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Best Hunting Horns | 2024 Reviews & Guide

Horns have long been used during hunts. Horns have traditionally been used to ensure each and every hunt is carried out in an organised manner. A blow of the horn was usually the signal to begin a hunt, as well as bring it to an end. Horns are also used to alert fellow hunters that a potential target has been identified. If you are looking to enjoy a traditional hunt, you should definitely invest in a hunting horn. Our guide has all the essential information you need to know when selecting the best hunting horns available.

Types of Hunting Horn

You have a broad range of options when it comes to selecting a suitable horn for hunting. However, certain types of horn have been traditionally been used more than others. The trompe de chasse, otherwise known as the French hunting horn, was long used as a hunting horn. More simpler brass instruments like the bugle are also popular choices for hunting. Shofar horns fashioned from natural materials like animal horns are also chosen as hunting instruments. The latter two varieties are popular because pitch can be controlled by the use of the lips, teeth and face, with no need to use digits when playing.


When hunting, many people prefer to keep things traditional. If you are selecting a more conventional instrument, you will almost certainly find brass as the main material. Brass is incredibly hard-wearing and easy to care for, ensuring your horn can be used for many hunting excursions over a long period of time. Other horns are made from animal products, with antelope and ram horns regularly used to construct instruments. The natural contours of such materials are well-suited to the construction of instruments and are fairly durable. However, odour control is sometimes a concern with these types of materials.


Almost every hunting horn will only require embouchure in order to use them. In other words, you will only be using your lips, teeth and facial muscles in order to generate sound via the mouthpiece. A smooth mouthpiece is therefore essential in order to create useful sounds for hunting. Brass instruments will always have a smooth mouthpiece, although you will need to ensure mouthpieces are kept smooth and free of debris. If you are opting for an instrument made from animal horn, you should make sure the mouthpiece section has been polished smooth to ensure easy playing.

Best Hunting Horns Product Reviews

Take your hunting excursions to the next level with one of these great value hunting horns. We have selected some of the best hunting horns on the market for you to consider.

Bb Pocket Hunting Horn, Brass Hunting Horn Musical Instruments with Carry Bag Stand Cleaning Cloth and Bracket

This compact hunting horn will more than impress when it comes to craftsmanship and performance. The tube of this hunting horn is made from high-quality brass, providing you with a purer tone and excellent pitch. In fact, the build of this horn makes the acoustics comparable with what you might expect from a musical instrument. This horn will also impress aesthetically. The vintage design makes a good first impression, with a polished end and mouthpiece. The grip itself is made from breathable polyurethane, making it comfortable to hold and handle in all weathers. The polyurethane material also makes it easy to keep a hold of your horn in rainy weather, while also serving as a protective sheath for the brass horn material beneath.

The compact size of this horn makes it a good fit for hunting excursions. Because of its small size and lightweight build, this horn is very portable. In addition to the hunting horn itself, you will also find a storage bag included to keep your instrument protected when it is not being used. A cleaning cloth and bracket are also included, allowing to carry out quick cleaning and maintenance once the hunt is over.


Kosher Black Rams Horn Polished Shofar by Peer Hastam 11″-12″

If you are looking for something more traditional, this ram’s horn from Peer Hastam is something to think about. This classic shofar is a good choice for those looking for a kosher option, while the high level of craftsmanship to anyone looking for a quality horn for hunting. Although an attractive option, you will find acoustic capabilities of this shofar fairly limited. For example, altering the pitch of your horn is fairly difficult and you will need to put in some practice in order to master embouchure.

If you do decide to purchase this shofar horn, you will find it a compact and user-friendly addition to your hunting excursions. The compact size makes it easy to carry in one hand. One thing to consider before you invest in this shofar is that it can be relatively difficult to clean and maintain. You will almost certainly need to clean the inside of this horn after every use to ensure moisture and odours are kept in check.


Handcrafted Kosher Kudu Shofar from Israel – Musical Horn, Anti Odour Spray, & Shofar Bag – Decorative, Functional Jewish Gifts for Women & Men by Holy Voice, Polished, 16″-42″ (16″-20″)

Here is another great value shofar horn you can use when hunting. This particular horn takes the aesthetics of a classic ram’s horn to the next level, adopting for an elegant twisted design. This handcrafted horn instantly impresses with its polished finish and unique shape. You can also choose from a variety of size options, ranging from compact horns that can be wielded in one hand, to more substantial alternatives for those looking to produce bigger sound. Used properly, this shofar horn will produce deep sounds that will carry across great distances, making it ideal for use when hunting.

Horns like this can be hard to care for, but you will find a range of essential extras included so you can keep on top of maintenance. A cleaning brush and cleaning spray are included so you can keep on top of moisture, preventing any odours from building up. A storage pouch is also included, allowing you to keep the beautiful finish of your chosen horn in perfect condition when it is not being used.


Kosher Rams Horn Polished Shofar by Peer Hastam – With Guide & Anti Odor Spray (13″-14″)

Here is another beautiful shofar horn from Peer Hastam. This kosher-friendly hunting horn makes a superb impression with its elegant shape and intricate textures. There are two different sizes to choose from here, although both options are relatively compact. If you are looking for something user-friendly that can be used with one hand when hunting, both size variants will satisfy your requirements. The curved shape of this horn also make sit very easy to handle, so you do not need to worry about adding artificial grips and coverings to improve usability.

This variety of hunting horn produces a deep and distinct sound when blown, but they can be hard to master if you are unfamiliar with them. Thankfully, this horn comes complete with a useful shofar guide that will allow you to get to grips with the basic technique required to use one. An odour neutraliser spray is also included, meaning you can keep on top of maintenance after every use.


Natural Kudu Horn 20″-22″ Shofar Half Polished Sterile Clean New Perfect Sound

If you want to keep things traditional, this shofar horn is a good option. This is a much larger option than other shofar horns in this list, with the instrument measuring 22 inches. The elegant curves and subtle details on the exterior housing make this a particularly attractive choice. The intricate exterior of this horn is enhanced by a half-polished finish. Provided you take good care of this horn, it will remain in pristine condition for a long time.

A with any shofar horn, mastering the distinctly deep sound will require some practice. If you are unfamiliar with this particular type of horn, you should undertake some practice prior to taking it out into the field. You will also want to invest in some basic cleaning supplies in order to keep this horn looking and performing its best. A gentle cleaning cloth is a good idea, while a deodorising spray solution will also keep unwanted odours at bay.


Half Polished Half Natural Kudu Horn Shofar

This authentic shofar horn definitely impresses with its spiral shape and premium finish. Made from antelope horn, this stunning instrument will make a welcome addition to your hunting gear. The natural shape of this horn is enhanced with a half-polished finish. The inner side and mouthpiece has been polished smooth, making it comfortable to handle and easy to clean. Meanwhile, the outer edges of this horn have been left in a natural shade, adding an attractive aesthetic.

Getting a decent sound out of this horn can take some work, so you will need to ensure you have put in a little bit of practice with your shofar horn prior to using it on a hunt. Used correctly, shofar horns like this produce a deep and impressive sound that is ideal for signalling the start and end of a hunt. However, if you want something more user-friendly and reliable, you may want to consider a conventional bugle type instrument.


KOSHER ODORLESS POLISHED YEMENITE SHOFAR | Natural Kudu Horn | Smooth Mouthpiece for Easy Blowing | Includes Carrying Bag and Shofar Blowing Guide | 20″-24″

If you want a more traditional choice of hunting instrument, this kudu hunting horn is something to give serious considering. This shofar horn exudes handcrafted elegance, with beautifully textured materials and a half-polished finish that brings out the best of the natural accents. The inner side and mouthpiece of this horn have been polished smooth for comfort and convenience, while the outer edges are more rustic in appearance. This particular shofar horn boasts a broader array of colours than other options in this list, so is definitely something to consider if you are looking for a horn that makes a visually arresting statement.

Although shofar horns can be tricky to master, the smooth mouthpiece provided here is relatively easy to work with. A blowing guide is also included along with the horn itself, with enough resources provided to allow you to develop your technique. Although some shofar horns come with an unsavoury odour, this particular horn has been sterilised after crafting. A storage bag is included along with the horn itself so you can ensure your instrument is kept in perfect condition when you are not using it.


Polished Ram Horn Shofar with Wide Bend and Natural Colours

This ram’s horn is a good option for those looking to keep things traditional when they hunt. Made from a natural ram horn, this authentic shofar has plenty of intricate textures and details. The polished finish enhances these natural qualities, while also making the mouthpiece more user-friendly. The polished finish also makes the horn easier to clean and maintain. Although this horn lacks additional grips, the gentle curve of the ram’s horn makes it fairly easy to handle, even when you are on the move. There are also several size options for you to consider, ranging from compact 10-inch models, to much larger options measuring in excess of 20 inches.

As with any shofar horn, you may need to practice your blowing technique to ensure you are emitting a loud enough sound for hunting requirements. However, the smooth mouthpiece makes this horn relatively easy to work with.


HornBlasters 100 Watt Public Address with Sirens

Even the best horn instrument can be unreliable at times. However, this HornBlasters public address system will never let you down. This system includes a microphone, controller and speaker, with a variety of programmed sounds to choose from that can be used when hunting. The sirens and sound effects on offer here are what you might expect from a patrol car, while the 100-watt speaker rating means you can expect sound to carry across significant distances.

This system is also built to withstand exposure to the elements. The outer housing is water-resistant, meaning you can use it in all-weather hunts with no worry about the rain damaging electronics. The only real downside here is that these devices are fairly cumbersome and may be difficult to carry with you as you hunt.


Things to Remember When Selecting a Hunting Horn

No matter what type of hunting horn you ultimately choose, you will need to be prepared to put in a little bit of practice in order to master embouchure. Traditional brass instruments will give you the best sound results and are generally easier to maintain. However, shofar horns made from natural materials are a good alternative. They are certainly more attractive instruments to take with you on the hunt, but they can be awkward to wield and difficult to play.



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