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7 Best Fireproof Gun Safes | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews | 2024

If you own a collection of firearms, investing in a safe is a sensible idea. Not only will this ensure that your guns are kept out of the wrong hands, it will protect your expensive arsenal against thieves. One factor many people forget to consider when selecting a gun safe is its fire rating.

Fireproof gun safes are relatively inexpensive when compared to more basic alternatives, but offer you added peace of mind in the event of a fire. Our guide explores everything you should be thinking about when making your selection from the best fireproof gun safes.

Fire Rating

If you are looking to purchase a fireproof gun safe, one thing you need to pay attention to is the fire rating of any given model. Fire ratings will give you an idea of how long your safe will hold up against extreme temperatures before your stored contents will be exposed to heat and smoke damage. Manufacturers will always advertise the maximum temperatures a safe can be exposed to before becoming compromised, as well as for how long.

All safes should provide protection against temperature highs of around 1750 degrees Fahrenheit. The most basic gun safes will provide protection against heat and smoke intrusion for around 30 minutes. However, if you are looking to really protect your guns and valuables, you should look for safes that will provide fire protection for upwards of an hour, if not more.


Many gun safe owners overlook how crucial waterproofing is when purchasing a fireproof safe. When a fire occurs, water spray is unavoidable in ensuring the fire is fully doused. Therefore, your safe should be constructed to withstand this, ensuring your guns and valuables are not damaged beyond repair when you come to retrieve them.

Some safe manufacturers will may advertise their models as providing 24-hour protection against water. This does not mean they offer round the clock protection against moisture, however. This refers to how long your valuables will be protected against moisture damage after being exposed to water spray.

You should also look to see what kind of water depths a safe can protect against. The most expensive safes will also provide you with a degree of flood protection.


This is very important when selecting a suitable safe that offers advanced protection against theft. A steel or composite construction is always the best option, with these materials offering the best in impact resistance.

Steel plating will also ensure that thieves can not easily use power drills and hand tools to temper with your safe. To ensure you have a safe that will do its job and protect your valuables, even the most basic of elements should be constructed from the most heavy-duty of materials.

Safe Access

If you want an affordable choice of safe, you will probably find yourself limited to models with combination locks. These are reliable and relatively secure, although they take slightly longer to input and access your safe contents. Manual locking systems also mean you do not have to worry about EMP attacks.

If you are interested in an electronic lock, you have more options to think about. Keypad locks are very convenient and usually allow you to store multiple lock combinations. However, more basic safe models are susceptible to EMP attacks. A more advanced option to think about is a safe that includes a biometric keypad. These types of security systems require you to input a fingerprint scan before you are granted access to the safe contents.

Biometric locks are becoming very popular thanks to their reliability and the exceptional levels of security they provide. No matter what type of system you go for, always ensure the safe you pick allows for manual opening with a traditional key in the unlikely event you forget your combination.

Storage Capacity

When shopping for a gun safe, you should think about the weapons you are looking to store. If you only own small guns and side arms, you will probably find that a compact safe is a suitable option. These safes can be easily housed in any room and will require you to make minimal modifications to the space you intend to house them in.

The drawback is that they are not suitable for storing long guns and rifles. If you are looking to house a rifle collection, you will definitely need to go for a taller safe model. Whatever model of safe you choose, consider additional storage capacity. Many safe models now include additional storage on the rear side of the door. Door organisers usually provide you with multiple pockets and pouches for storing small firearm accessories and ammunition.

If you intend to build your gun collection, you may also want to think about investing in a safe that will allow you to reconfigure the interior to accommodate a larger quantity of guns or weapons of different sizes. Therefore, look for safes that include removable and adjustable shelves.

Product Reviews

Keep your guns protected from fire damage with our selection of the best fireproof gun safes. There are options to suit every size of firearm and budget.

Jolitac Biometric Cabinet Safes for Home

If you are looking for a gun safe that provides you with more advanced security features than a typical model, this Jolitac cabinet safe with biometric fingerprint access will appeal. This safe includes a circular access panel that utilises biometric technology and smart identify checks to ensure only you have access to the safe interior and its contents.

However, you can store up to 32 individual fingerprints in all. To access your safe contents, simply press down on the start key to illuminate the fingerprint screen. Next, press your finger on the read and wait. A beeping sound and green light will let you know your fingerprint has been successfully read, allowing you to turn the knob to unlock the safe.

The Q235 carbon steel construction of this safe will provide you with a highly secure storage solution for your smaller firearms. The exterior housing the of the surface is finished with a rust-resistant coating that will prevent damage and wear from corrosion. Seamless welding also ensures a superior seal, protecting the interior from external conditions.

A motorised deadbolt lock will also provide you with peace of mind as far as security is concerned. This safe will successfully resist attacks from hand tools and the vast majority of power tools. A dual alarm system provides further reassurance. If the safe experienced any excessive vibration or five incorrect fingerprint readings have been made in succession, the alarm will sound for one minute.

Although this safe is build to a very high standard and will protect your contents against theft and fire damage, it is on the small side. Although suitable for storing small firearms, it is not ideal for storage of rifles and larger semi-automatic weaponry.


Fortress 24-Gun Fireproof Safe

This vertical Fortress safe is a good choice for those looking to protect their rifles and firearms from theft and fire damage. With a 1200F fire rating, this safe offers impressive fireproof performance. Should the worst happen, this safe will hold up against fire damage for 30 minutes. This fireproofing is made possible by a sturdy 2mm steel construction, that also makes it incredibly robust and resilient to theft.

This safe also includes some first-rate electronic security lock features. The backlit electronic lock boasts an Alarm-U feature that includes both a deterrent alarm and theft alert. The deterrent alarm should prove sufficient to chase away anyone looking to tamper with and access your safe and its contents, while the alert function will let you know someone is trying to tamper with your safe. A backup key is also included to ensure you always have access to your safe contents.

This safe has been engineered with your convenience in mind. The external hinges allow you to open the door to a full 180 degrees, providing you with full and unrestricted access to the safe interior. The interior is also large enough to accommodate a decent arsenal, with room to store five standard rifles and an additional shelf that can be used to store ammunition and smaller accessories.

If you are looking for sufficient fireproofing and superior security features, this safe is worth purchasing. The combination of active locking bolts, dead bolts and a patented notch bolt system combine to provide you with maximum assurance that your valuables are protected against damage and theft.


New and Improved Steelwater

This Steelwater gun safe boasts new and improved security features that ensure your valuables are well protected against fire damage and theft attempts. New features include the automatic LED interior lighting that provide you with more visibility of your stored items. This safe also boasts an impressive fire rating and is able to withstand maximum temperatures of 1875 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 60 minutes.

This safe is also EMP proof, ensuring it is protected against more sophisticated attacks from thieves. This heavy-duty safe also boasts a very impressive capacity. The spacious interior provides you with enough room to store between 12 and 16 long guns and rifles comfortably.

The EMP proof electronic lock system will really impress, standing out from other security measures on the market. This electronic locking system is bolstered by a double-sided bypass key lock, meaning you can always ensure you have access to your interiors, no matter what attempts have been made to access it. The hard plate material will also ensure rills and power tools can not be used to access the interior or remove the safe from your premises.

The long locking bolts included here cover all sides of the safe, ensuring no single area is left vulnerable to attack. This is true even if the safe hinges are successfully removed. The digital keypad also provides you with safe and secure access, allowing you to store two reprogrammable codes at any one time.


NEW and IMPROVED E.M.P Proof Steelwater

Here is another quality gun safe from Steelwater for those looking for maximum security and fireproofing performance. Although somewhat smaller than the previous safe in this list, this heavy-duty safe is an ideal choice for storing smaller firearms and ammunition. It also boasts impressive fireproofing, with the safe able to withstand temperatures of up to 1875 degrees Fahrenheit for up to two hours.

This sturdy safe also includes hard plating that will withstand attacks from drills and power drills. This plating not only protects the locking mechanism from attack, but also ensures the gear drive and other vulnerable areas are protected against intrusion attempts. The reinforced steel construction will also ensure minimal chance of breakage or warping, even if the safe is subjected to a substantial attack.

You can expect first-rate security credentials here. This safe is made from 9 gauge steel, with an additional 1/4-inch solid steel plate across the entire surface of the door for added protection. This safe also includes a gear drive system that will resist prying attacks, power drills and high-impact attacks. Although fairly compact, this safe has been designed to provide you with convenient storage and easy access to your firearms and accessories.

The electronic lock allows you to store two reprogrammable codes for access to the entire, while the lever handle will allow you to open the sturdy door with little effort. The interior includes sectional storage and shelves to help you keep organised, with larger recesses for firearms and several cubbyholes for storing ammunition and smaller items.


SWSD20GUN-EMP 60 Minute Fireproof 20 Long Gun Safe

The SWSD20 gun safe from Steelwater offers an extensive list of premium features. This sturdy safe boasts a 14 gauge steel construction that makes it one of the most robust safes on the market for its size. The composite construction also includes a 5-inch thick door that is bolstered by two fibreboard layers to provide additional protection in the most vulnerable areas. The fire rating of this safe is also impressive.

This safe can be exposed to temperatures of up to 1875 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 60 minutes before you have to worry about its integrity being compromised. Should a fire occur, the heat activated door seal will expand, preventing heat and smoke from penetrating into the safe interior. This safe also provides you with peace of mind when it comes to theft attacks.

The hard steel plating is resistant to drilling and ballistic impact, ensuring that the lock can not be removed with power tools or manipulated in any way. The spring-loaded re-locking bolt will also secure the safe in the event that the lock is successfully removed or punched out in the event of attack.

In addition to its superior security features, this safe provides you with an attractive and organised storage solution for your firearms. An automatic interior LED lighting kit is included along with the safe itself, providing you with visibility of your stored items, even if the safe is housed in dark conditions. These LED lights will activate whenever the door of the safe is opened.

This safe is also large enough to accommodate between 12 and 16 long guns and rifles. If you only have small firearms in your collection, you can expect to store up to 20 individual guns. A door organiser is also included to maximise your storage space, providing a dozen pockets and pouches that can be attached to the back of the safe door.


Steelwater AMSWFB-845 2-Hour Fireproof and Burglary Safe

Although that has attractive as other safes from Steelwater, the AMSWFB-845 definitely provides you with peace of mind when it comes to fireproofing and protection against thieves. This compact safe has an impressive fire rating and is able to withstand temperatures of up to 1850 degrees Fahrenheit for two hours.

A chrome-plated active locking bolt also ensures this safe is hard to tamper with and access without the proper combination, while the glass re-locking system will stave off drill attacks. Locking bolts are also fully engaged when the door is enclosed, while full length interlocking provides even more peace of mind. The heavy-duty external hinges add another level of security, protecting your valuables from theft.

You have two different lock options to consider here. The most basic is a classic combination lock, which should prove more than adequate if only you require access to save contents. You can of course upgrade to a digital keypad. This digital access is just as reliable as the manual combination lock, but provides you with added level of security. Although smaller than other safes in this list, you should find ample space for storing most of your weapon collection.

The safe includes two internal shelves that can be adjusted or removed entirely to provide you with a suitable storage configuration. Because of its unsightly appearance, this safe is best reserved for those who place little value on aesthetics. It is also a good option for anyone looking for a safe to place in a recessed area.


SentrySafe SFW123DSB Fireproof Safe and Waterproof Safe

The SentrySafe SFW123DSB offers exceptional performance when it comes to fire protection, waterproofing and general security. The fire rating of this SentrySafe model will definitely cut muster with most gun owners. This safe can withstand temperatures of up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit for up to an hour before your valuables will be exposed to smoke and heat. This safe is also suitable for storing digital media and will offer the same degree of fire protection.

Another thing to bear in mind when shopping for a fireproof safe is the amount of water protection a model offers. This model from SentrySafe can withstand eight inches of water for up to 24 hours. It will also protect your valuables from water spray used to douse any flames. This safe also features a dial combination lock, along with a secondary locking key. This makes it one of the most reliable gun safe solutions around, with guaranteed easy access and none of the worries associated with electronic locks.

This safe will also protect your valuables against theft. This particular model is very robust when it comes to impact resistance and has been tested against drops of 15 feet. The hinge bar design also makes it resistant to prying attacks, while four live locking bolts provide maximum protection and security against forced entry.

This safe is fairly small, but it will make a good option for anyone looking to store smaller guns and firearm items. An interior shelf is included to provide you with an additional storage layer, but this can be removed at will. A door pocket is also included to expand your storage capacity for smaller items.




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