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9 Best Paintball Harnesses of 2024 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Once you have selected a marker and protective gear, you need to start thinking about a paintball harness. The most basic of harnesses provide you with a convenient way to carry paintball pods and compressed air tanks with you during a game. Harnesses should be easy to adjust and be comfortable enough that you can wear them for hours at a time.
No matter whether you for a minimal pod holder or more substantial tactical vest, your harness should provide you with easy access to your ammunition and air tank, allowing you to reload quickly. Looking to invest in a new harness? Our guide includes some essential pointers to help you find the best paintball harnesses for your budget.

Basic Harnesses

Occasional players will probably prefer a minimal harness. These are essential pod packs that provide storage for three to four individual paintball pod holders. Even the most basic of paintball harnesses should also provide you with somewhere to store a compressed air or CO2 tank. These harnesses are also a good option for the paintballer who likes to maintain maximum manoeuvrability.

Tactical Vests

If you can afford to spend more on a harness, consider investing in a tactical vest that incorporates maximum storage. A decent quality tactical vest will not only provide you with chest pockets or pouches for carrying around small tools and everyday essentials, but also feature integrated holders for paintball pods and vertical storage for compressed air tanks. These are definitely the preferred option for more advanced players.

Storage Capacity

This is probably the most important factor when selecting a suitable paintball harness. As a bare minimum, you should select a harness that allows you to store four standard paintball round pods. This will mean you can carry around 700-800 rounds with you at any given time. More advanced harnesses will allow for further storage, sometimes doubling your pod capacity.


If you want your harness to hold up well to heavy use, you should select one that is made from quality materials and finished to a high standard. Heavy-duty polyester is often the preferred choice of material. This fabric is both resilient to rips and tears, while also boasts decent waterproofing capabilities. Look for harnesses with double-stitched seams to ensure you have something that will last for as long as possible.

Convenient Fastening & Easy Adjustment

A reliable paintball harness needs to be easy to fasten around your waist and remain comfortable for long stretches of time. The simplest harness models include waist belts with buckle fastenings. For convenience, look for harnesses that allow for full waist adjustment. The vast majority of harnesses available are designed with a broad range of users in mind, ranging from younger players to adults with a waist size of more than 40 inches.

Product Reviews

Read on for our selection of the best paintball harnesses you can currently find available on the market.

Maddog Pro 5+4 Paintball Harness Pod Pack

This Maddog Pro paintball pod pack harness should accommodate the needs of every paintballer. The Maddog Pro comes in a few different varieties, providing each player with exactly the right amount of storage. The 3+2 harness is the most basic option available, offering storage for up to five standard pods, equating to around 700 individual paintball rounds.
This basic harness includes easy to grip pull tabs for quick retrieval of your ammo, as well as elastic ejector loops to allow for faster reloads. This harness pack also includes dual ventilated elastic straps to provide a comfortable fit for most players. You can readily adjust this harness for a customised fit with waist sides of up to 43 inches.The 4+3 paintball harness pod pack includes all the same great features of the basic model, but includes additional storage for a maximum of seven individual pods.
All in all, this allows you to carry more than 900 paintball rounds with you at any one time. Need even more storage than this? The 5+4 paintball harness pod pack is the ideal choice. With storage capacity for up to nine standard pods, you can easily carry more than 1200 individual paintball rounds.

Maddog 2+1 Paintball Harness

This Maddog Entry Level paintball harness is an affordable option for those looking for reloading convenience on the go. This harness boasts plenty of padding for increased comfort, with an adjustable waist belt that makes it a suitable option for just about everyone. In fact, this harness will accommodate everyone from junior players to adult paintballers requiring an XL size. Made from durable 900D nylon, this heavy-duty harness will serve you well for many games of paintball. Reinforced stitching adds to the already impressive levels of durability.

This harness is also very secure, ensuring your paintball round pods and tanks remain firmly in place. Tanks are held securely by dual straps, while you will never have to worry about paintball pods slipping away in the middle of a game. There are three different sizes to choose from here. The most basic option includes space for two standard paintball pod holders, while the next model up offers double the storage capacity for four individual paintball pod holders.

Need more storage capacity? The deluxe version of this harness includes space for up to six individual paintball pod holders. All harness variants also include secure storage for a regular compressed air or CO2 tank.

Maddog 4+1 Vertical Paintball Harness w/Paintball Pods & Remote Coil Combo

This Maddog 4+1 vertical paintball harness provides you with all the storage you need for easy reloading. This practical harness includes storage pouches for up to four standard paintball holders, along with an 88ci tank. Although you will need to invest in a compressed air tank separately, this harness comes packaged with four pod holders that are perfectly sized for the harness itself.

This harness definitely appeals with its vertical pod retrieval. Accessing your pods is made even easier thanks to gripped rubber pull tabs. Retrieving your tank for reloading your marker is also incredibly straightforward thanks to convenient rip-tape tank straps.

This harness should provide a good fit for almost any player. With inner and outer elasticated belts, this harness is the way to go if you re looking for a custom fit. Durability is also something you can look forward to with this Maddog harness. A hard-wearing polypropylene construction and first-rate stitching means you have a harness that will perform well for years to come if you look after it properly. The included ammo pods are also very user-friendly, with spring-loaded flip tops allowing you to reload your marker in moments.

Maddog Lightweight Tactical Paintball Vest with Tank and Pod Holder Attachments – Black

If you are looking for lightweight comfort and practical design, this Maddog tactical vest is an ideal alternative to a conventional paintball harness. The lighter design of this vest means you can enjoy maximum manoeuvrability, giving you a significant edge when it comes to high-octane play. This vest also provides you with plenty in the way of storage. You can carry four paintball ammo pods with you at any one time, with elastic ejector attachments with ripcords to make retrieval of your ammo as straightforward as possible.

This vest also includes two chest pouch pockets that can be used to store your wallet and electronics, as well as other small essentials like tools for stripping your marker during a game. Although this vest is more substantial than a typical harness, you do not need to worry about overheating during an action-packed game. Ventilated sides ensure good levels of breathability, while the vest itself can be adjusted with buckle closure to provide you with a comfortable fit. This tactical vest will also perform well for longer, with a heavy-duty nylon construction and first-rate stitching ensuring the best in durability.

Virtue Breakout Strapless Paintball Harness Pod Pack – 4+7

If you are looking for something a little simpler than a tactical vest, this Virtue Breakout strapless harness should meet your requirements. This pod pack harness is ideal for paintballers who want a lighter load. This harness fits securely around the body, with a four-way locking belt system that ensures things remain in the same place for the duration of a game. This harness has also been engineered for minimal impact to your game, with a bounce-reducing design to give you an edge in the field.
This harness is much more convenient than other available models, with the strapless design freeing up from restrictive buckles and belt loops. There is also sufficient storage capacity for up to four paintball pod holders, meaning you will never be without essential ammo during a game. Unlike other harnesses in this list, this Virtue Breakout model will comfortably carry all kinds of paintball pods, without you needing to make countless adjustments. This practical paintball harness comes in two eye-catching styles, with a classic camouflage motif and graphic black variant both available.

Dye Paintball Tactical Harness – Black

This Dye tactical assault vest will satisfy the requirements of the more experienced paintballer. If you are looking for a lightweight harness solution with cope for adjustment, this vest will definitely impress. Tactical modular pouches allow you to reconfigure the vest to your liking, letting you increase or decrease carrying capacity. Even when loaded with additional carrying pouches, this vest remains comfortable and lightweight, keeping you mobile and one step ahead of the competition.

The lighter design of this harness is important as the vest is designed to carry a significant amount of marker accessories and other paintballing essentials. You can mount an air tan on the upper back, keeping it out of the way until you need it. Heavier equipment can be connected to the waist, with this part of the vest reinforced for better load-bearing performance. This innovative design means you can carry a significant amount of equipment without feeling bogged down by the bulk of your gear. It also removes strain from the shoulders, meaning you will not feel overexerted during longer paintball games.

Planet Eclipse Eject Pack/Harness by HK Army – Grit Light – 4+3+4

Quick and easy retrieval of your paintball ammo is guaranteed with this eject pack and harness combo from Planet Eclipse and HK Army. This pod ejection system is very practical and allows for various pack configurations. It is also very lightweight and durable, making it a suitable choice of harness for those players who like to keep accessories to a minimum. You also have the option of adding more storage capacity at a later date, with expansion supported.

Dual elastic waistbands are included to ensure this eject pack fits firmly t your waist. The harness also includes anti-slip lumbar support with back padding. This is crucial in ensuring the harness remains firmly in place during energetic games of paintball. A sturdy polyester construction means this pod pack and harness will perform well for a long time, while silicon rubber elements ensures superior grip.

Dye Precision Assault Pack 4+5 Pod Paintball Harness

This Dye Precision assault pack paintball harness is another low-profile design that will suit the needs of the paintballer who likes to keep quick on their feet. Memory elastic and rubber traction are on hand to ensure this harness remains fixed firmly in place, even when carrying out intense activity in a wide variety of environments. The high-grade rip-tape fastenings also make for a very tight fit, keeping the harness locked in place, without compromising your manoeuvrability.

This harness is also easy to adjust. It will comfortably fit wearers with waist sizes of up to 4- inches. Four-way adjustable straps allow you to choose a fit that is right for you, no matter how tight or loose you like it. All you need to do is the fasten the main belt before overlaying the adjustable straps at the top. The ejector pod loops are also incredibly practical, granting you instant access to your ammo.


Valken Paintball Fate Harness 4+3

The Valken Fate paintball harness is a more discreet alternative for those who want reliable pod storage on the move, but do not want to feel weighed down by their equipment. This harness is manufactured to a very high standard, with heavy-duty webbing ensuring it holds up well to the elements and regular use. Auto ejector straps are also included as a standard feature, allowing for hassle-free access and quick retrieval of your ammo.

This belt system has also been designed to minimise the amount of bounce you experience when playing. This keeps the harness securely in place for the entire length of a paintball session, while also minimising distraction. Despite its compact design, this harness provides an incredible amount of carrying capacity. In addition to the four main pod pouches, you will find three extra slots for carting around extra ammo pods.




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