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7 Best Paintball Knee Pads of 2024 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Protective gear is essential when playing paintball. After selecting a suitable visor, paintball knee pads should be the next thing you think about investing. If you are looking to play in tough terrain, high-quality knee pads are particularly important. They will allow you slide freely without worrying about injuring yourself, crawl through undergrowth and take the brunt of impacts should you collide with the ground.
However, you need to know what features to look out for when shopping around. Our handy guide lays out what is important when selecting the best paintball knee pads. To complete your collection of pads, check out the best paintball elbow pads on the market today!

Padding & Cushioning

This is the most crucial thing to consider when searching for suitable knee pads. The best paintball knee pads available will include high-grade cushioning that conforms to your natural contours. This ensures high levels of protection for front and back of the knee. Look for padding that has some level of forgiveness to it as this will retract at the moment of impact, then expand again after pressure is relieved.

Protective Shells

Premium knee pads will also feature an outer shell to provide an additional level of protection. A tough protective shell will take the initial force of an impact, giving your knees and joints a good initial layer of protection and ensuring the padding beneath lasts for longer.

Breathable Materials

As you will be wearing knee pads for the duration of paintball play, they should be comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time. Look for breathable fabrics and mesh materials whenever possible as these will allow for optimal airflow, keeping the skin beneath cool and dry. Quick-drying fabrics are also advisable. To ensure your pads last, make sure any materials are resistant to rips and tears. They should also be easy to clean and require little maintenance.

Fastenings & Fit

Good knee pads also need to be easy to fit and secure firmly. Cheaper knee pads will include rip-tape fastenings to provide you with easy adjustments and a comfortable fit. More advanced knee pad options will include sleeves that cover more of the calf and leg. If you opt for a sleeve design, look for pads that include silicone grips as these will keep the pads firmly attached to the skin and minimise the chance of them slipping down the leg as you move around during play.

Product Reviews

Need to invest in some first-rate protection for paintballing? Consider our shortlist of some of the best paintball knee pads around.

Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads, Thick Sponge Anti-Slip, Collision Avoidance Knee Sleeve(Small/Medium)

Those who only have a small budget to work with should definitely think about these Bodyprox protective knee pads. These unisex knee pads are made from high-density foam that combines first-rate strength with good levels of elasticity. Despite the quality protection these pads offer, they are still a comfortable option, with the breathable fabric ensuring your skin stays dry at all times. These pads are also an ergonomic choice. These ultra-lightweight pads feel great on and provide you with all the freedom of movement you need to get from A to B.

If you are serious about preventing knee injuries, these pads should be at the top of your shopping list. They are a suitable choice for paintball, but can also be used for all manner of outdoor sports and activities. These pads will help keep the knees warm, minimising the chance of muscles and joints stiffening and becoming sensitive to strain and injury. A good grip is also assured with these pads, with their anti-slip design meaning there is no need for complex fastenings and bulky adjustments to ensure they stay securely in place for the duration of a game.

Dye Precision Performance Paintball Knee Pads (Small)

These DYE Performance knee pads are not the cheapest option in this list, but they will definitely appeal to the more professional player looking for first-rate protection and superior levels of wearing comfort. These pads are made from EVA high-density foam that wraps around the knee, giving you a bespoke fit that delivers plenty of cushioned protection to prevent injury from impacts.
The open-cell foam construction on offer here is superior to other pad solutions on the market, excelling when it comes to impact resistance. If your knees are particularly sensitive or you suffer from existing injuries, these premium knee pads are a must-have accessory.Despite the high levels of protection on offer with these pads, you can expect a low-profile design and lightweight fit.
The cup-style EVA foam pad comes already shaped to ensure it conforms perfectly to the natural contours of the knee joint. Adjustable straps are also included so you can tighten each pad to your knee more securely. This sturdy fastening ensures the pads stay in place for the duration of a game of paintball, with no worry of them slipping free of the area they are meant to be protecting.

Exalt Paintball FreeFlex Knee Pads – Black – Small

These FreeFlex knee pads from Exalt are more expensive than other options, but they deliver superb levels of protection and exceptional comfort. The pass-through retention straps are particularly effective at ensuring the pads remain exactly where they are needed, resisting sliding and twisting. The strap design also ensures that more air circulation is possible, making these pads very breathable which further enhances comfort levels.
You can also expect high levels of impact protection here. The molded padding is incredibly dense and absorbs even the hardest of impacts. If you find yourself regularly kneeling or sliding during a game, these pads will protect your knees from the brunt of impacts with ease. The knee cup is constructed from integrated memory foam which has been designed to naturally contour to your anatomical profile. This provides you with the very best in impact protection, while also ensuring the pads remain very comfortable for hours-long play.
The retention strap is easily removed and can be rotated to provide you with a perfect fit. The rip-tape strap adjustment also means you do not have to worry about a tightly bound pad irritating your skin. The adjustable nature of the retention strap also means it can be concealed behind the pad itself, eliminating the chance of your pads coming undone or detaching during a game.

Paintball Equipment Tactical Emerson Combat ARC Style Knee Pads Dark Earth

These Emerosn ARC knee pads are a little sleeker than other options available, but they are ideal for the more experienced paintballer looking for low-profile protection that will not affect freedom of movements. These pads boast military aesthetic that will lend itself well to your existing paintball garb, with the dark earth colourway ensuring an effortless complement to fatigues.
The 100-denier CORDURA construction also makes this pads a very durable option. Rubber non-slip caps ensure these pads remain locked in place for an entire game, while adjustable buckles make these pads a user-friendly choice for players of all shapes and sides.The level of padding on offer here is a little more discreet than other options. Soft cushioning can be found on the inner side of the pads themselves, while the outer side features a durable shell that will offer an initial layer of protection when you make contact with the ground.
If you are more concerned about sustaining injuries during paintball, you might want to consider a more substantial knee pad solution. However, if you prefer your pads to be lightweight, low-profile and less cumbersome, these are something to consider.

HK Army Crash Knee Pads Black (Large)

If you are prepared to spend a little more when shopping for paintball protection, you should definitely think about investing these AK Army crash knee pads. These pads are perfect if you are looking for first class comfort and durability. These pads include dual-layered padding that is designed to protect the knees against substantial impacts. The padding itself is contoured toward the natural bends of the knee itself, providing you with sufficient protection in exactly the right places.

These pads go further than other options available on the market. The neoprene upper leg support is particularly useful for enhancing the overall fit and ensuring the pads remain fixed in place, even during energetic outdoor activity. Adjustable rip-tape straps are also integrated into the overall design to ensure a superb fit for every wearer.

Despite the high levels of protection these crash knee pads offer, you can still look forward to a lightweight design. These pads are also very breathable to ensure you remain cool and dry during play, while the four-way stretch sleeve ensures plenty of flexibility and minimal restriction to movement.


Military Tactical Knee Pad Elbow Pad Set,Airsoft Knee Elbow Protective Pads Combat Paintall Skate Outdoor Sports Safety Guard Gear (2*Knee Pad and 2*Elbow Pad )-Black

If you want your money to go a little further, this complete knee and elbow set is something to seriously consider. These pads are incredibly wearable and designed with flexibility in mind. Both the elbow and knee pads incorporate a strong nylon and polymer cup that provides you with superior impact shielding. These pads are also easily adjusted to provide you with a good fit. You will find multiple elastic straps that can be reading adjusted, along with rip-tape closure so you can be confident you have a secure fit, every time.
Although these pads are very affordable, do not think they skimp when it comes to shock absorption. These pads include high-density EVA foam that will take the brunt of every impact. You also have the option of inserting additional padding to give yourself another layer of protection. If you are looking for a great value line-up of pads that provide reliable impact protection, this Diamond Talk set is definitely for you.

VIRTUE Breakout Knee Pads

These Virtue Breakout knee pads will set you back a little more than other options, but the premium levels of impact protection provided makes investing in these pads a no-brainer. These 3D-molded pads will provide you with maximum protection, with the pads forming around your knee to keep all areas protected from impact, without affecting your wearing comfort or mobility. These pads are also incredibly durable. The exterior surface of these pads are tear-resistant, meaning you can slide, knee and crawl through the harshest of environments without worrying about damaging your equipment.
Padded stretch zones also make these a very desirable option, allowing you to undertake more rigorous activity without fretting your knees will be left exposed.Although these pads deliver when it comes to cushioned protection, they are surprisingly lightweight. In fact, these pads are around a third lighter than comparable options available.
You can also count on a great fit, with an elasticised soft-grip cuff ensuring they remain firmly in place at all times. The neoprene sleeve is also incredibly breathable, keeping your skin dry and comfortable. The Skin-Saver liner also boasts moisture-wicking properties, meaning you will not have to worry about skin irritation and inflammation.


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