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Best Knife for Self Defence | Guide & Reviews | 2024

Many of us worry about falling foul of thieves and attackers, so a self-defence knife is a good item to invest in. Provided your local jurisdiction allows you to carry a concealed weapon, a self-defence knife can reassure you and bring you peace of mind.

When selecting the best knife for self-defence, there a key things you need to be thinking about. A self-defence knife should be easy to carry and conceal. If you are opting for a folding knife, the blade should also be quick to deploy and secure when retracted.

Need some help selecting the best self-defence knife for your needs? Our guide is on hand to provide you with all the things you need to consider when choosing the best knife for self-defence.

Types of Knife

When selecting self-defence weapons, you have two main choices of knife to consider. The most popular option is a folding knife. This type of knife includes a blade that is concealed within a handle. When you need to use your knife, you simply press a button on the handle exterior to deploy the blade.

The advantage of folding knives is that they are far easier to conceal and can be kept in pockets or boots. Provided you have purchased a decent product, folding knives can be an effective option. However, folding knives have some drawbacks. For one, they can be less sturdy than fixed blade knives and you may struggle to put substantial force behind the blade. Folding knives should also feature a reliable liner lock that keeps the retracted blade within the handle when it is not being used. The handles of folding knives are also fairly limited, with minimal finger and thumb grooves.

A fixed blade knife can be more difficult to conceal, but they are the stronger option. Because the knife and handle are fully integrated, you can put more pressure behind the blade without the worry of the blade breaking free of the handle. Although they are less discreet than folding knives, you can opt for a shorter overall weapon that can be kept in a sheath without drawing too much attention. Many fixed blade knives also include a lanyard hole at the end of the handle, allowing you to keep the weapon around your neck.

Blade Varieties

If you are not that proficient at wielding a knife, you should consider purchasing a weapon with a dual edge blade. Unlike other types of blade, a dual edge will cause damage no matter which side makes contact with an attacker. This means you do not need to worry too much about knife technique. A serrated blade will cause more damage than a dual edge weapon, although you will need to ensure it makes direct contact in order to deter an assailant. You may also want to think about the point of the blade itself. If you want to use your knife for wider applications, such as hunting, you should ensure the blade variety is designed for broader use.


Regardless of what type of knife you go for, you should make sure the blade is of a high-quality material. Stainless steel is the preferred choice of material when it comes to blade composition. This material is very durable and will ensure excellent edge retention. If you want a blade that will last for a longer period of time, look for knives that include a coated finish. This will protect against corrosion and require you to dedicate less time to blade maintenance. Handle material is also something you need to think about. Many knives will include an aluminium handle. This will bring down the carrying weight of your weapon substantially. However, any good handle should allow for a firm grip. Rubber inserts are a good idea as they allow you to maintain a good grip, even when using your knife in wet conditions. It also means you can maintain a firm grip on your knife with clammy hands.

Best Knife for Self Defence | Product Reviews

Worried about your personal safety? We have put together a list of some of the best knives for self-defence for you to consider.

Smith & Wesson SWHRT9B 9in High Carbon S.S. Fixed Blade Knife with 4.7in Dual Edge Blade and TPE Handle for Outdoor, Tactical, Survival and EDC

This Smith & Wesson knife is a good option for self-defence and will make a welcome addition to your tactical gear. This fixed blade knife has a complete length of 8 inches, with the blade itself measuring 4.7 inches. Despite being a fixed blade design, this knife is relatively lightweight, coming in just shy of 8 ounces. This is also a durable choice of knife for self-defence. The blade is constructed from stainless steel with a high carbon content, making it particularly strong and hard-wearing. The handle is also sturdy, with a rubber grip allowing you to maintain a firm hold of it, even when wielding it in an emergency situation.

This Smith & Wesson knife also has a dual edge blade, making it easy to use. Because of the dual edge, you do not have to slash in a particular direction. This knife also comes with a high-quality sheath that can be worn on a belt or in a boot, allowing for near-instant retrieval. The end of the handle also features a lanyard hole, giving you more options when it comes to securing this knife to your person for concealment.


TAC Force Tactical Spring Assisted Knife 4.5″ Closed

This TAC Force spring assisted knife is an ideal option for those looking for a weapon that can be effortlessly concealed. This high-quality knife includes a blade that can be fully deployed by pressing a button, with only one hand required in order to trigger it. The blade can also be easily retracted, locking firmly in place beneath the handle so it can be stored comfortably in a sheath or liner. Because of this, you can confidently conceal this knife in a pocket or liner if carried in a boot.

Although this knife lacks a dual edge blade, it does feature some serration. The blade is stainless steel, making it a little on the heavy side, but incredibly durable. Some weight savings are made by the inclusion of an aluminium handle, with a textured finish making it easier to grip. The handle also includes an integrated glass breaker that can be used in emergencies, as well as a bottle opener. A pocket clip is included along with the folding knife for easy storage and safe carrying.


MTech USA MT-20-14 Series Fixed Blade Neck Knife, 6-1/2-Inch Overall

This MT-20-14 Series knife is an impressive piece of weaponry that will make a great addition to your self-defence kit. The dagger like appearance of this knife gives the illusion of it being rather big and cumbersome, however it is surprisingly compact and can be easily concealed. This a fixed blade knife, so you do not have the convenience of a folding mechanism. However, with total length of 6.5 inches from blade tip to handle, this knife is easy to conceal and carry.

The dual edge blade makes this MTECH USA knife a good option for those who have difficulty wielding a weapon. You do not need to demonstrate any real skill in order to make use of the sharp edges of this knife. The stainless steel blade is also incredibly strong and easy to maintain. The handle is made from plastic, which makes the weapon relatively lightweight. Although the plastic of the handle is not the most durable of materials, it does include some useful textures that ensure a better grip on the weapon. The handle also includes a lanyard hole so you can wear this knife around your neck. However, a sheath is also included so you can wear the knife at your hip or conceal it within a boot.


Smith & Wesson Border Guard SWBG2TS 10in High Carbon S.S. Folding Knife with 4.4in Serrated Tanto Blade and Aluminum Handle for Tactical, Survival and EDC

This Smith & Wesson Border Guard SWBG2TS knife is a desirable choice of self-defence equipment. This is definitely a good option for those looking for folding convenience. When fully deployed, this knife measures 10 inches from tip to handle, while the blade itself measures 4.4 inches in length. Despite the impressive blade size and substantial handle, this knife is fairly lightweight at just under 9 ounces. This knife is particularly durable, with a high carbon stainless steel blade that will maintain its sharp edge with minimal maintenance. The Tanto point of this knife means it is one of the sharpest options on the market, with the blade able to cut through a wide range of materials. The handle is made from aluminium, with textured inserts to ensure a good grip at all times.

When you are ready to use this knife, the blade can be deployed quickly with one-hand operation. Retracting the blade is also easy, with the liner lock providing particularly secure so you can sheath it with confidence. The handle design of this knife is particularly good, with thumb grooves that allow for ambidextrous use. A lanyard hole is also included, so you can wear the knife around your neck and ensure it is kept within close reach.


Aluminium Alloy Portable Pressure Self Defence Key Chain Kubotan Tactical Pen with Handmade, Pinkycolor Xmas Gift for Women Girls – 1 Pack with 6 Items

Some people are not comfortable carrying an edged weapon for self-defence. If this applies to you, this tactical defence pen is a good alternative. This self-defence tool is made from a single piece of durable aluminium, with a rounded point that can be used to deter attackers with ease. The full length of the tool includes rounded grooves allowing you to grip it firmly, exerting maximum pressure on the point. It also means you can maintain a firm grip more easily, even if you are being tackled by an assailant. Despite the impressive self-defence credentials of this tool, it is very lightweight thanks to the aluminium construction.

As it lacks a bladed edge, concealing this self-defence tool from view is not a concern. It can be fixed to a keyring or handbag as a visual deterrent, while also keeping it within easy reach should you need to grab hold of it and fend off an attacker with little warning. This is also a much more affordable self-defence option than the knives in this list, with six individual tools included for you to choose from.


MTech USA Ballistic MT-A705GD Spring Assist Folding Knife, Gold Half-Serrated Blade, Gold Handle, 4.5-Inch Closed

This Ballistic MT-A705GD knife from MTech USA stands out with its gold finish, but its premium exterior also comes with other benefits. This folding blade is made from incredibly strong stainless steel, with the gold titanium coating bolstering the strength of the weapon. It will also protect the integrity of the blade material itself, making this self-defence weapon easy to maintain. The blade also features a half serrated edge, making it effective for slashing. The blade also features a cut-out section, bringing down the carrying weight of the weapon.

The handle is also made from coated aluminium, with the textured exterior allowing you keep a firm hold of it when fending off assailants. The knife can be retracted and deployed with ease, with the deployed blade measuring an impressive 3.75 inches. When retracted, the reliable liner will ensure the blade remains concealed within the handle at all times, preventing accidental deployment and injury.


Picking the Right Self-Defence Knife for Your Needs

A self-defence knife needs to provide you with complete peace of mind. You therefore need a knife that you are comfortable handling. A folding knife is the preferred option of many as they are more easily concealed. However, if you opt for a folding knife, make sure the blade can be deployed quickly. Folding knives should also have a reliable liner lock, preventing accidental deployment that can lead to injury. If you are inexperienced with knives, you should also think about a dual edge blade. This type of blade requires little skill in order to be used effectively when defending yourself against attackers.



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