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Best Tactical Pants | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews | 2023

A good pair of tactical pants and tactical boots are crucial when it comes to succeeding at airsoft. Not only will a well-fitted pair of pants provide you with comfortable gear to wear when playing, but they will also provide you with essential protection against the elements and outdoor environment. Tactical pants should also provide you with additional carrying capacity for smaller accessories. Need help finding a first-rate pair of pants for your airsoft games? Our guide outlines the essential spec to remember when selecting the best tactical pants for your needs.

Durable Construction & Quality Materials

Aside from protective masks and holsters, tactical pants are the most important part of your airsoft wardrobe. They will also be put through their paces more than any other item of clothing, so make sure you invest in a pair that is made from high-grade materials. Cotton and polyester blends are arguably the best fabric for tactical pants.

This composite material will provide you with good degrees of wearing comfort, while also ensuring you enjoy enough freedom of movement to get around the field of play. This material is also relatively durable, coping with rigorous activity and exposure to the elements. If you can afford to spend more on a pair of tactical pants, consider buying garments that boasts an additional coated layer.

Adjustable Fit

There is no point buying a pair of tactical pants if they do not fit correctly. Aside from purchasing pants with the right waist measurement and leg length, you should think about the levels of adjustment provided by the garment. Many tactical pants will allow for extra adjustment at the waist.

This is useful if your weight ever fluctuates slightly, or you have attached additional carrying pouches on belt loops and need to ensure your pants stay firmly in place. The leg cuffs are another important area to consider. To ensure cuffs do not come into contact with your boot heels, look for pants that include fasteners at the cuff so they can be tightened at the ankle or lower calf.


You need to maintain plenty of flexibility when playing airsoft. The best tactical pants should accommodate for this. Look for pants that include distinct panels and sections to ensure all parts of the lower body can move freely. A separate section at the crotch and upper thighs will ensure the pants do not tear when stretching.

Additional Protection

Crawling and sliding through outdoor environments can take its tool on the knees. Therefore, invest in tactical pants that provide additional protection for this area of the body. Pants made from thick enough material will already provide a good degree of protection for the knee, but if you want to enjoy the best in impact protection, look for pants that include knee pad elements. Alternatively, look for pants that include attachments so you can firmly fix knee pads into place over your tactical pants.

Product Reviews

Get kitted out in style for your next game of air with our round-up of the best tactical pants around.

Viktos Contractor AF Pants

These Viktor Contractor AF Pants have been designed with rugged wear and demanding in requirements in mind. A combat-grade spandex and cotton composition provides you with exceptional comfort, while DuPont Teflon coating provides these pants with enhanced durability. This coating also provides you with reliable waterproofing, while also ensuring stains are kept in check. A crotch gusset and expansion panels at the knees will also improve your mobility when wearing these pant. A padded waistband further enhances comfort levels, even if you’re wearing these pants with a tactical belt.

These pants also offer an incredible amount of integrated storage. Large exterior pockets provide you with convenient storage for magazines and other essential accessories, while a concealed waistband pocket allows you to keep your firearm out of view. The belt loops are also oversized, allowing you wear these pants with large tactical belts. Additional pockets can also be found at the front, thighs and rear, with YKK zippers making each compartment incredibly secure.

United Uniform CHP Six Pocket Trousers – Top Pockets


These United Uniform CHP Six Pocket Trousers are an ideal choice for law enforcement professionals. Made from heavy-duty wool with plenty of stretch, these trousers are both durable and comfortable. The two-inch waistband also features Snug-Tex for ensuring uniform shirts are held firmly in place, while reinforced Ban-Roll adds to overall durability. These trousers also feature tunnel belt loops, which will easily accommodate most styles of duty belt. Straight bartacks are also on hand to provide additional reinforcement.

These United Uniform CHP trousers also feature plenty of useful storage. Two full-top pockets provide space for everyday essentials, while two billy pockets and two hip pockets provide additional space for smaller items. Finally, there’s a designated pocket for watches. The French is a particularly good touch, with an auto-locking zipper made from long-lasting brass. The split seam design of these trousers make them ideal for use with other uniformed items, while the comfort fit will appeal to wearers of an athletic build.

IDOGEAR G3 Army Combat Pants Knee Pads Multicam/Black Pro for Airsoft Hunting Military Paintball Outdoor Camo Rip-Stop Tactical Trousers

These IDOGEAR G3 combat pants will satisfy the requirements of the more demanding airsoft player. These pants are made from a rugged combination of cotton and polyester, making them considerably more durable than other airsoft garments available. These pants also include 4-way stretch woven accents, providing you with essential flexibility to help with full movement in the field of play. Teflon coating adds to the incredible levels of durability on offer here.

These pants also feature a pair of removable knee pads. In order to fit them, all you need to do is install the integrated flap covers. These combat pants also feature a discreet waist adjust system, while the knee pads are also height adjustable. This level of adjustment makes these pants incredibly functional, delivering a tailored fit for almost every wearer.

You can make use of up to ten different pockets, providing you with an incredibly large carrying capacity. Although the pockets look flat from the front, they include side gussets that expand to provide you with secure storage for larger accessories and gear pieces. These pants are also a comfortable option, with breathable fabric that keeps your skin cool and dry.


AKARMY Men’s Military Tactical Pants Casual Camouflage Multi-Pocket BDU Cargo Pants Trousers

This AKARMY military tactical pants are an excellent choice for airsoft. For starters, these pants are relatively lightweight and low profile. This makes them suitable for outdoor activities where you need to remain light on your feet. The quality fabric is a robust blend of cotton and polyester, providing you with a good balance of comfort and all-round durability.

This pants also feature breathable mesh sections in the front two zippers, keeping your skin cool and dry during long sessions of play. The crotch section is also widened slightly, ensuring you do not experience any tears when carrying out strenuous activity.

Practical performance is also accounted for her here. There are two individual pockets that together, provided you with a substantial carrying capacity. You will find two front slanted pockets with strengthened sides that are ideal for carrying heavier items, while two large cargo pockets are also included. There are also four thigh pockets for storing clips and everyday accessories, while two rear pockets can be found on the hip.


5.11 Tactical Men’s Taclite Pro Lightweight Performance Pants, Cargo Pockets, Action Waistband, Charcoal, 34W x 32L, Style 74273

These 5.11 tactical pants are ideal for getting kitted out for airsoft. Made from a durable polycotton material, the riptstop fabric of these pants will cope with regular use and rigorous activity. Triple-stitched seams are a standard feature here, ensuring your pants will last for as long as possible, even if you regularly head out into the field of play. There are also plenty of points of flexibility, meaning your freedom of movement will never be compromised.

The material of these pants has been treated with a Teflon coating, helping protect against staining, soil and moisture. However, this coating does result in any compromise when it comes to breathability or general wearing comfort. The construction of these pants also gives them a stylish fitted appearance, while helping ensure rips and tears are a thing of the past.

These quality pants also include specialised pockets to provide you with plenty of storage capacity. You will find eight individual pockets scattered around the design to provide you with ample storage for all your accessories, as well as easy access to them when you need to retrieve things like clips and tools.


FREE SOLDIER Men’s Outdoor Tactical Pants Ripstop Military Combat EDC Cargo Pants Lightweight Hiking Work Pants

These FREE SOLDIER tactical pants are a stylish choice of airsoft gear and do not disappoint when it comes to functionality. Made from a durable blend of cotton and polyester, these pants feature resilient Teflon coating that will fight off staining and protect your garment from moisture intrusion. The material is also resistant to fading and shrinking, meaning you can wash them regularly without worrying about damaging your gear.

These tactical pants also feature eleven individual pockets, giving you a huge amount of storage for airsoft games. Two front slash pockets and two front thigh pockets are included, each with hook and loop closure. You will also find a concealed pocket for valuable items, along with two shank and two back thigh pockets. You will never need to compromise on what you carry during a game with these pants.

These pants are strengthened at the knees thanks to 3D tailoring, making them incredibly resistant to tearing and heavy wear. These tactical pants also include a MOLLE system and ganging loop, meaning you can significantly up your carrying capacity, even when your pockets are full. These hard-wearing tactical pants are a must for airsoft, but can also be used for paintball and any number of intensive outdoor activities.


LABEYZON Men’s Outdoor Work Military Tactical Pants Lightweight Rip-Stop Causal Cargo Pants Men

These LABEYZON tactical pants are an affordable choice for anyone looking for a stylish finish and functionality. These pants have an adjustable waist, with elasticated inserts to ensure every wearer enjoys a comfortable fit. You will also find ample storage capacity provided for you here. No less than nine individual pockets are included here, with two front pockets, two back pockets and four side cargo pockets included. A concealed pocket is also included for storing smaller, more valuable essentials.

The elasticated waistband of these pants includes widened belt loops, meaning you can wear them with a selection of different belts. If you regularly mix up your accessories, or simply want the option of upgrading to a new belt down the line, these tactical pants are a good choice. The overall fit of these pants is also appealing. The breathable material makes them suitable for wearing in all weathers, while the tailored fit and sloping leg cuffs ensure they remain firmly in place at all times, without compromising your freedom of movement.


AKARMY Men’s Cotton Casual Military Army Camo Combat Work Cargo Pants with 8 Pockets

These AKARMY tactical pants will make a versatile addition to your airsoft wardrobe. Made from pure cotton, these pants definitely impress as far as comfort is concerned. Not only are these pants a stylish option, they are also incredibly practical with plenty of functional details.

There are plenty of pockets provided here to grant you superior levels of storage, meaning your essential accessories are never out of your reach. The largest pockets feature expanding sides to provide adjustable levels of storage, while secure fastenings means you never need to worry about items falling free during a game.

These pants will provide you with a comfortable fit at all times. The crotch section has been reinforced with a separate panel and seams, providing you with superior flexibility. You also do not need to worry about ripping and tearing your pants. Wide belt loops also allow to wear these tactical pants with a wide variety of belt sizes. These pants also feature adjustable fastening at the cuff, ensuring they remain tight around the ankle area.


zuoxiangru Men’s Multicam Tactical Pants Multi-Pockets Military Camo Outdoor Airsoft Combat Hunting Pants with Knee Pads

These zuoxiangru tactical pants are the ideal choice for airsoft players who want unrestricted movement, but good levels of protection. These pants are made from a lightweight blend of cotton and polyester that delivers as far as wearing comfort is concerned, but also gives you a good amount of flexibility.

The scratch-proof finish also means your pants will remain in good aesthetic condition for as long as possible, while granting you an essential extra layer of protection. The knees, hips and crotch are all reinforced against wear and tear, maintaining the overall integrity of the garment for as long as possible.

This pants also feature plenty of pockets for carrying airsoft accessories. Knee pads are also included to provide protection for the most high-octane airsoft sessions. The pads can be easily adjusted to accommodate individual heights, making them suitable for every wearer. Rip-tape fastening also makes these pants a very practical option, saving you the hassle of having to fiddle around with belt and loop closure or buttons.


Survival Tactical Gear Men’s Airsoft Wargame Tactical Pants with Knee Protection System & Air Circulation System

These tactical pants are relatively expensive, but they do deliver impressive levels of protection and will help improve your performance when playing airsoft. These pants come in a range of colours and prints, with several camouflage options available. These pants also deliver when it comes to protection.

An advanced knee protection system is included as part of the overall design, allowing you to undertake more intensive activity when playing airsoft or paintball. A superior air circulation system is also included, making these pants very breathable and highly suited to outdoor play in all weather conditions.

These pants will also provide you with a good fit. There is a slight stretch in the waistband, ensuring they sit firmly on the waist and hips, even before you add a tactical belt. Where these pants really impress is storage capacity. You will find 16 individual pockets to house gear and accessories for varying sizes. These pockets are strategically positioned throughout the garment, providing easy access to and quick retrieval of mission-critical essentials.


Aggressor Flex – Tactical Pants – Men Cotton with Cargo Pockets

Keen to upgrade your airsoft pants? These Aggressor Flex tactical pants might be perfect solution for your needs. These tactical pants are made from a solid combination of polyester and cotton, with a hint of spandex adding some essential flex. When it comes to freedom of movement, these tactical pants outrank many other items in this list.

These pants are also very functional, with seven useful pockets scattered around the design. There are two large cargo pockets for easy access to your most essential items, along with two side pockets and tow rear pockets. A concealed phone pocket is also included.

These pants also feature a reinforced knee compartment that can be combined with knee pads for maximum protection when you play. The adjustable cuff also means you can tailor the fit to your liking, with hook and loop bands and elastic cords included. When properly adjusted, these pants provide you with a slim fit that is properly tailored to your anatomy, ensuring you can enjoy maximum flexibility at all times.




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