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6 Best Paintballs of 2024 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

The best paintballs can make all the difference when it comes to enjoying a great game. Many people overlook the importance of quality paintball ammo, but this is a critical error. Second-rate paintballs can leak and clog your marker, while subpar construction can also affect trajectories and impact accuracy. Looking to make some instant improvements to your game? It is definitely time to invest in some quality ammo. Read on for our essential guide on what to look out for when shopping for the best paintballs.

Compatible Paintball Ammunition

Before you make any buying decisions, you need to compare paintball ammo specs against the marker you intend to use. Paintball ammo varies greatly when it comes to size and overall quality, but perhaps the most important thing you need to bear in mind is gun calibre. The calibre of your marker will be identified with the user manual for your weapon. Consult this to ensure you are buying the correct calibre ammo for your marker.

Most markers out there will require .68 calibre paintballs, but this does not apply to every paintball gun out there. In fact, you can find paintball calibres ranging in size from 0.40 to 0.71. While it is possible to use a paintball with a mismatched calibre to your bore size, this is not advisable as this will often lead to clogs. Unless you are prepared to regularly dismantle your marker to clean it and carry out maintenance to combat leaks, always purchase an exact match to your marker.

Durable Design

This is something you need to seriously consider when purchasing paintballs. All paintball ammo features a durable outer casing that houses the fill paint. Cheaper paintballs tend to feature more delicate shells that are prone to breakages when inside the firing mechanism of your marker. This can result in leakages within your marker itself. Even if a broken paintball successfully leaves the barrel of your marker, it can explode mid-trajectory before it makes contact with your intended target.

The shell of your paintball ammo needs to be strong enough to withstand the impact of the internal bolt mechanism. The more expensive the ammo, the more likely it is to be strong enough to withstand this force and leave the barrel without suffering damage. That being said, you can find plenty of cheaper alternatives on the market that are of a decent enough quality.

More affordable paintball ammo does tend to irregular in shape, however. If you opt to buy very inexpensive paintballs, you should expect dimpled surfaces and shapes that are not quite spherical. If these inconsistencies still make for a paintball that is smaller than the bore of your barrel, this should not cause any problems. However, if the irregularities mean paintballs are swelled to a larger size, it can cause some issues when it comes to firing successfully.

Preserving Paint Quality

The fill paint of your paintball ammo needs to be of a decent quality. Paint quality deteriorates over time, so it is always advisable to use fresh ammo whenever possible. To prevent paintballs from swelling, make sure they are properly stored away from heat sources and moisture. To ensure your paintball ammo is fit for purpose, it is worth firing off a few practice shots before you commence a full game.

Paint Colour

This is another crucial factor to consider when buying paintballs. If you are looking to play woodsball in thick undergrowth, you need to ensure paintballs are visible enough to stand out against camouflage prints and gear. Neon shades or bright yellow is always a safe bet.

Tournament & Recreational Paintballs

If you are simply looking to undertake some paintball training or everyday play, a recreational paintball is more than sufficient. However, if you are planning a tournament-level game, the paintballs you use must be fit for purpose. Tournament paintball ammo is generally manufactured to a higher standard than recreational balls and is a more efficient choice of ammunition. Always consult the product information from the manufacturer to ensure you have a paintball that is suitable for your playing scenario.

Product Reviews

Searching for quality ammo for the best firing performance possible? Read on for our pick of the best paintballs you can currently find on the market.

Valken Tango Paintballs – 68 Cal 500 Count

If you are looking for a good balance between affordability, these Tango paintballs from Valken are a good option. These paintballs are the entry-level option from popular manufacturer Valken, yet the quality and performance you can expect here is surprisingly high. These quality paintballs are manufactured in the USA to an exacting standard, so you can count on the very best in performance and reliability.

The dense shell is sufficient enough to withstand changes in temperature, ensuring these paintball rounds maintain their integrity in storage. As such, you will not have to worry too much about them faltering in the firing chamber, causing annoying blockages that will require you to disassemble and clean your marker.

Despite being relatively inexpensive, this paintball ammo is suitable for both recreational and tournament use. This makes this ammo a versatile choice, meaning you do not have to build up different stocks for everyday use and more professional play. The filling of these paintballs contains no oil, meaning any paint residue on your gear and equipment is easy to clean, with little chance of staining.


Valken Fate Paintballs – 50cal – 2,000ct – Yellow/Yellow-White Fill

If you are looking for a smaller choice of paintball ammo, these .50 calibre paintball rounds are an ideal choice. These Valken Fate paintballs are perfectly suited to narrower barrels and have been manufactured to a very high standard to ensure they perform well in the field. The durable outer shell will withstand swings in temperature and subtle knocks when stored in boxes and paintball pods, ensuring maximum reliability when fired. You will not have to worry about repeated breakages and leaking with these paintballs, saving you the hassle of having to take your marker apart and clean it.

This Valken Fate paintballs are a good option for those looking for a reliable choice of ammo for recreational use. The vibrant yellow casings make these particularly useful for paintballers looking to follow the trajectory of their fired rounds after they have left the barrel. The highly visible design also means fellow players will be able to more easily spot incoming projectiles from great enough distances.

This makes this ammo particularly suitable for training sessions. The bright yellow fill of these paintballs also ensures there will be no arguments when it comes to taking scores at the end of a game. With 2000 individual rounds to a box, these Fate paintballs from Valken offer excellent value for money.


Valken Infinity Paintballs – 68cal – 2,000ct – Pink-Pink Fill

If you are tired of settling for second-rate paintball ammo, you should definitely consider giving these Infinity paintballs from Valken a try. These premium paintballs have been manufactured to an incredibly high standard. The outer shell ensures each individual round maintains its integrity for as long as possible, minimising the chance of breakages that can clog the inside of your marker or cause leakages in boxes and pods.

These quality paintballs are designed for more reliable trajectories and reliable performance upon impact. This ammo shoots straighter than comparable options on the market and breaks more consistently when it makes contact with a target.

The vibrant pink casing and visible pink filling makes this ammo a particularly good choice for recreational play and woods ball. The visible colour allows for scores to be taken accurately at the end of a game, leaving little room for disagreement. With 2000 individual rounds to a box, these Infinity paintballs from Valken are also a very affordable choice.


Valken Graffiti Paintballs – 68cal – 2,000ct – Yellow Fill

If you can afford to shell out a little more for paintball ammo, these Valken Graffiti paintballs are well worth the slight premium. These hard-wearing paintballs can be used for recreational play and tournament games alike. Manufactured to an exceptionally high standard, these balls boast a very durable shell. The rugged shells are resistant to weather changes, eliminating the chance of the outer casing becoming gummy and causing blockages inside your markers. If you are looking for reliable firing and rapid output, these Valken Graffiti paintballs are the way to go.

This paintball ammo is also a good choice for those looking for better levels of accuracy from their fired shots. You can expect a superior flight path as standard with these Graffiti paintballs. The fill of this ammo is also top-notch, with a radiant shade to ensure maximum visibility. These balls can be used with conventional hopper-fed loaders, as well as magazine-fed systems. These are slightly more expensive than other paintballs in this list, but the small premium is more than worth it when you consider the enhanced accuracy, superior build and versatility of this ammo.


GI Sportz XBALL Certified Midnight Paintballs – Shell Varies – Aqua Fill (1,000 Count)

This GI Sportz XBALL paintball ammo will definitely appeal to those looking for improved accuracy, reliable performance and high levels of visibility. These paintballs have been designed with almost every paintball scenario in mind. You can use them for recreational use and everyday games, as well as more demanding scenario games. They can also be used for tournament play, making them a very cost-effective option for those weary about spending too much on first-rate ammo.

These paintballs are designed for .68 calibre markers, so bear in that in mind before ordering. The high-quality shells will minimise the chance of premature breakage, meaning you do not have to worry too much about clogging and leaking. The fill colour will also appeal, with the bright aqua shade providing sufficient visibility for when it comes to take score. The fill paint is also very easy to clean from your equipment and gear, leaving less residue than more luminous alternatives.


Loader Paintball 500 Rounds Basic Training Paintballs – .68 Caliber – Color May Vary

If you are only looking to practice your paintballing technique, it does not make sense to invest in premium paintball ammunition. If you are looking for a more affordable choice of ammo for basic training applications, these practice rounds are definitely worth considering. These great value training paintballs from DXS might lack the superior shell density of tournament-level rounds, but they are of a decent enough quality that you can fire away without worrying too much about clogs.

The shell colour of these paintball rounds will vary depending on your order, although the fill colour will either be orange or yellow. Both fill colours are very visible, making these paintball rounds very suitable for training purposes.

Designed to fit .68 calibre barrels, this affordable paintball rounds are worth considering if you need to undertake some serious practice. That being said, you will want to experience them yourselves to decide whether or not they hold up to your individual requirements. Each bag contains approximately 500 individual rounds, making these a very cost-effective choice of paintball ammo.




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