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8 Best Tactical Backpacks | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews | 2024

If you are looking to enjoy day-long airsoft engagements, a tactical backpack is essential. A good tactical backpack will provide you with masses of storage capacity for accessories and mission-critical items. However, there is much more to consider beyond storage capacity when shopping for tactical backpacks.
A reliable backpack should be comfortable and easy to wear, provide you with numerous compartments for organised storage and much more. Unclear on what makes a good design? Our useful guide breaks down all the things you need to think about when browsing for the best tactical backpacks for airsoft pistols.


Storage Capacity

This is the most important thing to think about when shopping for a tactical backpack for airsoft. If you only intend to play airsoft for a few hours, your backpack does not need to be too substantial in size. However, if you wish to play for the entire day, or even over the course of several days, a larger carrying capacity is compulsory.

If you need something that will carry a significant amount of accessories, you will need a backpack with a minimum storage capacity of 50 litres. If you want some degree of flexibility, look for a backpack that can be expanded to cope with varying amounts of stored items.

Materials & Construction

A tactical backpack will be exposed to the elements for long periods of time, so it should be made of high-grade materials and manufactured to a high standard. Durable fabric blends with coated finishes are therefore advised. These materials will cope with all elements and provide you with a good degree of water resistance, ensuring delicate items like electronics are protected from moisture.

The general finish of a backpack should also be first-rate. Look for tactical backpacks with sealed seams and multiple layers of stitching. This will not only keep your backpack in one piece for longer, it will also ensure the backpack can comfortably handle massive loads without fraying and coming apart at the seams.

Adjustable Design

No two airsoft games are the same, so your backpack should be adaptable enough to use in various situations. Some tactical backpacks are modular in design, allowing you to add or remove additional storage elements at will.

If you find yourself only requiring minimal storage and want to remain light on your feet, you can remove these surplus pouches in moments. However, if you are going to be out in the field for a long period of time, you can add additional storage compartments to accommodate a wider inventory of essentials.


As you will be wearing your tactical backpack for hours at a time, if not constantly, you should never overlook the critical importance of comfort. A good degree of padding is a must. Padding should be found in any part of the backpack that comes into contact with your body.

This includes the shoulder straps and the surface of the pack that rests against your back. Ventilation is also important in these places. A good tactical backpack should include breathable materials in these sections, minimising the amount of heat that builds up and ensuring your skin does not sweat and becoming irritated.

Best Tactical Backpacks Reviews

Need to upgrade your carrying capacity? We have picked some of the best tactical backpacks for you to consider.

REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical Backpack

This tactical backpack from REEBOW GEAR delivers incredible levels of storage and user-friendly design. This backpack utilises the MOLLE system, with MOLLE webbing scattered throughout to allow for easy attachment of further tactical pouches or compatible gear. True airsoft enthusiasts will definitely appreciate the potential to upgrade and customise their tactical backpack to meet their evolving requirements.

This backpack has also been constructed from some very robust materials, with quality craftsmanship ensuring you can truly put this pack through its paces. Double-stitched seams mean it will maintain its integrity for a long time, while heavy-duty zippers and utility cord pulls mean you can be heavy-handed when accessing pouches and the interior.

This backpack will also prove a comfortable choice in the field. The padded back area is ventilated to ensure good levels of breathability, while the shoulder strap is also ventilated to ensure the wearer remains as dry as possible and comfortable for long stretches of time. This backpack is also compatible with a hydration bladder, meaning it is suitable for use for three day assault gameplay sessions.


24BattlePack Tactical Backpack

You will always be combat ready with this 24BattlePack. This premium tactical backpack does not disappoint when it comes to premium features and functional design. This is a backpack that has been designed with intensive outdoor use in mind. The rugged outer material is resistant to tearing, while the comfortable padding and breathable mesh means you can wear it for long periods of time before needing a break.

The cotton lining is also waterproof, ensuring your essentials remain dry, even when you are caught in heavy downpours. The over-sized zippers allow for easy access to compartments, while the metal of these fasteners is also waterproofed, ensuring long-lasting use of this tactical backpack.

There is plenty of scope when it comes to upgrading and expanding this backpack to your changing requirements. This backpack is compatible with hydration bladders, making it suitable for those looking to enjoy airsoft adventures over several days.

The backpack also includes D-rings so you can readily attach all manner of extra items and pouches to the outside of the design. The interior storage potential is also impressive, with a huge 40-litre capacity providing you with more than enough space for all of your items.


5.11 Tactical RUSH24 Military Backpack

This 5.11 RUSH24 tactical backpack will accommodate the needs of most airsoft players. Firstly, you can look forward to a very impressive storage capacity here. In total, this backpack provides you with 37 litres of internal space, which should be more than sufficient for the needs of most users. The overall construction of this backpack is first-rate, with water-resistant 1050D nylon being the chief material in its composition.

YKK zippers are also used throughout the design, which will help you make use of this backpack for a long time. There are no less than 29 individual compartments scattered throughout the design, allowing you to keep all of your items organised, meaning you will never find yourself searching aimlessly for an essential item in the heat of battle.

This backpack can also be further optimised with additional storage pouches and other accessories thanks to the MOLLE compatible design and web pouches. The shoulder strap is also adjustable, with the addition of an over-the-chest buckle ensuring a fully-loaded backpack will not put extra strain on your shoulders and back.


5.11 Tactical Military Backpack

This 5.11 RUSH12 tactical backpack is a budget-friendly airsoft accessory that provides you with more than storage capacity for all of your airsoft essentials. Made from 1000D nylon material, this backpack is well suited to heavy-duty use and will withstand the elements with ease. YKK zipper closure also makes this backpack a suitable option for those looking to enjoy all-weather airsoft activities.

Although smaller than other backpacks in this shortlist, the RUSH12 offers an impressive enough 24-litre capacity. Storage is divided between 16 individual compartments, ranging from a roomy main compartment to smaller pockets and pouches for additional items.

This backpack is also easily adjusted to best fit the size and shape of the individual user. The adjustable height sternum strap is particularly useful, while the external compression straps and contoured yoke shoulder strap design will also help ensure you achieve a perfectly tailored fit, with no unnecessary strain or discomfort when carrying a fully loaded bag. This backpack is also MOLLE compatible, with a slick stick webbing platform allowing you to add additional storage pouches to satisfy growing storage requirements.


MOSISO 30L Tactical Backpack

This MOSISO backpack is an obvious choice for those looking for a multi-day tactical backpack that does not cost a small fortune. This military pack offers a decent amount of storage considering its relatively low price, with a total of 30 litres of internal storage capacity. This backpack is one of the most convenient designs in this list, with the main section unzipping to reveal the largest compartment.

Inside, you will find sturdy pouches for documents and other accessories, along with a generous main chamber that can be used to house bulkier items. You will also find bottle pouches and a hydration bladder port.

This backpack also includes a secure sealed compartment, allowing you to keep wet and dry items separate. A computer compartment is also included, with your electronics kept closer to to the back to prevent unwanted damage should you come into contact with obstacles or projectiles.

A further storage pouch can be found at the back panel, which sits firmly against the back of the wearer when the backpack is worn. Mesh panels are also include near the shoulders, allowing you to remain cool and dry when wearing the backpack for long periods of time.


First Tactical Specialist 3-Day Backpack

This tactical backpack is the fanciest in this list, but it does provide all the essential features required for airsoft. The backpack does stand out with its very impressive carrying capacity. In total, this tactical backpack provides you with 56 litres of storage potential. This is divided between 10 different compartments.

The interior of the backpack is divided between three compartments, with a larger section providing you with ample space for your biggest items. On the outside, there are seven additional pockets for housing smaller items you may need to retrieve more quickly.

This backpack is made from heavy-duty 1000D nylon material that will handle all weather conditions with ease. This material is waterproof, meaning delicate electronics and other items will not be exposed to unwanted moisture. Compression straps are also included, keeping the overall size of the backpack small enough that it will not impede your movement when out in the field.


WolfWarriorX Men Backpacks

This WolfWarrior X backpack will provide tactical storage for airsoft games, but also performs well in any outdoor context. This backpack is made from heavy-duty 600D PVC material that will provide good protection against the elements and perform well during high-octane airsoft play.

However, you should bear in mind that this material is only water resistant, as opposed to completely waterproof. This expandable backpack does impress in terms of storage potential. In its smallest form, you can make use of 39 litres of internal capacity. However, when fully expanded, this backpack provides you with an incredible 60 litres of storage capacity.

In addition to the substantial interior, you will find extra pockets and pouches for storing other items. Daisy chain lattice is included so you can house rain gear, while the shoulder straps feature two pockets for storing electronic equipment. A water pouch is also included for storing drinks bottles. You can also combine this backpack with a hydration bladder for maximum convenience.


SOG Ninja Tactical Day Pack

This SOG Ninja tactical backpack might look compact enough, but it actually offers impressive storage potential and a user-friendly design that will satisfy the needs of airsoft players.

This backpack is constructed from a hard-wearing canvas and polyester blend, with the material offering a good degree of water resistance to ensure your stored items are protected against moisture intrusion. This backpack also boasts a modular design for organised storage. In addition to the main internal compartment, you will find a roomy front pouch, side pockets and more.

This backpack also features some very useful tactical features. MOLLE webbing is included so you can attach a wide variety of accessories, including tubing ports and access for hydration bladders. The shoulder straps can also be quickly adjusted to ensure a secure fit, ensuring you do not suffer from unwanted strain when carrying large loads.




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