QD mount, allowing to mount it and remove it from your firearm with ease.


TRUGLO 30mm Dual-Colour Dot Sight

This dual-colour sight from TRUGLO will drastically improve your aim when hunting. This sight is well suited to those looking to shoot at close range, although it can also be used effectively when shooting at medium ranges. This quality red dot is perfect for those looking for something that will not cause strain or fatigue when taking aim, while the compact design means it will add minimal weight to your firearm. The descending diameter reticle provides you with a sight that is ideal for multi-distance shooting, while a wide field of view means you can maintain excellent visibility of your surroundings.

The flip-up lens cap and lanyard system also makes this a very user-friendly option. This red dot is also incredibly easy to mount to your firearm of choice. An integrated mounting system means you will not have to undertake any complex modifications to the sight or your firearms prior to using them. All in all, this compact and lightweight red dot is a must-have for hunters.


TRUGLO TRU-TEC Micro Red Dot Sight Open Reflex Optic for Rifles, Shotguns and Pistols

If you are looking for a red dot sight that provides you with you fast acquisition, the TRUGLO TRU-TEC is something to thin about. This high-quality sight has been manufactured to a very high standard and offers exceptional features that make it one of the most reliable options around. This sight includes a multi-coated lens, with digital buttons providing you with quick access to brightness controls. There are ten different brightness settings on offer here, allowing you to adjust your sight to accommodate different surroundings.

This red dot is compatible with all optic-ready pistol firearms. A lug and bot mounting system is also included, making it compatible with a broad variety of pistols. This is also a very lightweight sight solution, with high-grade aluminium making it particularly discreet. As well as offering unlimited eye relief, this red dot includes an automatic shut-off feature to preserve precious battery life. It is also hard-wearing, with a water-resistant build that makes it suitable for use in all conditions.


TRUGLO TruBrite Multi-Reticle Dual-Colour Open Dot Sight

If you are looking for a multi reticle red dot sight, the TRUGLO TruBrite is something to seriously think about purchasing. This red dot sight offers you two different reticle colours to choose between, providing you with suitable contrast against any background. This is also a very durable option. The compact build means it can be added to your weapon without contributing excessive weight or affecting handling. Despite this, you can enjoy unlimited eye relief and an exceptionally wide field of view.

The narrow window of this sight allows to enjoy rapid target acquisition, while the anti-reflection coating on the target side results in superior visibility. This compact sight also provides you with parallax-free viewing from tight distances, making it incredibly versatile. An integrated mounting system also makes it very straightforward to add this sight to your preferred firearm. If you have little experience with red dot sights and want to start out with something affordable and easy to use, this is a great model to consider.


UTG 3X Magnifier with Flip-to-side QD Mount, W/E Adjustable

If you want a more advanced choice of red dot sight, this UTG 3X Magnifier is a good option. This sight includes a broadband multi-coated lens that provides you with incredibly clear viewing at 3X magnification. You can also expect a wide field of view as standard. Compared to many other sight models on the market, this red dot provides you with enhanced visibility. You can also quickly adjust this sight to provide you with first-rate view centring.

Thanks to the flip-to-side mechanism included here, you can quickly switch between standard vision and magnification modes. The adjustable eyepiece also allows for hassle-free optical correction. The lever-lock mounting base also means you can attach or remove this sight from your firearm in moments. This sight includes precision machined components to provide you with a superior choice of red dot that will hold up well against intensive use. It also boasts excellent shock and impact resistance. It is also suitable for use in all conditions, with no need to worry about moisture or fog obscuring your field of view.


TRUGLO Dual-Colour Multi-Reticle Open Dot Sight

This TRUGLO sight is a good option for those who want something more streamlined. This open dot sight provides you with two different reticle colour choices so you can enjoy ideal contrast against any type of target or background. You also have four reticle options for the most accurate results when targeting. This sight is also compact and lightweight, meaning it will not impede your handling of your firearm. You can also expect unlimited eye relief and a wide field of view at all times.

This sight also includes a narrow window for quick target acquisition, as well as ant-reflection coating on the target side. A Weaver-style mount system is also integrated into the overall design, making it easy to attach and release this sight from your chosen firearm. A battery is also included along with the sight so you can begin to use it immediately.


Things to Remember Before Buying a Red Dot Sight

If you are looking to dramatically improve your aim and increase firing accuracy, a red dot sight is a must. By now, you should have a clear idea of what to consider when selecting a red dot sighting system. Remember, there are three key varieties of sights to select from, including holographic, prism and reflex systems. You will also want to think about thinks like reticle size, eye relief and mounting before purchasing a red dot sight to use with your preferred firearm.



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