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Dye i4 vs i5 | Which Is The Best Choice? | 2023

If you are looking for a high-quality paintball mask that delivers reliable protection in the field, you have probably considered either a Dye model. This leading manufacturer is a popular choice for paintballers who want their protective gear to the extra mile. Two of the best-selling options from the brand include the i4 and the i5.

Dye i4 vs i5

While these two masks look relatively simple at first glance, there are some distinct differences that make each one better suited to individual requirements. Unsure of which one to go for? We have broken down the key differences between the two to help you pick the perfect mask for your needs.

The Dye i4

Dye i4

Before we break down the key differences between the two masks, let us take some time to focus on the key spec of each. Although seen as the more basic of the two, the Dye i4 offers some excellent specs in its own right. The i4 has a thermal double pane lens that provides more than adequate anti-fog performance.

It is also a light choice, falling into the ultra-light category. You can also look forward to a good field of vision with the i4, with a 290-degree viewing angle provide. In terms of peripheral vision performance, the Dye i4 excels.

If you are looking the option of being ale to replace the foam cushioning within your mask, you will be left sorely disappointed by the i4. However, the Dye i4 does offer reliable UV protection so you can look forward to playing paintball in even the brightest of conditions. This mask also offers a good degree of ear protection.

The mask includes soft and flexible earpieces that provide comprehensive protection for your ears, significantly reducing the chance of you suffering an injury should a paintball round land too close to the ear canal. However, this mask does fail when it comes to chin protection. You can expect a basic degree of chin protection with the Dye i4, but it pales in comparison to the i5 and other models out there.

The Dye i4 does offer superb clarity of sound, however. You can expect superb clarity within and outside of your helmet. This mask will allow you to remain vigilante and aware of your surroundings at all times. The good sound clarity within the helmet also makes it a good mask option for those looking to incorporate voice communication into their game. This mask also allows you to change lenses pieces relatively quickly.

Provided you know what you are doing, you can expect to change lenses in no more than ten seconds. This generously proportioned mask will ensure a good fit for most users, although it is probably best avoided by wearers with larger heads. Enough free space can be found within the mask itself when fitted, meaning it can be worn comfortably over sunglasses.


Dye i5 Paintball Goggle (Onyx)

Those who have a larger budget will definitely want to consider the Dye i5. This advanced mask model offers some significant improvements over the more basic i4. As with its predecessor model, the i5 includes a thermal double pane lens type. This lens is also effective at staving off condensation, with excellent anti-fog properties. This mask is also available in a wide variety of colour options.

In total, there are more than twenty different colourways for you to choose from. This mask is also a very lightweight model. As with the i4, the Dye i5 mask falls squarely into the ultra-light category. Lenses can be swapped out very quickly, with most replacements taking no more than ten seconds.

Field of vision is comparable to the Dye i4. You can enjoy a 290-degree line of sight here, making this mask a worthwhile option if you are looking for first-rate peripheral vision. This mask also delivers as far as UV protection is concerned. It also offers effective protection for your ears. As with the i4, the Dye i5 includes soft and flexible earpieces that provide you with comprehensive buffering against incoming paintball rounds.

This mask model also provides you with more extensive chin protection than what you can expect with the i4. However, chin protection is only classed as medium here. Those looking for higher levels of chin protection for tournament-level scenarios may wish to invest in something more advanced.

There some distinct improvements here which set the i5 apart from the i4. The main benefit of the Dye i5 is the option to replace foam inserts. Changes are very quick and easy, with a simple push-button mechanism allowing you replace older foam inserts. Other user-friendly design details include the turn dial strap adjustment. The i5 is also compatible with the e.VOKE wireless system.


Key Advantages of the Dye i5

We have talked a little about the differences between these two Dye masks, but not it is time to delve into the big advantages of the i5. The option to replace existing foam inserts for new ones gives the i5 a significant edge over the i4. The freedom to replace older foam inserts more than justifies the additional expense of the Dye i5.

Too many paintballers throw out an otherwise functional mask because the foam inserts have seen better days. Replacement foam inserts cost a small fraction of an entirely new mask, so the i5 with its replaceable foam design will save you a significant amount of money if you are a dedicated paintballer who puts their protective gear through the wringer.

The enhanced chin protection provided by the Dye i5 also makes it a more desirable choice. If you were to lay out the i4 alongside the i5, you will instantly notice a difference in size between the two masks. The Dye i5 is noticeably larger than the Dye i4, most notably at the chin.

Any additional chin protection is welcome, but it is worth remembering that the Dye i5 only offers a moderate amount of protection for this part of the face. Anyone who has ever sustained a chin injury when playing paintball will of course welcome this additional coverage. The Dye i5 is definitely the preferred model for anyone with a larger jawline.

The innovative turn dial strap adjustment is another big draw of the Dye i5. This turn dial strap makes adjusting the mask for an incredibly firm fit very simple. Turning the strap in a clockwise direction will tighten the overall fit, while turning the strap in the other direction will loosen it. This makes fitting and removing your mask the work of moments. This is not just useful for commencing and concluding a game.

Provided you are protected from enemy fire and concealed within a field base, you can use these adjustments to quickly remove and reattach your mask to get some air on your skin. We really have to commend the innovation of this strap adjustment. While the i4 does of course include secure straps, you will need to deal with cumbersome loops in order to fit and remove your mask.

The Dye i5 also improves outdoes the i4 in other areas. You can expect slightly better voice clarity with the i5 than the i4. When wearing the i5, your voice will carry a little better than if you were wearing the i4. The Dye i5 will also give you better sound clarity of your surrounding environment. If you are looking for a mask that is compatible with the e.Voke wireless system, the i5 is only the one of the two options that delivers.

This innovative feature means you can keep on eye on things like paint supplies, shot tracking and more, even when wearing your mask. However, you will need to be carrying a compatible gun in order to enjoy this functionality.

In Conclusion

Although both masks are premium designs, the Dye i5 has the edge over the i4. General wearing comfort is relatively similar, even if the i5 provides you with better chin protection and more convenient strap adjustments. Lens technology and peripheral vision is also pretty matches. However, the i5 outdoes the i4 in several areas.

The e.Voke wireless system compatibility is probably the most outstanding feature the i5 boasts that the i4 does not. The difference in price between these two masks is slight. Therefore, unless you are very restricted in terms of budget, you should definitely for the Dye i5.



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