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8 Best Tactical Duffel Bags of 2023 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

The best tactical duffel bag needs to provide you with all the storage space you need for your equipment, while also being travel-friendly. A good tactical duffel bag not only needs to provide you with a spacious interior for housing equipment, it should also feature designated compartments for smaller items, with an interior that facilitates organisation.
If you plan on travelling with your bag on a regular basis, a choice of handles and the addition of roller wheels are also good features to have. Need some suggestions for finding the right tactical duffel bag for your needs? Our guide includes every pointer you need to follow to find the best tactical duffel bag.

Heavy-Duty Design & Durability

Although any duffel bag should be durable and rugged in construction, this is much more important when considering tactical applications. A tactical duffel bag will need to house and carry very heavy equipment, so its design should be durable enough to cope with such stress.
Look for bags made from high-grade nylon material that will cope with excessive weights. Reinforced stitching and webbing sections will bolster the overall carrying capacity of duffel bags. Even the little elements like zippers and fasteners need to considered when selecting a tactical duffel bag.

Storage & Organisation

A decent tactical duffel bag should provide you with a substantial amount of storage capacity. You will easily find tactical bags offering in excess of 70 litres of storage, although larger bags are available. Every duffel bag will usually include one central storage compartment, with additional pockets and pouches inside. You will also find secondary storage dotted around the exterior of the bag.
If you want a bag that can adapt to a changing requirement, look for ones that feature removable or adjustable dividers. These will allow you to reconfigure the interior of your bag quickly to house different items. You should also think about purchasing a duffel bag with MOLLE webbing. These systems will allow you to easily attach secondary storage pouches and compartments to your bag, dramatically expanding your storage capacity.

Travel-Friendly Design Features

If you need to travel with your tactical duffel bag, certain features will make make your life much easier. A good duffel bag should include grab handles as a minimum, but you should ideally be looking for ones that also include a shoulder strap. A reliable shoulder strap should be made from rigid webbed material, with an adjustable fastener so you can adapt the strap to your size and height.
Many shoulder straps can also be removed entirely. More compact tactical duffel bags can also include backpack straps. These straps are concealed within the underside of the bag itself. Larger bags will also include features usually found with luggage. These include telescopic handles and roller wheels. If you need to catch a flight and take your tactical duffel with you, wheels and retractable handle will be very useful.

Size & Shape

Although the overall size of your duffel bag will usually be determined by the storage capacity provided, considering shape and size is important. If you want to travel by air with your duffel bag and keep it close for the duration of a flight, you will want something that is small enough that it can be stored in an overhead locker in the cabin.
Anything too large will need to be checked in and stored in the hold of the aircraft. If you are carrying particularly delicate or valuable equipment with you, it makes sense to keep it close by. It is often worth sacrificing a little storage capacity to ensure your bag is cabin-friendly.

The Best Tactical Duffel Bags

In need of a superior storage solution for your tactical gear? These tactical duffel bags are among some of the best options around.

5.11 Tactical 40L Rush Load Bearing Duffel Mike 56293

The 5.11 Tactical 40L Rush Load Bearing Duffel Mike is a superior choice of storage for carrying your tactical essentials. Made from premium 1050D nylon material, this bag is reinforced with rigid webbing and bat-tacking edging so it can comfortably carry the heaviest cargo. This makes it suitable for storing and carrying things like body armour and heavy electrical equipment.

The interior of this duffel bag also allows you to keep organised, with additional mesh pockets, lashing straps for securing your items down, as well as compression straps for larger items. Grab handles make this easy to transport from A to B, while an additional shoulder strap provides you with an effortless carrying solution when it is fully loaded.


Red Rock Outdoor Gear Traveller Duffel Pack

This Red Rock Outdoor Gear Traveller Duffel Pack combines the best features of a traditional tactical backpack with regular luggage. With a generous capacity of 55 litres, it provides you with more than enough space to store all your essentials. The interior includes a spacious main compartment for larger items, as well as two side compartments along the sides that can be secured with zip fasteners.

Additional pockets can also be found on the outside, providing you with smaller storage for extra accessories. Soft-lined pockets are also included on the inside, providing you with the perfect place to keep valuables safe from harm when in transit. The backpack straps make it a very convenient option for those who need to cover considerable distances with a plenty of equipment, while an additional shoulder strap is also included. This bag also includes MOLLE webbing, allowing you to attach additional pouches for even more storage.


Maxpedition Flieger Duffel Adventure Bag 0613

If you want something smaller, the Maxpedition Flieger Duffel Adventure Bag is a good choice. This compact bag can be carried around by hand thanks to the inclusion of grab handles, although a shoulder strap is also included for more comfortable and convenient carrying.

You can also make use of the concealed backpack straps when you need to carry your items across longer distances. A large interior with a capacity of 42 litres provides ample space for all your items. There is also plenty of additional pouches and compartments for smaller items, allowing you to keep your gear neatly organised for quick retrieval.


5.11 Tactical SOMS 3.0 Rolling Duffel 56476

The 5.11 Tactical SOMS 3.0 Rolling Duffel is a convenient option for those who need to get about quickly, even when carting around a fully loaded bag. This bag offers an incredible amount of storage capacity, with 126 litres of space provided for all your items. You can customise the interior to your liking, with plenty of space for large items and full scope to stay organised if you are carrying multiple smaller items around with you.

This is also a durable choice of bag, with a rugged construction that will withstand regular use and everyday impacts. Impact-resistant side panels add to the overall durability of this bag, while skid rails and fibreglass rods give it even more of a backbone. This bag also includes heavy-duty wheels, making it a great option for those who need to fly with their stored gear. A robust base panel provides with additional durability when rolling this bag around on its wheels.


5.11 Tactical Mission Ready 3.0 Rolling Duffel 56477

The 5.11 Tactical Mission Ready 3.0 Rolling Duffel is fairly compact, but still offers a considerable amount of storage with a maximum capacity of 90 litres. Secure YKK zippers ensure your stored gear is locked firmly in place while you are on the go, while an impact-resistant base makes this bag suitable for regular use. The inclusion of heavy-duty wheel sand a retractable handle make this ideal for those who need to undertake regular travel with their bag, with the 1050D exterior making it a water-resistant option.

A large interior ensures you have all the space you need for your items, while additional internal pockets deliver organised storage for small accessories. A removable webbing strap is also included, meaning you can add additional pouches and carrying compartments to your bag when travelling light is simply not an option.


LA Police Gear Expedition Carry On Duffel

The LA Police Gear Expedition Carry On Duffel is a good choice for those who need a bag that is compact enough that it can be stored in overhead lockers when flying. Despite the smaller size, this bag still provides you with a healthy amount of storage, with a large capacity of 72 litres.. A generous interior means you have enough room to store larger items of clothing and gear easily, while additional pockets and pouches make it easy to keep organised.

The 600D polyester material is relatively durable, although a PVC coating gives this bag an extra layer of protection against everyday wear and tear. MOLLE webbing is also included if you need to maximise the carrying capacity of this bag. A grab handle makes it easy to travel with this bag, although you will probably want to make use of the concealed backpack straps if you need to travel in a hurry with your gear.


Condor Deployment Bag

The Condor Deployment Bag may look like a simple storage option for your tactical gear, but it offers plenty of user-friendly design details that will make your life easier. The interior is divided up between four main compartments, providing you with a healthy amount of storage for larger items, while still allowing you to remain organised when travelling. Buckled compression straps also mean it is easy to keep the overall dimensions of your bag compact when fully loaded with gear, making it suitable for use when travelling on planes.

A shoulder strap is included for carrying convenience, with the strap easily adjusted to your size. It can also be removed with ease if you would prefer to use the grab handles exclusively. The carrying handle is made from a tough webbed material, which will not wear over time. A modular attachment strap system is also included, allowing you to add additional storage compartments if the interior is too small for your requirements.


Rothco Black Concealed Carry Bag w/Thin Blue Line

This Rothco Black Concealed Carry Bag is an ideal choice for law enforcement professionals or those who need a reliable storage solution for their tactical gear. In classic black with a thin blue line accent, this bag is a stylish choice. The main body of the bag is made from 600D polyester, making it rugged enough for regular use. An additional layer of PVC coating provides it with some water resistance, while hard-wearing webbing adds to integrity of this carry bag.

A combination of grab handles and an adjustable shoulder strap provide you with multiple carrying options. You also have a huge amount of storage capacity here, with a substantial main compartment and smaller pouches provided for all your storage needs. Quick-release buckles make it easy to gain access to your items, while the high-grade zippers will not snag and damage the fabric of your bag. You can also add additional pouches via the MOLLE system should you need to upgrade your carrying capacity.


In Summary

When choosing a tactical duffel bag, you need to look out for all the same key features as you would when selecting luggage, with some extra considerations on top. Storage capacity is probably your most important requirement, so look for larger bags with multiple compartments and some scope for expansion. You will also want a durable tactical bag that can cope with significantly heavier loads than standard luggage. Therefore, heavy-duty materials and reinforced seams are essential.

Water resistant materials are also more essential when selecting a tactical duffel bag, especially if you plan on carrying sensitive equipment and electronics with you. Additional features like MOLLE systems are also good to have, especially if you want to have the freedom to expand your storage capacity now and then. Finally, you should ensure your bag is travel-friendly. Grab handles and adjustable shoulder straps are a necessity, but telescopic handles and recessed backpack straps will also come in handy.


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