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8 Best Paintball Accessories of 2023 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

You have much more to consider beside a marker when it comes to getting kitted out for paintball. Any self-respecting player has a wide range of paintball accessories to think about adding to their arsenal if they are serious about succeeding. In addition to everyday accessories like paintball pods and harnesses, you also need to think about investing in protective pads.
Once you have built up a substantial paintball arsenal, you will also need to consider how to get your gear from A to B. A good gear bag is a must for any regular paintball player. Need some help putting together a shopping list of paintball essentials? Read on for our guide on what to look out for, along with our pick of some of the best paintball accessories currently available.

Paintball Pods

These are a must if you want to ensure you never find yourself without ammo in the middle of a game. A good paintball pod should provide ample storage space for plenty of paintball rounds, with most pods providing space to house up to 150 individual rounds. There is more to consider beyond carrying capacity when it comes to paintball pods, however. A user-friendly design will make reloading as easy possible.
Look for quick-release lids and secure locking mechanisms as a standard. This will make ammo retrieval and reloading as easy as possible, while also minimising the chance of you spilling essential ammo as you reload. As with anything, build quality is important. Make sure the pods you invest in are manufactured to a high standard, with quality spring mechanisms that will perform well for many games of paintball.

Pod Harnesses

Once you have invested in paintball pods, make sure you have somewhere to store them as you play. A pod harness is an essential item to add to your arsenal. Most harnesses will include space to store up to four individual pods securely. Make sure pods can be stored vertically for easy retrieval.
The best pod harnesses will also include storage for spare compressed air tanks. If you are a more experienced player, a tactical vest is a worthwhile alternative. Not only will these provide you with a level of protection against incoming paintballs, they offer more substantial storage solutions for your paintball pods, tanks and other essentials.

Gear Bags

Once you have built up a sizeable assortment of paintball accessories, a gear bag is something you need to think about investing in. You can opt for a standard holdall design if you are looking for an affordable and functional solution. A good gear bag should include enough space to store your disassembled marker and its additional components, along with paintball pods, harnesses, protective gear, footwear and more. The best gear bags will include separate compartments to ensure your gear is kept protected in transit.
Look for compartments that feature microfibre lining, especially if you are looking to cart around sensitive equipment like visors. A gear bag with roller wheels and a telescopic handle is a particularly convenient option for those looking to travel longer distances. A quality gear backpack is even more convenient, although some designs may compromise on overall storage capacity.

Elbow & Knee Pads

Proper padding will make your paintball gameplay all the more enjoyable, giving you the freedom to fully immerse yourself in your environment. Elbow pads come in two distinct varieties. The simplest form will utilise an elbow cup that protects the most delicate part of your arm from impacts. Arm pads are more substantial in their design, offering protection from the elbow to the top of the hand.

Elbow pads should include high-density foam protection to absorb the bulk of an impact, with multiple fasteners to ensure pads are properly fitted to the individual wearer. Pads that utilise memory foam are particularly desirable as they properly contour to the unique anatomy of the wearer, providing the best levels of protection possible.

You should consider the same features and design details when shopping for knee pads. Bear in mind that all that diving and crawling takes its toll on the knees, so a thick layer of foam padding and a durable exterior casing is a must.


You have plenty of choice when it comes to picking out suitable footwear for paintball. While military-grade boots and tactical footwear is more than sufficient for most gameplay, some paintballers find the bulkier design of such boots a drawback. If you are looking for the ideal balance between protection and performance, look for boots and sneakers from established paintball manufacturers.
This footwear will generally be more lightweight than conventional boots, while still offering plenty in the way of impact protection. Such footwear will also tend to be more breathable than conventional offerings. Paintball footwear will also usually feature zips at the side for easier fitting.

Product Reviews

Keen to stock up on some essential equipment? Read on for our pick of some of the best paintball accessories currently available.

Virtue PF165 Press Flick Locking Lid Paintball Pods – 6 Pack – Smoke

Just like paintball rounds, paintball pods are often overlooked in terms of their importance. They might be small and unassuming, but paintball pods are an essential part of any arsenal. Settle for second-rate designs and the impact on your game and performance can be catastrophic. These Virtue PF165 paintball pods are particularly user-friendly, with plenty of convenient design details that will make your paintballing sessions go without a hitch.

These paintball pods are sleeker than comparable options on the market, meaning you do not need to worry so much about being bogged down with gear as you play. That being said, you do not have to compromise when it comes to carrying capacity. Although these pods are smaller than comparable models, they provide just as much space for paintball rounds.

These pods are also very easy to handle and access. An intuitive tab with a convenient press and flick button allow you to pop them open and retrieve rounds in seconds. The lockable lid is also easily used, minimising the chance of you spilling rounds and losing essential ammo during a game. Despite their compact design, these pods are very durable, with an oversized hinge and pin to ensure they hold up well for a great many games. These affordable pods are definitely worth investing in and come in a range of vibrant colourways so you can effectively coordinate with your other gear.


Maddog 4+1 Vertical Paintball Harness w/Paintball Pods

Have you had issues with ill-fitting paintball pod harnesses and holders before? This Maddog 4+1 vertical paintball harness comes complete with four paintball pods to eliminate that issue entirely. This high-quality harness will comfortably accommodate all four of the pods it comes packaged with. Each pod can house 140 standard paintball with ease, ensuring you have ample ammo for any game of paintball.

This harness also provides storage capacity for a standard 88/4500ci tank. If you are worried about marker efficiency and regularly need to resupply your marker with compressed air, this feature will definitely appeal.

This harness is very user-friendly and easy to add to your existing gear. The harness itself boasts straps that can be used to securely attach a compressed air tank, without the worry of it falling free in the middle of a game. Elastic inner and outer belts also ensure it can be firmly attached to your person with minimal effort. The included paint pods are also manufactured to an in incredibly high standard, with rubber pull tabs for easy retrieval, and durable hinges to ensure your previous rounds do not fall to the ground as you reload. This pod and tank harness is a great value essential no paintballer can be without.


Planet Eclipse GX2 Classic Paintball Gear Bag (Grit Grey)

Once you have moved beyond the days of field rentals and started to invest in your own equipment, the need for a gear bag becomes obvious. A good paintball gear bag needs to provide ample space to store and transport your marker and its crucial components, as well as your protective clothing, paintball rounds and other essential accessories.

This Planet Eclipse G2 Classic paintball gear bag will definitely appeal to those looking for a fuss-free solution for storing and transporting their marker and accessories. This spacious bag is manufactured from hard-wearing material, ensuring it can cope with even the heaviest of loads. This bag also features protective EVA lids to ensure the contents inside are kept protected against impact in transit.

There also a selection of inserts within the bag itself, providing a convenient way to keep all your items separated and organised. Some of these inserts can be readily removed to provide you with larger storage spaces for bulkier items. Despite the impressive amount of storage capacity here, the bag itself is relatively lightweight, coming in at just 5.7 kilograms. The dimensions are also compact enough that the bag can be carried by hand with ease, or tucked neatly into the boot of a car.

You have a choose of double grab handles for carrying, along with a convenient top handle. This bag also features a telescopic handle and two roller wheels so it can be transported like a conventional cabin suitcase. A range of attractive colourway options make this gear bag as stylish as it is convenient.


HK Army Expand Gearbag (Stealth)

This HK Army Expand gear bag is an even more convenient way to cart your paintball equipment from home to the field. As with a regular backpack, this gear bag can be worn over the shoulders, with adjustable straps to provide a comfortable and secure fit for those needing to carry it for long stretches of time. A convenient top handle and adjustable shoulder strap are also included, making this gear bag a very versatile choice.

The largest compartment should provide ample space for most sizes of marker and essential protective clothing. This compartment can also be expanded to provide you with desired capacity in moments. A goggle/visor compartment can also be found here, with microfibre linings to ensure delicate lenses are kept free of scratches and scuffs.

There is plenty of smaller storage solutions here as well. Inside, you will find elasticated loops that can be used to store extra barrels and loaded paint pods. The outside of the gear backpack also includes four side pockets for housing smaller items, with MOLLE loop construction to ensure this bag can handle heavier loads. Waterproof zippers are also on hand to ensure this bag holds up well in all weathers.

If are a regular paintball player who leaves their bag exposed to the elements, this HK Army backpack should serve you well for a long time to come. This is also a very comfortable choice, with ergonomic padded shoulder straps to minimise wearing fatigue.


FreeFlex Elbow Pads/Arm Pad (Black, X-Large)

If you regularly enjoy high-octane paintball games, you should certainly invest in some quality elbow protection. These Exalt FreeFlex elbow pads are among the best options currently available on the market. Unlike conventional elbow protection, these pads provide more substantial protection for the forearm as well. You can expect a thermoformed elbow and forearm pad as standard here, providing you with something more akin to a custom-molded fit.

These pads will provide you with plenty in the way of impact protection, while also ensuring you enjoy maximum flexibility at all times. The robust construction of these arm pads also ensure they are built to last. Despite the impressive levels of protection offered by these pads, they are a relatively low-profile choice. Pass through retention straps compress the overall size o the pads, ensuring a tighter fit that keeps the padding closer to the surface of the arm itself.

The retention strap of these pads can be removed, while the rotatable rip-tape strap allows for quick and easy adjustments. The bespoke adjustments offered here ensures you can enjoy maximum protection, with minimal irritation to the skin. The adjustment systems themselves are concealed by the pad itself, reducing the chance of your pads loosening or detaching during play. You can also expect a degree of hand protection here. The tops of your hands are protected by compression molded padding that will absorb paintball round impacts, preventing injury and bruising.


Exalt Paintball FreeFlex Knee Pads – Black – Small

If you are regularly sliding, diving and crawling your way across a paintball course, knee protection is a must. These Exalt FreeFlex knee pads are definitely something to consider, offering you first-rate protection and user-friendly fastening in one neat package. Pass through retention straps ensure the knee pads remain tightly in place, without sliding free of the knee or twisting out of place during a game.

The protective material is also of a high standard. The padding here is dense and properly molded to the contours of the knee, providing effective impact absorption to minimise the chance of injury. This is particularly important when it comes to sliding manoeuvres and kneeling positions. Integrated memory foam at the knee cup also ensures these pads will correctly contour to the individual wearer, providing superior protection and maximum levels of comfort.

The retention strap of these pads can be removed entirely, while the rotatable rip-tape adjustment has been designed to ensure minimal irritation to the skin. The rotational adjustment system is completely concealed behind the padding itself, ensuring there is little chance of your knee pads loosening or detaching during a game. If you have suffered a knee injury or substantial bruising during paintball before, these knee pads will definitely impress.


Under Armour Men’s Stellar Tac Side Zip Military and Tactical Boot, Black (001)/Black, 11

These sneaker-style boots from Under Armour have been designed with paintballing in mind. The construction of this tactical footwear is of a very high standard, with a durable combination of fabric and textile materials to ensure these sneakers hold their shape and provide ample protection against the demands of paintball. The leather sole is particularly robust and will offer enhanced impact protection, minimising the chance of you sustaining strains and impact injuries.

These sneakers also a breathable option, minimising the amount of moisture that can build up inside the shoe itself. Despite their impressive breathability credentials, these sneakers do not compromise on waterproofing. A high-quality DWR finish is on hand to repel water, keeping the inside of the shoe dry and breathable at all times.

Unlike more cumbersome military boots, these Under Armour sneakers are exceptionally light and easy to move in. The combination of leather and nylon keeps the overall weight of these sneakers low, granting you maximum mobility, without sacrificing on impact protection. This footwear is also very user-friendly, with a side zipper allowing for easy entry and fitting at the start and close of every paintball session.


Military Tactical Gloves Army Airsoft Paintball Motorcycle Riding Gloves Full Finger Gloves Black Small

If you are looking for full finger protection, these REEBOW Tactical gloves are an obvious choice. These heavy-duty gloves offer more than enough hand protection to stave off impacts and abrasion, while providing you with plenty of dexterity to properly operate your paintball marker and access your essential accessories.

These gloves are manufactured to a high standard, with superior stitching to ensure they hold their form and resist damage for as long as possible. The material is hard-wearing and lightweight, while the upper side of the gloves includes breathable sections to maximise airflow and ensure optimal wearing comfort.

An adjustable wrist also ensures an easy fit for every wearer. Despite their bulky appearance, these gloves can be adjusted tightly at the wrist, providing a snug fit that offers plenty in the way of support. Provided you have adjusted these gloves properly, you should have no trouble operating your marker effectively, while retrieval of smaller items is also hassle-free.




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