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Does Airsoft Hurt More Than Paintball? | 2023

Does Airsoft Hurt More Than Paintball?

If you are unsure of whether to pursue paintball and airsoft, one factor that might make your decision easier is pain potential Although paintball pellets and airsoft projectiles travel at high speeds, neither match the same velocities as live ammunition. Unlike actual bullets, a paintball round or ball bearing is never going to break the skin or cause much damage beyond a bruise.

Which Hurts More?

Many people assume that airsoft pellets cause more damage than paintball rounds. This is understandable. Airsoft guns are far more realistic when it comes to aesthetics, while ball bearing pellets seem like they would cause many damage than paintball pellets that are designed to shatter upon impact. Both types of projectiles travel at considerable speeds, although maximum velocities are only a fraction of what is achieved by a standard bullet in a live firearm.

Both projectile types have fairly minimal ballistic performance. However, they can both be uncomfortable if they make contact with bare skin or an unprotected part of the body. If you weigh up the evidence, paintball rounds are more dangerous than airsoft pellets. This is because the average paintball round is heavier than an airsoft pellet. Although paintball markers tend to fire projectiles at slower speeds than airsoft weapons, the ultimate amount of energy they release upon impact is more considerable.

Protecting Against Injury

Paintball and airsoft pellets are not going to cause you much of an issue if you have taken adequate steps to protect yourself prior to a game. The best way to prevent injury is to invest in quality protective gear. The eyes are the most important part of the body to protect. If you are playing airsoft, goggles should provide sufficient coverage to protect against eye injuries.

If you are playing paintball, it may be better to invest in a full-face mask. Although the impact energy of a paintball round is comparable to an airsoft pellet, you do have to think about the splash factor of a ruptured paintball. Other parts of the face are also susceptible to injury from paintball and airsoft projectiles. You should try and cover your ears, neck and throat when possible to prevent injury.

Exposed fingers are also prime targets for incoming projectiles. As there is little muscle and fatty mass in the fingers and thumbs, a pellet can cause serious discomfort. Protective gear is therefore essential, although you will want a pair of gloves that still provide you with sufficient dexterity to control your marker or airsoft gun during play.



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