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Best Paintball Equipment of 2024 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Searching for the best paintball equipment to give you an edge during a game? There is much to consider. Your first port of call should definitely be a reliable marker, but beyond that, there is plenty more to consider. Paintball loaders are another crucial component, while sniper barrels are a must for those looking to enjoy stealth scenarios.
You also need to think about kitting yourself out in protective clothing to minimise the chance of you sustaining a serious injury. Need some help putting together a shopping list of paintball essentials? Read on for breakdown of essential items you need to invest in, along with our pick of some of the best paintball equipment currently available on the market.

Paintball Markers

This is your most important purchase to consider when looking to play paintball. It will also prove your most difficult buying decision thanks to the sheer range of options available on the market. You have a wide variety of paintball marker options to consider, so it is perhaps best to first thing about what type of playing scenario you are looking to experience. A semi-automatic marker should be more than sufficient for everyday paintball gameplay, although speedball scenarios will require a different approach.
Markers are available in a range of styles, from vibrant designs in slick finishes, to more realistic takes on existing weapons for those looking for authentic aesthetics. If you are just starting out, you may also want to consider investing in a bundle. All-in-one packages that include a paintball marker itself, along with an assortment of accessories and mod upgrades can yield huge savings in the long run.


One accessory you should consider investing in for your paintball marker is a barrel. A barrel is a good way of improving your accuracy levels and ensuring greater consistency between shots. The longer distance a paintball round travels within a barrel, the more time it has to straighten out its trajectory. The downside of utilising one of these is that more compressed air is required to fully discharge a paintball round through the barrel. Particularly long barrels are therefore very inefficient, unless of course you have a substantial number of compressed air tanks on your person while playing paintball.


These accessories are what feed paintballs into the internal chambers of your paintball markers, essential serving as an ammo-loading device. Most hoppers utilise gravity-assisted mechanisms in order to load paintball rounds into your marker itself, although other varieties can also be found on the market. A hopper is almost always fitted atop the marker, so be cautious when picking one out to ensure your hopper of choice does not cause an obstruction to your line of sight.
An alternative to conventional hoppers is paintball magazines. These ammo holders are reserved for use with so-called MagFed markers. As with a conventional firearm, you load a fully-loaded magazine into the firearm itself, discharge when all your ammo is used and replace again with a full one.

Tactical Vests

If you are looking to enjoy many games of paintball and lengthy individual gameplay sessions, a tactical vest is one item you should never overlook the importance of. Your tactical vest should offer a good level of basic protection against incoming projectiles, so look for vests made from hard-wearing materials with some degree of padding. Mesh material is also ideal for those expecting to play in warmer weather.
Mesh fabric will encourage good air circulation, reducing the chance of you overheating. A good tactical vest should also provide you with plenty of storage for your paintballing accessories. Look for vests that incorporate pockets and pouches, inside and out. You should have adequate room to store paintball pod holders, spare compressed air tanks and more besides.

Paintball Pants

These are particularly important for those looking to enjoy high-octane gameplay and woodballing sessions. Crawling and diving are unavoidable when playing paintball, so you will need paintball pants that are rugged and durable enough to withstand serious wear and tear. Even kneeling down to perform maintenance on your marker or to line up a shot can put serious pressure on the knee area, so your paintball trousers should be durable enough to withstand interaction with the environment.
Look for pants that are made from hard-wearing materials, with plenty of reinforcement in the knee. A good fit is also essential. The waist should offer multiple levels of fastening to ensure your pants fit securely at the hip. A reinforced cuff will also ensure a first-rate fit, while stretch panels will allow for ample freedom of movement, while keeping paintball trousers properly fitted to your form at all times. Some level of waterproofing will also prove welcome when picking out a good pair of paintball trousers, while breathable sections will encourage desirable airflow.


A good pair of paintball gloves is something you should definitely invest in. Paintballing gloves come in a variety of designs, from bulkier options that offer plenty of padding for the entire palm and all digits, to more lightweight options that allow for more dexterity. If you are particularly worried about hand and finger injuries, opt for a pair that provides ample padding. However, if you are looking to play speedball scenarios, a more lightweight pair that allows for maximum dexterity is a must.
Some gloves feature a cropped middle and index finger, leaving the ends of your digits free to ensure maximum control over your trigger and crucial marker components. These types of glove are also a good option for those expecting to carry out minor maintenance of their markers and equipment in the middle of gameplay.

Visors & Goggles

When it comes to keeping yourself protected during paintball, never overlook the importance of a good visor. While basic goggles can sometimes be utilised effectively, a more substantial visor mask is the way to go. Look for a visor that fits the face snugly, leaving no exposed areas where paintball rounds can penetrate. Foam inserts will ensure a better fit to the face, while also enhancing overall wearing comfort. Multiple strap adjustments will also ensure a mask remains firmly in place during rigorous activity.
Some tournament regulations will require you wear a mask with a chin strap, so if you intend to play these types of scenarios regularly, make sure the mask you pick includes one as standard. Breathable inserts will also ensure maximum comfort. The visor lenses should also provide optical clarity. Look for anti-fog lenses as standard as these are designed to compensate for a range of environmental conditions.


Rugged footwear is a staple component of paintballing gear. When it comes to selecting the right footwear, you are not restricted to paintball manufacturers. So-called tactical boots and military surplus stores are often a good source of suitable footwear. Features you need to look out for include a high-grade construction. Full-grain leather is particularly effective and maintaining its form and withstanding the elements.
A more robust design will also ensure your feet are protected against everyday impacts. Breathable inserts are also welcome as these will ensure your feet remain dry and comfortable. Look for boots that include protective toe caps and additional protection at the heel to minimise the chance of injury. While paintball boots should provide ample protection against injury, they should never impede your freedom of movement.

Product Reviews

Looking to invest in some quality paintball essentials? Read on for our pick of some of the best paintball equipment you can currently find on the market.

Tippmann Empire Basics 48ci 3K Paintball Tank- New 2023 Upgraded Version – Globally Certified

A quality tank is an essential bit of kit for any paintball marker and this Tippman Empire Basics 48ci 3K tank is an ideal option. This premium tank is suitable for any paintball marker that requires high pressure air in order to operate. Made in the USA to an exceptionally high standard, this first-rate tank offers a generous 3000 PSI fill capacity, making it ideal for even the most intensive demands.

The lightweight aluminium construction makes this a good option for those looking to lighten the load, especially if your marker is already heavily loaded with accessories and upgrades. This tank also offers an output pressure of 800 PSI, making it a solid bet for those looking for high-performance firing at all times.


GZ XINXING Black Tactical Airsoft Paintball Vest (Black)

A good tactical vest is a must for anyone looking to excel at paintball. This premium vest is an ideal choice, combining first-rate protection with plenty in the way of storage capacity for all your paintballing arsenal and accessories. This tactical vest is particularly robust with high-grade materials throughout.

The nylon mesh material is particularly lightweight, ensuring it will not weigh you down, even when loaded with accessories. The mesh material also makes this a good option for those looking to play paintball for hours at a time, with the breathable fabric ensuring optimal air circulation. You can count on a great fit thanks to through-zip fastening to the front, while an adjustable waist belt with buckle fastener ensures a firm fit to form at all times.

You also have a huge amount of integrated storage here. The interior of the vest features two zip-fasten document pockets, with one at either side. However, it is the outside of the vest that yields the most storage capacity. On the left-hand side of the vest you will find a pistol holder that should comfortably accommodate paintball pistols of all sizes. Adjacent to this, you will find three pistol magazine pouches that can be readily adjusted to fit the exact height of your magazine rounds.

The right-hand side of the vest features an additional three pouches for paintball ammo, along with a large carrying pouch to house ammo shells. You will also find storage space for a shooting pad. The shoulders can also be adjusted via rip-tape strips, while two metal D-rings provide you with a convenient place to attach a variety of accessories and essential equipment.


HK Army Hardline Paintball Pants – 2018/2019 Styles (Fire, Medium)

These HK Army Hardline Pro paintball pants are a must if you are looking to enhance your performance. HK are specialists in the manufacture of premium paintballing gear and these Hardline Pro pants will not disappoint. These hard-wearing pants are designed to withstand heavy use and the most rigorous of activity, making them an ideal choice if you are constantly diving, sliding and crawling through your playing environments.

These paintball trousers offer plenty in the way of protection, with considerable padding at the hips, knees and crotch. Such levels of protection are essential if you regularly play outdoors, while the padded material provides slight bounce to take the force out of impacts.

These pants can be readily adjusted to provide a better fit. Size adjusters can be found at the waist to ensure these trousers fit correctly at the hip, while ankle cuff straps allow to tailor the fit perfectly to your frame. The fit is further enhanced by stretch material at the knees that stops the pants from pulling down toward the ground if you are crawling or squatting.

Breathable sections at the inner thigh also make these a comfortable choice and an ideal option for those looking to play for hours at a time, particularly in warmer weather. You have a range of stylish colourways to choose from here as well, allowing to find the perfect pair to complement your other paintball gear.


HK Army 2014 Pro Paintball Gloves – Stealth – X-Large

When it comes to picking a pair of paintball gloves, dexterity is essential. Thankfully, these HK Army 2014 Pro gloves do not disappoint in this regard. These premium gloves offer plenty of protection against high-impact collisions with the ground, with ample padding across the palm and outside of the hand. The moulded wrists also ensure the gloves remain firmly in place once fitted, with little chance of them pulling free of your hands when operating your marker.

The middle and index finger of each glove has been cropped just above the knuckle, keeping your primary digits free and unobstructed to ensure optimal operation of your marker and other gear. This design detail makes these gloves a great choice for those looking to maintain good levels of dexterity at all times. The other fingers and thumb of each glove offers full protection, while the inside section of each covered digit features additional grips, ensuring your marker or accessories never slip from your grasp, even in wet conditions.


Planet Eclipse GTek 170R Paintball Marker – Navy Blue/Grey

A paintball marker is the most important element of any paintball game. If you are looking for a solid all-rounder that will give you an edge on the field, this Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R paintball gun is definitely worth considering. This paintball marker is incredibly reliable and efficient, with the Gamma Core drivetrain providing you with the power you need to take on your opponents.

This gun has been designed with lightweight portability in mind. All critical components can be found within the frame itself, making the overall design a much simpler choice, while also eliminating the need for bulky additions that will weigh you down and reduce your mobility.

The GTEK 170R certainly delivers when it comes to powerful performance, accuracy and reliability, but it is also a user-friendly option when it comes to maintenance and repairs. This marker requires no tools in order to remove essential components and carry out critical repairs and maintenance. This makes your life easier should you encounter any issues in the middle of gameplay, but also allows you to undertake thorough maintenance off the field as well.


Virtue Spire IV 280 Electronic Paintball Loaders/Hoppers – 280 Black

A hopper is a critical component for any paintball marker. The Virtue Spire IV electronic paintball loader is arguably one of the best hopper models currently on the market. With this hopper you can look forward to proactive feeding logic as standard, giving you consistent and reliable feeding results.

You can also look forward to fuss-free integration with your marker, with wireless programming supported via Android and Apple apps. You can also carry out quick adjustments and maintenance without the need for tools, allowing you to undertake essential maintenance in the middle of a game.

This hopper is also a durable option, with a single hinge-mounted design that will hold up well to repeated use. Magnetically attached drive assembly also makes this a very robust choice. A dual LED reload indicator is also included as standard. Looking for an attractive choice of hopper? The Virtue Spire IV will definitely impress with its aesthetics. Injected Virtue logos and a range of colour options make this hopper an eye-catching addition to any marker.


TIPPMANN Sniper 14-Inch Barrel for A5/X7

If you are looking to enhance your firing accuracy, this Tippmann sniper barrel might be just what you are looking for. This sniper barrel is the way to go if you are looking for firing accuracy that trounces what you might expect from a standard barrel. With a length of 14 inches, this barrel gives your fired paintballs longer to straighten out their trajectory, ensuring you have a better chance of making contact with your targets. A micro-honed construction and polished finish also increase overall accuracy performance.

Check out our post on the most popular Airsoft sniper rifles today.

Made to a very high standard in the USA, this sniper barrel is designed to fit a range of Tippmann markers, including the A-5, the X7 and Phenom X7. A good option for those looking to add some stealth to their games, this barrel is a worthwhile investment. However, as with any barrel, it is worth bearing in mind that adding one of these to your marker will diminish its CO2 efficiency. As such, you will want to ensure you have ample CO2 tanks to hand to ensure you do not run out of essential firing power during a game.


Dye i5 Paintball Goggle (Onyx)

This Dye i5 paintball visor offers first-rate face and eye protection. This visor utilises a GSR Pro strap with precise tension control, keeping the visor firmly in place at all times. This strap also ensures maximum levels of wearing comfort, while the patented strap system will distribute force more evenly across the head. The Tirodial Horizon 290-degree anti-fog lens also makes this visor a good choice for outdoor play in all kinds of conditions. With the premium lens treatment, this visor will provide optical clarity at all times. You can look forward to unrestricted vertical and horizontal vision, as well as superb peripheral vision.

Multi-directional venting also comes as standard here, providing the interior of the visor with good air circulation. Not only will this keep you cool and comfortable during long gameplay sessions, it will also ensure that the inside of your lens remains free of moisture at all times. It also ensures this visor allows for clear communication with other players. This visor is also a user-friendly choice when it comes to customisation.

A universal fixing mount is on hand so you can add a POV camera to record your gameplay, while a quick release foam kit and rapid lens change functionality allow you to easily replace essential components in moments.


FREE SOLDIER Outdoor Men’s Tactical Military Combat Ankle Boots Water Resistant Lightweight Mid Hiking Boots (Black + Full Grain Leather, 7 M US)

Great footwear can give your performance a real boost, so these FREE SOLDIER tactical combat boots are worth considering. These boots are made from robust gull grain leather, with abrasion-resistant mesh linings to keep your feet comfortable at all times. The moisture-wicking mesh lining keeps moisture to a minimum, maintaining dry conditions on the inside of the boot for day-long comfort. Protective toe caps also make these boots suitable for the most rigorous of outdoor activity, especially if you need to kick your way through tough environments. The EV midsole provides essential shock absorption, with additional cushioning to provide you with enhanced levels of support.

The outsole is designed to withstand wear and tear, while also minimising the chance of slipping on wet surfaces. The superior tread pattern will also ensure maximum traction at all times, keeping you firmly on your feet. Further shock absorption can be found at heels, ensuring your Achilles tendon is protected from injuries. Ankle supports provide you with further protection, without hampering your freedom of movement. The insoles can also be removed at the end of the game to be thoroughly dried out before your next session.


Valken Graffiti Paintballs – 68cal – 2,000ct – Yellow Fill

Many players overlook the importance of quality paintballs, but this should not the case.These Valken Graffiti paintballs are a good choice of paintball ammo for those looking for reliable firing and visible marking of their opponents. The manufacturing quality of these paintball rounds is very impressive. The durable shell of these rounds will withstand changes to temperature, ensuring they maintain integrity for longer. Compared to other paintball rounds on the market, this Valken paintballs are less likely to falter in the chamber and inside of your marker, causing unwelcome clogs that require on-the-spot maintenance before you are back in play.

These paintballs will also yield better overall accuracy, with a superior flight path guaranteed. The quality fill also ensures your fired shots are very visible once they meet their target. These paintballs are also a versatile option, working equally well with hopper-fed and magazine-fed loaders. They might be a little more expensive than other available options, but these premium paintballs more than deliver.




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