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Best Taser for Self Defence | 2024 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

A taser can be a very effective self-defence solution. Tasers can provide you with peace of mind if you are worried about your security and do not possess other self-defence skills needed to fend off would-be attackers. Tasers are also effective at stunning attackers without causing any lasting injury, providing you with plenty of time to make your escape and notify the authorities. If you are interested in a taser for self-defence, take some time to read through our guide outlining all the essential spec you should be looking for.

Tasers Explained

The terms stun guns and tasers are often used interchangeably. However, both refer to devices that produce an electric shock in order to temporarily incapacitate. The electrical discharge produced by a taser will momentarily disrupt motor functions and muscle, while also delivering significant pain. Despite this, tasers rarely result in any lasting injury. Stun guns specifically refer to devices that make direct contact in order to deliver a charge, while tasers refer to devices that deliver a shock via barbed wires.

If you looking for a compact device that can be concealed with ease, you will probably prefer a stun gun device. However, many retailers will also market these as tasers. These handheld devices can be kept in a pocket, bag or small holster attached to a belt loop. This makes them easy to retrieve in moments. They also include safety switches to prevent accidental discharge, with all essential controls accessible with one hand. Tasers, which resemble conventional firearms, can be more effective if you want greater range, but they require more skill to wield. They can also be more difficult to conceal.

All stun gun and taser devices use high-voltage electrical shocks to disrupt muscle function. This will render an attacker immobile for a short period of time. The great thing about stun guns is that the charge is delivered only to the attacker. The user of the device will not suffer the same effects from the charge. Many devices also include anti-grab features that will deliver an additional shock to an attacker if they try to remove it from the grip of the user. The higher the voltage of a taser, the more stopping power the device will have.

Light & Sound Functions

Many contemporary tasers and stun guns also incorporate additional features to bolster your self-defence capabilities. The majority of tasers will include powerful LED arrays that can be used to momentarily disorient attackers. This same feature can also be used to provide you with a powerful flashlight functionality. Other devices will also include sound functionality, producing audible alarms that can be used as a secondary deterrent to attackers.

Regulation & Restrictions

Before you purchase a taser, you should ensure you can legally use it in your local jurisdiction. Different jurisdictions have different rules when it comes to carrying tasers and stun guns. Some places outlaw use of tasers completely, while others allow them, but impose strict restrictions on usage.

Best Taser for Self Defence | Reviews

Looking for a compact solution for home security or self-defence aid? You will definitely want to consider some of these great value tasers.

High Speed Gear Stun Gun Taco Holster | Fits X26 and X2 Tasers | MOLLE Compatible for PALS, Battle Belts and More

Before we start exploring taser models themselves, it makes sense to have a look at what kind of taser accessories are available. If you are looking to keep your taser on your hip for rapid retrieval, a holster is a must. This stun gun holster from High Speed Gear’s TACO line of products is a good option. This holster offers a particularly secure storage solution for your stun gun, with bungee side webbing that can be expanded slightly to accommodate various taser models. The rip-tape top is also quick and effortless to remove, causing no delay to taser retrieval in the event of an emergency. One thing to consider before you buy this holster is that it has been designed for use with X2 and X26 stun guns, although it will also accommodate stun guns of a comparable size.

This holster pouch can also be used to store rifle magazines, first aid essentials and small electronic devices. The tensioning of the pouch is adjustable, meaning you can adapt it to changing requirements. The tension strap makes this holster particularly secure, meaning your loaded items remain in place, even when carrying out rigorous activity. The modular design of this holster also makes it particularly practical. It can be easily mounted onto a tactical belt and can be effortlessly combined with MOLLE systems.


SABRE Compact 1.6 µC Stun Gun Flashlight — Emits 1.6 Powerful Pain Inducing Microcoulombs, 120 Lumen LED Flashlight with Belt Holster for Quick Access — Rechargeable and Strength Independently Tested

The SABRE S-1005 is a compact yet powerful choice of taser. This handheld taser delivers significant stopping power courtesy of a 1.60 microcoulomb charge. This charge delivers a painful shock to a potential attacker, giving you more than enough time to flee or make your next move. A safety switch also means you never need to worry about accidental discharge causing any harm to yourself. This compact taser is also versatile, with powerful sound and light functionality. This device can emit a loud 95-decibel sound to deter attackers, as well as a 120-lumen flash light to disorient attackers at a distance. This means you may not even have to use the electrical discharge itself.

The SABRE S-1005 is also very user-friendly. The compact design makes it very easy to carry, with a holster included so you can attach it to your belt for easy retrieval. An integrated battery also makes it easy to ensure your taser is always fully charged and ready to go.


SABRE Compact Stun Gun, Flashlight & Personal Alarm – Rechargeable 3-in-1 Personal Safety Tool, Easy to Hold with Wrist Strap for Quick Access – 1.154 uC Charge, LED Flashlight & 115 dB Personal Alarm

If you are looking for a discreet choice of taser, the compact model from SABRE is a good option. Although this taser is on the small side, if offers incredible stopping power, with an intense 1.154 microcoulomb charge. This charge will deliver a painful shock to any attacker, giving you plenty of time to flee the scene. The compact nature of this taser also makes it easy to conceal on your person, allowing you to keep it close for instant retrieval. Because of its small size, you can easily attach this taser to a key ring. You can also make use of the included wrist strap to keep it readily accessible at all times.

This taser also boasts a very loud alarm, registering 115 decibels when activated. This very audible alarm can be used to call for assistance should you encounter an attacker and serve as a deterrent in its own right. The alarm can be heard at a distance of up to 150 metres away. This taser also features an LED flash light registering at 70 lumens. This can itself be used as a deterrent to attackers, as well as a visual aid to help you flee the scene should you encounter an attacker. A safety switch is included to ensure you do not have to worry about accidental discharge. A rechargeable battery and charging lead are also included, ensuring your taser is always primed and ready.


SABRE Stun Gun with LED Flashlight, Powerful Pain Inducing 1.820 µC Charge, 120 Lumens, Rechargeable Battery, Safety Switch, Includes Wrist Strap and Belt Holder

If you want a taser you can rely on, this powerful device from SABRE is something to consider. This taser is a good option for those looking for something that can be easily concealed on their person, with the exterior designed to imitate a conventional flash light. Although fairly compact, this taser is surprisingly powerful, delivering 1.820 microcoulombs of charge when activated. A safety switch is also included as standard, preventing accidental discharge and injury.

You can also make use of a powerful LED flash light function. The integrated light emits a 120 lumens, allowing you to easily disorient would-be attackers at a distance. Used quickly enough, this flash light can allow you to flee the scene before needing to unleash the powerful charge. This taser is also easy to handle, while a built-in rechargeable battery means you can keep this device primed and ready to use at all times. A holster is also included so you can keep this taser on your belt for quick retrieval.


Taser Pulse with 2 Cartridges, LED Laser with/2 Cartridges, and Target, Black

If you want a taser that packs more of a punch, this stun gun may be the way to go. This Pulse stun gun is a compact choice that can be concealed with ease or worn in a conventional holster at the hip. This is more powerful than many handheld tasers on the market, with stopping power usually only found with stun guns used by law enforcement professionals. This taser also offers an impressive reach you simply can not get from a handheld device. In ideal conditions, this Pulse taser can cover approximately 15 feet. Provided the barbs penetrate correctly, the charge should immobilise any attacker for around 30 seconds. This should provide you with more than enough time to escape the scene or apprehend your attacker.

This Pulse taser comes with two cartridges, as well as an integrated LED light that can be used to effectively disorient your attackers before needing to pull the trigger. Before you purchase this taser, you should check to see whether or not your local jurisdiction allows you to conceal such self-defence equipment. You also need to remember that using this type of taser requires some skill. If you are worried your aim, you may be best looking into a handheld stun gun instead.


VIPERTEK VTS-195 METAL Rechargeable Police Stun Gun LED Flashlight + Taser Case

The VIPERTEK VTS-195 is a powerful and durable choice of stun gun. Although a little bit more expensive than other compact taser models on the market, the VTS-195 will serve you well for years. This device provides you with plenty of stopping power to keep attackers at bay, with a safety switch included to ensure no accidental discharge. This device also incorporates a 300-lumen field light that can be used to disorient attackers. This powerful LED can be used effectively at considerable distances and may negate you needing to activate the electrical discharge itself.

This stun gun is also built to a very high standard. A first-rate aluminium alloy body makes this a particularly durable option. The anti-roll design also makes this very easy to handle and retrieve. Even if this stun gun falls from your grasp during an altercation, you can quickly retrieve it. The long-life bulb also means you can continue to use the field light for years, without having to worry about replacing internal components.


SABRE Stun Gun with Flashlight and Anti-Grab Bar Technology, Painful 1.250 µC Charge, 120 Lumens, Rechargeable Battery, Safety Switch, Includes Wrist Strap and Belt Holster, Black stun Gun

The SABRE S-1009 is a powerful choice of stun gun that will keep any attacker at bay. This taser has impressive stopping power, releasing a 1.250 microcoulomb charge when triggered. Unlike more basic options, this stun gun also utilises anti-grab technology.. This means the your attacker will receive a shock if they try to remove the device from your hands.. A safety switch is included to prevent accidental discharge when handling it yourself.

As well as a powerful electrical discharge, this taser provides you with a 120-lumen flash light. This light can be used to disorient attackers, or illuminate your way to safety when fleeing the scene. This taser is also very easy to carry. A holster is included if you want to keep the device at the hip for easy retrieval, while a wrist strap is also included so you can keep a constant grip on your stun gun if required.


Key Things to Remember When Selecting a Taser for Self-Defence

Most people will be looking for a self-defence taser that is easy to conceal and simple to use. A handheld device with compact dimensions is therefore the best way to go. Look for devices that come with holsters included, as it can be difficult to find a compatible holster separately. Wrist straps are also handy for those who want to keep their taser close by at all times. You will also want to purchase a device with a safety switch included. This will prevent you from suffering accidental shocks as you retrieve your device.

Stopping power is another thing to consider. The higher the microcoulomb rating, the more stopping power your taser will have. Look for devices that also include LED flashes and audible alarms to provide you with an all-in-one self-defence solution.



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