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7 Best Watches for Law Enforcement of 2024 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Good timekeeping is always important, but it is even more crucial if you work in law enforcement. The best watches for law enforcement not only need to offer reliable movements to ensure precise timekeeping, but also serve as more durable alternatives to standard watches.
A good watch should also provide you with access to multiple features, including the option to set alarms and use stopwatch features. Need to upgrade from a basic analogue watch to something more impressive? We have everything you need to know in our guide to what to look for when choosing the best watches for law enforcement.

Analogue or Digital?

This is something you will need to ask yourself when planning on your next watch purchase. While a decent analogue watch will allow you to keep track of the time and monitor a few other key metrics, including the date, you will probably want to upgrade to a digital watch if you want a full range of features.

Additional Functions

If you want to buy a watch that will help you undertake law enforcement activities more easily, a digital watch with a broader range of functions is a good investment. A digital watch will provide you with the option to set multiple alarms, use stopwatch features and access the time for multiple time zones.
However, even an analogue watches can include a variety of premium features. The most expensive watches will also provide you with barometer functionality, which is handy at predicting swings in climate and weather forecasting. A backlight is also a useful feature for law enforcement operatives, providing you with clear viewing of the dial in all conditions.

Durable Design

People working in the law enforcement sector, especially those out in the field, will need a watch that can cope with plenty of stress. A durable watch housing is a must, especially if you are regularly pursuing suspects or undertaking demanding activities. Many watches will feature shock-resistant housing that will protect the quartz movements, ensuring timekeeping is never compromised.
Scratch-resistant mineral glass dials are also ideal, as these will prevent your timepiece from becoming damaged should you make contact with rough surfaces. Most watches on the market today will offer some degree of water resistance. When it comes to picking a durable watch, take the time to determine the material it is made from. Stainless steel, resin and carbon are all particularly rugged materials that will age well and protect the core functionality of your timepiece for longer.

Strap Options

Watch straps not only impact the overall aesthetics of a timepiece, they can also make them more or less suited to tactical use. An adjustable nylon strap is arguably one of the best options for police and law enforcement. Although not the most stylish design choice, they are easy to adjust, ensuring your watch is never hanging too loosely on your wrist. They can also be inexpensive to replace over time.
If you opt for a fabric wrist strap, make sure it includes a reliable fastening system. While most straps of this type include rip-tape fastening, it should also include a standard metal pin buckle to ensure maximum security when wearing it. If you opt for a classic bracelet strap, you should ensure the design includes a particularly secure fastener. These straps are a stylish design choice, but they can easily loosen, becoming lax on the wrist.

Product Reviews

Need to invest in a new timepiece? Below are some of the best watches for law enforcement currently available for you to consider.

5ive Star Gear 194A Ranger Watch

If you do not want to spend too much money on a watch, but still want impressive levels of quality, the 5ive Star Gear 194A Ranger Watch is a good choice. This quality watch provides you with maximum precision thanks to a reliable Japanese movement, meaning your timekeeping will always remain accurate. The dial is also large enough for clear reading, with a luminous background that allows you to tell the time, even when in limited light.

This watch is also relatively durable, with a water-resistant bezel that protects it against rain and excessive moisture in the air. The strap itself is also durable, with the nylon material providing you with the perfect balance of comfort and long-lasting wear. A quartz battery is also included, ensuring you have a watch that will perform well for a long time.


UZI Guardian Digital Military Watch

If you would prefer an alternative to a conventional analogue watch, this UZI Guardian Digital Military Watch is a good choice. This digital watch boasts a very large LCD display, with a backlight function that allows you to make clear readings, day or night. This watch also provides you with a handy date and alarm function, with generously proportioned buttons making it easy to switch between key functions. This watch is also provides you with a handy chronograph function.

This watch will also satisfy those looking for a heavy-duty design that can withstand plenty of wear and tear. The mineral crystal front is resistant to scratches, while the wrist strap itself comes in choice of rubber or nylon material. It is also water resistant at depths of up to 50 metres, meaning you can wear it confidently in downpours or submerged it for short periods of time without the internal circuitry becoming damaged.


Smith & Wesson Tritium Watch Rubber Strap

If you are comfortable paying more for a timepiece, this Smith & Wesson Tritium Watch is an appealing option. This quality watch is built to a high standard, with its metal housing and crown providing it superior resistance. In fact, this watch can survive depths of up to 200 metres.

The Swizz quartz movement also makes this watch a very precise option, with incredible levels of accuracy. The mineral crystal front is resistant to scratches, meaning you do not have to worry about scuffs impairing you view of the watch face. Meanwhile, the titanium hands and individual markers will provide you with low levels of luminosity for up to 25 years. Although a costly option, this is a watch that will serve you well for a considerable amount of time.


Casio Men’s GW2310FB-1CR G-Shock Shock Resistant Multifunction Watch

If you prefer a digital watch over an analogue design, the G-Shock GW2310 Atomic Solar should appeal to you. This Casio watch utilises a Japanese quartz movement to provide you with reliable timekeeping and high levels of accuracy, with a multitude of display options. You can switch your display between different world time zones, make use of the stopwatch feature, or add alarm reminders.

You can also choose between 12 and 24-hour displays. A luminous backlight also means you can use this watch at any time of the day, without having to squint to make out the exact hour. This watch is also solar-powered, meaning you will not have to concern yourself with battery replacements down the line. The resin case and mineral glass dial also makes this a very durable choice of timepiece, with no chance of unsightly scratches preventing you from keeping track of the time and accessing all the great feature on offer here.


SUUNTO Core All Black Military Men’s Outdoor Sports Watch – SS014279010

If you are looking for a watch that delivers far more than the standard timepiece, this SUUNTO Core All Black Military watch is bound to interest you. This premium watch is bursting at the seams with advanced features, including an altimeter so you can keep track of your altitude. This watch also includes a barometer, which provides you with accurate feedback on air pressure readings.

An integrated compass is also included, which will certainly come in handy if you need to patrol off the beaten track and do not have access to conventional GPS guidance. Weather monitoring functionality is also provided here. This watch will provide you with a meteorological trend graph and also features a storm alarm to alert you to impending swings in the weather. This watch is also preprogrammed to provide you with the sunrise and sunset times for more than 400 individual world locations.

This makes it easy to plan your day, without having to consult smartphones and apps. Although this SUUNTO watch probably provides you with more features than you are likely to need on a daily basis, this is a seriously impressive timepiece that will make you the envy of friends, family and colleagues. If you have the money to spend, this is a worthwhile upgrade if you are looking to replace your existing chronograph or digital watch.


Citizen Men’s Thin Blue Line Watch Chronograph 200M WR Eco Drive CA0291-59E

If you value more traditional aesthetics, this Citizen Men’s Thin Blue Line Watch is something that might appeal to you. This stylish watch boasts chronograph functionality and is built to a superior standard when compared to other timepieces. This watch has been developed to provide you with superior water resistance, with the ability to withstand submersion at depths of up to 200 metres.

It also offers you a handy tachymeter scale for precisely measuring distance and speed. The stainless steel bezel and bracelet style wrist strap makes this an attractive option, especially if nylon straps and rubber materials are not your preference. A second chronograph serves as 60-minute timer, while time displays are provided in both 12 and 24-hour form. Although some bracelet watches can be awkward to wear and are not the most reliable, this particular watch is a sturdier alternative.

The bracelet features a fold-over clasp for a firm fit, with a push-button release mechanism ensuring the watch only comes off your wrist when you want it to. You also do not need to worry about changing batteries with this watch. The integrated solar-powered battery will keep your timepiece charged at all times, with an impressive 210-day battery power reserve meaning you do not have to worry about ensuring the watch gets constant exposure to UV light.


Smith & Wesson, SWW-455P Police Watch- Back Glow

The Smith & Wesson, SWW-455P is an ideal choice of timepiece for law enforcement officers. This watch strikes a good balance between casual aesthetics and durable design. The chunky bezel makes this is a robust watch option, while the durable nylon strap ensures your timepiece stays put on your wrist without you needing to worry about constantly adjusting the clasp.

You can also count on reliable timekeeping with this watch, with the Japanese movement ensuring maximum accuracy. An electronic backlight feature also means you can use this watch at any time of the day, or even in total darkness. The main body of the watch is also resistant to water damage. It has been tested for water resistance at depths of up to 30 metres, while the scratch-resistant mineral glass dial means you will not have to worry about your watch becoming easily damaged.

If you want more advanced features like timers and alarms, you are probably better off going for a digital timepiece. However, this rough and ready Smith & Wesson watch should satisfy the everyday needs of most users.


In Summary

The best watches for law enforcement personnel should combine durability with multifunctionality. You will want to spend your money on a hard-wearing watch that can cope with tactical applications, so a heavy-duty design and resilient materials are essential. A secure wrist strap with reliable fasteners is also pivotal.

Additional features like alarms, stopwatch timers and other monitoring aids will also benefit police and law enforcement personnel. However, these are usually reserved to digital watch varieties. If you prefer the stylish aesthetics of a conventional analogue watch, avoid the entry-level wristwatch models on the market and upgrade to a premium chronograph model instead.


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