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9 Best Paintball Guns Under 200 in 2024 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Paintball beginners are often weary of spending too much on a marker. However, many are weary that inexpensive paintball guns will provide limited performance. While it is true that cheaper paintball markers generally offer limited features, you should not expect a subpar design just because you are spending less. We have outlined some important things to think about when exploring the market for the best paintball guns under 200.

The Limitations of Cheaper Paintball Guns

If you only have a small budget, you will have to make some sacrifices when selecting an affordable paintball marker. Overall construction will probably be quite limited if you have less than 200 to spend on a paintball gun. Most markers costing under 200 will be of the mechanical variety. These are fairly effective, if a little basic. Operating pressure is around the 800 PSI mark. This provides you with decent firepower and reliable enough performance. Affordable mechanical paintball guns will use compressed air or CO2 in order to re-cock the gun, allowing you to fire your next shot.

Materials & Build

If you have less cash to spend, you should not expect a superior build and cutting-edge materials. This is not necessarily a disadvantage. Cheaper markers are usually very lightweight and are a suitable option for woodsball and speedball settings. However, if you expect to play paintball on a regular basis, you should seek out markers with a tough enough build so they can withstand heavy use.

Upgrade Later

More expensive paintball guns usually come loaded with extras and are often already mounted with a few accessories. Picking a basic model with fewer frills will allow your money to go further. Concentrate on basic functionality to ensure you are purchasing a paintball gun that will fire consistently and perform efficiently for a long period of time. You can always upgrade at a later date once you have more money to invest. However, you should choose a gun that allows for customisation. Accessory rails are therefore essential.

You should also research how compatible your choice of paintball gun is with things like barrels. A good quality barrel kit will significantly improve the functionality of your paintball marker, but you need to ensure barrels can be properly fitted to your basic marker model.

Product Reviews

Searching for a budget-friendly marker? We have picked out some of the best paintball guns under 200 for you to consider.

Wrek Paintball Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun Package Olive

The Tippmann Cronus Tactical marker is not just affordable, it also one of the most popular paintball gun models you will find on the market. This heavy-duty marker is designed with regular operation in mind. The high-impact composite body is particularly effective at withstanding everyday wear and tear. It is also the reason why the Cronus is such a popular choice of rental. A vertical rip also makes this marker easy to handle, allowing for exceptional levels of control when aligning shots and firing.

The .68 calibre Cronus will also satisfy the needs of those looking for military aesthetics for MilSim scenarios. The level of detail here is impressive for a paintball gun that is relatively inexpensive, while the black and green colouring gives it an edge when it comes to camouflage. This semi-automatic marker has an adjustable firing rate from 250 to 325 FPS, while the proven in-line bolt system ensures it is particularly reliable. Looking for a paintball gun you customise? Multiple accessory rails are included for this purpose.

Valken Blackhawk Paintball Gun (Foxtrot) (Foxtrot)

The Valken Blackhawk paintball marker proves you not to have to sacrifice on heavy-duty design, even if you are spending less on your purchase. This hard-wearing paintball gun is made from high-grade aluminium and polymer, bringing you an exceptional balance of lightweight convenience and corrosion-resistant performance. The essential firing components are made from stainless steel, including the bottom line hose, providing you with long-term operational efficiency.

This marker also includes a MIL-STF-1913 accessory rail, allowing you to adapt this paintball gun exactly to your requirements. The marker is already a good option for fan of military scenarios, with realistic aesthetics that can be enhanced by the addition of accessories. This versatile marker from Valken is compatible with both CO2and high-pressure air tanks and more falls in line with exacting ASTM standards.

Umarex T4E HDS Shotgun .68 Caliber Training Pistol Paintball Gun Marker

This Umarex T4E HDS paintball shotgun will definitely catch the eye of the more experienced player looking for something different to add to their arsenal. Despite its unique design, this shotgun marker is compatible with .68 calibre rounds and rubber ball ammunition, allowing you to use it in a wide variety of gameplay scenarios. The overall design quality and attention to detail here is stunning. This a very authentic replica of a genuine shotgun, with intricate detailing that makes it a very attractive option. If you place a high value on aesthetics, the T4E HDS is something you are bound to want to add to your repertoire.

This paintball shotgun is powered by Co2, making it a very efficient option. The quick-piercing chamber allows for fuss-free Co2 installation. The lightweight build of this paintball shotgun make it a user-friendly solution and suitable for those looking to carry multiple makers. It also includes a picatinny mount, meaning you have the freedom to add a variety of accessories such as lasers and lights. If you have yet to invest in a basic marker for paintball, a semi-automatic model should be your first port of call. However, if you have the money to invest in a secondary weapon for paintball games, the T4E HDS from Umarex is something to consider.

Action Village Kingman Spyder Epic Paintball Gun Package Kit (Xtra) (Matte Blue)

Even those with a tight budget can enjoy the great value of a complete marker and accessory package. This Action Village Kingman Spyder Epic paintball set includes everything you could possibly need to excel at the game. The heart of this package is the Spyder Victor paintball marker. This is admittedly an entry-level marker that is relatively limited in its abilities, but it is a popular choice of gun for paintball beginners. This semi-automatic paintball gun features a stacked tube blowback design, providing you with superb gas efficiency and reliable firing performance.

Also included in this package is an Empire X-Ray mask that provides good wearing comfort and ample protection against incoming paintball rounds. This set also includes a paintball hopper loader, Co2 tank, paintball pod harness and four individual paintball pods. You will also find a selection of tools for easy field stripping of your marker, allowing you to carry out essential maintenance and repairs with no fuss.

Action Village Tippmann Epic Paintball Gun Package Kit (Gryphon)

Here is another affordable all-in-one paintball set to think about. This Action Village Tippmann Epic paintball gun kit includes absolutely everything you will need to commence combat. The star of the show here is the Tippmann Gryphon paintball gun. This lightweight marker will impress with its aesthetics and functionality. Easy to manage, even when firing at full speed, this marker includes an oversized trigger and convenient fore grip so you can always maintain a tight hold over your weapon.

This set also includes a heap of first class essentials, making this package a very cost-effective solution. You will find a traditional hopper loader included along with the marker itself, as well as a C02 tank. A visor mask is also thrown in, with a single-lens construction and vented front to allow for maximum comfort and exceptional breathability. This set also includes a handy carrying harness for your paintball pods, with four pods thrown in so you can carry a full complement of ammo with you from the off.

Maddog Tippmann Stormer Basic Bronze Paintball Gun Marker Starter Package – Black

This Maddog Tippman Stormer Bronze paintball marker package represents superb value for money. This is another great value kit that includes everything you could possibly need to win at paintball. The key selling point of this package is the Stormer Elite marker from Tippmann. This reliable marker includes a proven in-line bolt system that delivers consistent firepower, while the high-impact composite body means you have a paintball gun that is built for regular use. This quality marker already comes with a selection of tactical accessories, but picatinny rails are also include so you can add more. The marker is also very versatile, allowing you to switch between traditional hopper-fed loading and MagFed configurations with ease.

This set includes less accessories than other all-in-one packages in this list. However, the extras that are included are of a high standard. A hopper loader and pull-through barrel squeegee are included, along with a CO2 tank. You will also find a stealth paintball mask includes, with anti-fog lenses to provide you with exceptional performance. What is lacking here is a paintball pod harness, although these are relatively inexpensive and easy to pick up for next to nothing.

Umarex T4E TPM1 .43 Caliber Training Pistol Paintball Gun Marker, Black

TheT4E TPM1 paintball pistol is a low-cost alternative to more substantial markers. Ideal for training purposes, this paintball marker shoots .43 calibre paintball rounds and rubber ball ammunition.. This means it fires rounds that are smaller than the standard, so bear this in mind before you part with your money. Although more compact than other markers out there, this is a very reliable paintball gun. Economical C02 drives the firing mechanism of this marker, meaning you can fire more rounds without having to worry about regularly replenishing your Co2 stocks. An important thing to remember about this paintball pistol is that if offers a lower round capacity than standard markers. It utilises a magazine-fed loader, rather than regular hopper system, limiting you to eight rounds. This makes it better suited to military simulation play. It also makes a good option for those seeking a secondary paintball gun to use alongside their main marker.This pistol is manufactured to an impressive standard and features a good level of detail. You can expect a similar carrying weight to a conventional firearm, granting this pistol a good feel. The realistic design also makes it suitable for use with a variety of genuine duty holsters. Despite its smaller overall size, this paintball pistol does allow for scope customisation. Picatinny rails are included, meaning you can mount a range of accessories to your pistol.

Action Village Azodin KAOS 3 Paintball Gun Epic Package Kit (Dust Black with Dust Black Parts)

If you want your money to go further, this Action Village Azodin KAOS 3 paintball package will catch your attention. The most important part of this great value set is the KOAS 3 paintball marker. This paintball gun is exceptionally sleek and considerably more economic than previous models from the manufacturer. However, it maintains the straightforward approach and simple usability of predecessor models, making it a very suitable choice for less experienced players. The streamlined receiver also adds to the user-friendliness of this marker, making it a very lightweight model. The low-profile receiver also allows you to achieve better accuracy when sighting your targets.As well as the marker itself, you have some superb accessories included here. There is the Warrior Deluxe 4+1 paintball harness that can be worn around the waist or attached to a tactical vest. This harness provides carrying capacity for four paintball pods and a CO2 tank. Four paintball pods and a CO2 tank are also included. A paintball hopper is also included, along with a variety of Allen keys and tools to allow for easy field stripping and marker maintenance.

Action Village Tippmann Epic Paintball Gun Package Kit (US Army Project Salvo) (Black)

This Tippmann US Army Project Salvo paintball gun offers exceptional features for a relatively low price. This high-quality marker boasts a great level of authentic detail, making it a must for anyone looking for a premium replica of a genuine firearm. The high-grade composite body makes the Project Salvo marker a robust option, while internal components are made from superior materials to ensure maximum performance. The receiver is made from robust aluminium, giving you a good balance of durability and lightweight convenience. The gas line is made from stainless steel, meaning you do not have to worry about breakages or rusting.The quick-release feeder elbow allows for straightforward maintenance, while the proven in-line bolt system means you can expect consistent performance and exceptional rates of fire. This essential marker also lets you tailor things to your liking. The paintball gun already comes with some quality accessories that add to the military-grade aesthetics, including front and rear sights. Integrated accessory rails are also included so you can mount a selection of other items to your marker.


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