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8 Best Military Paintball Guns of 2024 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Military Simulation is an increasingly popular gameplay scenario for more experienced paintballers. However, when it comes to MilSim scenarios, a typical paintball marker just will not cut it.

A more realistic military-style paintball gun is often required for these games, with authentic aesthetics and innovative design details that means marker look and feel much like the real thing.

Unsure of what to look out for when shopping for military markers? Read on for our handy guide on what you need to bear in mind when shopping around for the best military paintball guns.

MagFed Markers

Magazine-fed paintball markers should be your first port of call when it comes to military-inspired paintball guns. The paintball loading mechanism is designed to make markers that utilise it more realistic in operation.

A paintball magazine limits the amount of road your marker has access to at any one time, making them a go-to choice for those looking to enjoy more realistic gameplay scenarios. In terms of aesthetics, paintball magazines also add instant realism to markers.

Replica Paintball Markers

Replica designs are another thing to consider if you want to enjoy military simulation scenarios. You will find a great variety of paintball markers that are inspired by genuine firearms currently in use by the US military and other organisations.

Although these paintball guns are made from lighter materials and therefore handle differently, the outward appearance of these markers is often indistinguishable from the real thing.


The best military paintball guns on the market will almost always include one or two upgrades. However, you should always look for markers with more scope for customisation to ensure it looks and feels as close as to the real thing as possible. Look for paintball guns with Picatinny rails that allow you to add the best accessories in all the desired places.

Scopes and sights are great for adding authentic appeal to your paintball guns while rear handles are another nice touch to consider for semi-automatic replicas. Not all accessories need have a function.

Many of the best military paintball guns will also include a details like a mock silencer that serves no real function beyond giving your gun another layer of realism. For more information on some of the best paintball gear, check out our review on the best paintball equipment of 2023!

Built Quality

While stainless steel paintball guns give you a more realistic feel and look the part, they are very cumbersome and hard to handle. Carbon fibre construction is therefore the best way to go.

Although this material is far lighter than the materials used to produce a conventional firearm, the robust nature of the material will ensure your marker remains in first-rate condition for a long time.

Poorer materials and subpar build quality will result in a marker that is easily scratched, dented and scuffed. This instantly takes away from the authentic aesthetics fans of military paintball guns desire.

Product Reviews – The Best Military Paintball Guns

Searching for quality MilSim markers to give you the edge? Below you will find our line-up of the best military paintball guns currently available on the market.

US Army Alpha Elite Paintball Marker

If you are interested in a realistic paintball marker with plenty of military appeal, the US Army Alpha Elite will definitely get your attention. This first-rate paintball marker scores top marks for its realistic tactical aesthetics. First impressions are good, but the devil is in the detail with this quality marker.

This paintball rifle boasts an M-16 style collapsible stock, shroud and carry handle, as well as a realistic magazine. Beyond its visual appeal, this marker scores well when it comes to usability.

The all aluminium receiver makes this marker a particularly lightweight choice, despite its bulky look. The inline bolt system also makes this a very reliable choice, ensuring this marker will not let you down in the middle of a game.

This Alpha Elite also provides you with a wide range of electronic firing modes. You can choose between semi-automatic and two full automatic modes. A 3-shot burst mode can also be selected for those looking to preserve their ammunition, yet still fire off successive rounds once they have lined up their sight on their target.

This quality marker also provides you with plenty of scope when it comes to customisation, with Picatinny rails included so you can make the necessary modifications, making it one of the best military paintball guns on the market today.


Tippmann TMC Paintball Magfed Marker

This TMC MagFed marker from Tippmann is a good option for those looking for the perfect balance of authentic aesthetics and user-friendly design. This reliable marker boasts dual feed versatility, allowing you to choose between hopper-fed loading and magazine loading.

If you are keen on military aesthetics, you will almost certainly be making use of the magazine functionality, but the freedom to choose between that and hopper loading is a definite plus.

This semi-automatic marker will hold up well in the toughest of gameplay scenarios. You can adjust the firing rate from between 250 to 325 FPS, while the high-performance barrel is on hand to improve your overall accuracy.

An internal gas line made from high-grade stainless steel also comes as standard, with the high-grade component ensuring consistent performance.

This marker also includes adjustable sights at the front and back, letting you take aim at your target with precise firing results. You also have the freedom to add a wide variety of extras thanks tot he inclusion of integrated Picatinny rails.

This marker also comes complete with two 20-round spring driven magazines so you are good to go straight away. A quality MilSim marker that is well worth the premium price tag.


Action Village Tippmann US Army Alpha Elite Foxtrot Paintball Gun Package Kit

If you are someone who looks forward to customising their markers, this Action Village Tippmann US Army Alpha Elite Foxtrot package is definitely worth considering. The heart of this great value package is the Alpha Elite Foxtrot marker, which scores top marks for its military aesthetics and authentic finish.

The marker already includes a red dot sight and carry handle, making it more functional in the field of play, while also enhancing the overall military aesthetics. Also included in this great value package is an Acton Village 20-ounce CO2 tank, as well as a folding grip which can be readily attached to your marker.

A GXG 200 round loader is also included, although this does somewhat steal away from the realistic appeal of the marker itself.

There are some premium extras to look forward to here. The Action Village 4+1 harness is particularly useful. This harness allows you to carry four paintball pods horizontally, as well as a CO2 tank in a vertical position. An assortment of buckles and belts allow for secure fitting to paintball players of all shapes and sizes.

You will also find four paintball pods included in the package so you can ensure you have a ready supply of ammunition before you head into battle. A GXG XVSN paintball mask is also included, offering ample face protection against incoming paintball rounds and rugged play environments.

Although this package will require a significant outlying investment, it is a cost-effective way of stocking up on the paintball essentials.


Action Village Tippmann Epic Paintball Gun Package Kit

This US Army Project Salvo paintball marker from Tippmann more than delivers when it comes to authentic military aesthetics. Standout features here include an AR15 style 6-position collapsible and folding stock, along with an AR15 shroud. The shroud also features Picatinny rails for straightforward customisation.

Scopes, carry handles and more can be added to your marker with ease. An 11-inch quick thread barrel ensures better precision and increased levels of accuracy, while adjustable front and rear sights are also included as standard to help you hit your target. Both sights can be readily removed should you wish to play without them.

An all aluminium die cast receiver ensures reliable operation, while also keeping the overall carrying weight of the market down. An internal stainless steel case line and inline bolt system also ensures your marker performs well at all times, drastically minimising the chance of it suffering a blockage and requiring maintenance during a game.

Should the worst happen, a quick-release feeder elbow allows you to disassemble your marker and perform crucial repairs in no time at all.


Action Village Tippmann Stormer Tactical Paintball Gun Epic Package Kit

If you are after a great value all-in-one package, this Action Village Tippmann Stormer Tactical bundle is worth considering. This standout item in this affordable package is the .68 calibre marker itself.

This particular take on the Tippmann Stormer boasts a tactical front shroud and front and rear sights, as well as a 6-position collapsible stock. All of these elements combine to produce a premium marker that exudes military character.

Also included in this great value set is a paintball harness, providing space for four individual paintball pod holders and a CO2 tank. Pod holders and a refillable CO2 tank are also included, while the harness itself can be readily adjusted to fit players of all shapes and sizes.

The set also boasts an Empire X-Ray mask, granting you essential protection for all gameplay scenarios. These premium goggles are made from dual density foam for maximum comfort, even during all-day paintball sessions, while the visor includes an anti-fog lens that will allow you to play in all types of conditions.

A paintball feed hopper is also included.


Umarex T4E Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 .43 Caliber Training Pistol Paintball Gun Marker

If you are hoping to add a more discreet addition to your paintballing arsenal, this Umarex T4E Smith & Wesson paintball gun is a must. Not only is this Smith & Wesson replica a good choice of side arm, it provides a cost-effective way to train. Compared to other markers on this list, this training pistol comes out on top for its realistic design.

The size is in keeping with conventional handguns, while the carrying weight is also similar to a traditional pistol. The simple trigger control of this paintball gun also adds to the levels of realism.

This CO2-powered paintball pistol includes an 8-round magazine, with the magazine release operating in the same manner as a regular handgun. The metallic barrel and slide utilises a slide catch, which holds back when emptied.

Despite it being more compact than conventional markers, this training pistol can still be personalised with accessories. A Picatinny rail is included so you can mount lasers, lights and any number of other accessories. An essential addition to your paintball holster.


Umarex T4E HDS Shotgun .68 Caliber Training Pistol Paintball Gun Marker

If you are keen to build up a broad paintballing arsenal, this Umarex T4E shotgun is something you are likely to get excited about. This paintball shotgun instantly appeals with its authentic appearance, although it is worth bearing in mind that some adjustments have been made to ensure the weapon is user-friendly and easy to carry.

This paintball shotgun is shorter at the barrel than a conventional weapon, while the overall carrying weight is substantially lighter than what you would expect from a regular shotgun. That being said, these adjustments are crucial in ensuring the marker is usable in the field.

This paintball shotgun fires both rubber balls and .68 calibre paintballs, making it different gameplay scenarios. The firing mechanism itself is fed by CO2, with spare tanks easily installed. You can also tailor this shotgun marker to your liking.

Picatinny rails are included as standard, allowing you to modify the weapon with lights, lasers, sights and other upgrades.


Maddog Tippmann Cronus Tactical Corporal Paintball Gun Package

The Tippmann Cronus Tactical is a familiar sight at most games of paintball. Although it does not quite match the level of military-grade aesthetics as other markers in this list, the Cronus Tactical is by no means a second-rate option.

The composite body is finished with enough minor details to ensure it will look the part alongside your other tactical gear, while the high-impact nature of the build materials ensures you have a marker that will suit regular use.

The vertical grip lends a realistic touch to the overall design, while also making the marker easier to handle as you line up on your target.

The Tippmann Cronus Tactical serves as an affordable option for those with a smaller budget to play with. Although this a budget-friendly choice, this marker is easily customised.

Picatinny rails are included as standard, allowing you to fine-tune the marker to your liking. You have plenty of choice when it comes to modifications here, leaving you free to customise the marker to meet your exacting requirements.




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