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Best Paintball Blogs | 2024

Looking to expand your paintball knowledge base? There is only so much information you can pick up from retailer websites and fellow paintballers at the field. Paintball blogs are a very useful resource for those looking to boost their knowledge of the sport. Most blogs will include in-depth reviews of the latest paintball products (like paintball guns), along with buying guides and comparison articles. However, the best blogs will also include essential reading regarding the history of the game and other industry-specific topics.

Best Paintball Blogs

Below, you will find a selection of paintball blogs that definitely deserve a place in your browser bookmark folder.


Although this Reddit community is not a conventional blog, paintball enthusiasts will find plenty to enjoy here. This Reddit group allows like-minded individuals to come together and discuss all things paintball. You can discuss paintball tactics and strategy, scour discussions for updates about new equipment and marker releases and more. The great thing about this Reddit group is that you can actively engage with other paintballers.

If you have an urgent question that needs answering, you are likely to get a prompt response from someone who really knows what they are talking about. There is also a great sense of community here. You can find paintball enthusiasts nearby, making Reddit a good destination for those looking to connect with fellow players and organise local tournaments and events.

The Paintball Professor

This blog has a huge variety of resources for you to delve into. The Paintball Professor includes a massive range of content that players of all levels will enjoy reading. You will find plenty in the way of product reviews, marker comparisons and buying guides here. Compared to other blogs, The Paintball Professor is pretty in-depth and includes exhaustive information. If you want content with great deals of detail that you can trust, The Paintball Professor is something you should add to your bookmarks now.

This blog will also appeal to those who want a more absorbing read. Some of the articles found here are on par with what you might expect from an established news site, with detailed editorials about the history of paintball, background stories about big paintball brands and similar information.

More experienced paintballers will find plenty to enjoy here. If you want to brush up on the history of the game and load up on trivia you can impress your friends at the field with, The Paintball Professor will become a regular online destination.

Inside Famous

The Inside Famous blog is a little different than other sites in this list. Although you will find many detailed product reviews and comparisons, this blog serves as more of a new site that will greatly appeal to the paintball enthusiast. There is a lot of information here regarding professional players and their playing specs. This blog also offers coverage of live paintball and other events, allowing you to keep up to date with everything that is going in the sport.

This blog also provides coverage of original productions broadcast by the parent site. The design of this blog is very easy on the eye, with scrolling menus, vibrant graphics and superb photography. Category tags are also implemented into the site design, allowing you to hone in on specific types of content you might be interested in.

Paintball Shop Blog

The Paintball Shop blog is a very useful online resource for paintballers looking for in-depth content that explores all facets of the sport. This is the blog of a retailer, so you may find a bit too much focus on products, especially ones that they stock, however. Another thing to bear in mind is that this site is geared toward Australian users. The majority of information included in this blog can be applied generally, especially as far as reviews, comparisons and buying guides are concerned.

However, there are many in-depth articles that focus specifically on Australian users and the antipodean market. For example, there is information regarding how to obtain paintball permits and licenses in specific Australian states. While this admittedly a good read for anyone halfway interested in paintball, it is not strictly relevant to those who play in the UK or elsewhere. Content here is well written and packed with detail. You will also find many original videos and tutorials embedded into articles.

BZ Paintball

This blog has been operating for a few years now and serves as a great resource for paintballers of all levels looking for essential advice, reliable product reviews and more in-depth editorials. This blog is very easy to navigate, allowing you to access content that dates as far back as 2014. If you are looking for a blog with retrospective appeal, BZ Paintball fits the bill.

The vast majority of content here takes the form of product review and comparisons. If you are looking to upgrade your paintball marker, you can use this blog to see the latest products hitting the market. Worth remembering is that this is the blog of a retail site. Although the information here is relatively reliable and in-depth, some readers might find the content a little biased, especially as far as product reviews are concerned. A great thing about this blog is that content is organised neatly into different categories.

Looking for content relating to masks and protective gear? Simply click on the category and you will be taken to a complete list of relevant articles. You will also find categories for new players, as well as paintball law and other specific sections you are unlikely to find covered in too much detail elsewhere. This blog site also includes a lot of resources regarding paintball events and tournaments. If are looking to connect with fellow players for tournaments, this blog is definitely worth bookmarking.

UK Paintballing Blog

If you are a paintballer based in the United Kingdom, this blog is for you. This comprehensive blog is loaded with entertaining content that covers a broad range of paintball topics. It is well suited to the beginner looking to build up their knowledge, with deep dives into things like paintball rules and regulation. It also includes very useful guides on how to improve your performance in the field, with essential tip breakdowns on how to play more like a pro.

This is the blog of a paintball organiser, so more specific information is generally focused on what they offer. If you are looking for information on where you can play paintball near to your location, this blog will provide you with a good resource. One thing sadly lacking in this blog are product reviews and comparison articles.

Paintball Deals

This is another retailer blog to think about bookmarking, particularly if you are keen to read product reviews. This blog is definitely worth checking out at least once if you are keen to see what is new to the paintball market. There are plenty of detailed product reviews on offer, covering everything from paintball markers to protective gear. Beginners will find this blog very accessible, with handy guides that explain the differences between things like air systems.


If you are looking for more engaging reading, you should definitely pay a visit to PewPewPaint. This blog is packed with many interesting reads, with content topics that are not usually covered by the majority of blogs.

Here you will find refreshing reads on topics such as ‘How Much Can a Paintball Manager Expect to Make’, which should appeal to paintball enthusiasts considering turning their hobby into a profession. Of course, you will also find standard product reviews and handy guides on basic topics that all paintballers need to know about.



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