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Empire Mini GS Review | The Best Choice? | 2024

If you are looking for a paintball marker is that is very lightweight, comfortable to handle and incredibly function, the Empire Mini GS is something you should probably think about investing in. This reliable marker is loaded with practical features, making it a good option for beginners and younger paintballers, with the more compact design well suited to those with smaller hands.

It also delivers relatively quiet operation, making it a good bet for stealth scenarios. While the smaller design of the Empire Mini GS might make it unsuitable for some adult players, everyone else will find plenty to get excited about here.


Introducing the Empire Mini GS

The Empire Mini GS marker has proved to be a very popular choice with paintballers for several years now. Most paintballing novices tend to love the design of this gun, while intermediate paintballers can also effectively utilise this marker in the field.

The Mini GS is a second generation model, with Empire putting a lot of thought into design improvements. If you previously played with the predecessor model and found it too be limiting, you will be glad to know that all the irons have been ironed out with the Mini GS.

The Empire Mini GS definitely appeals with its affordable price tag. Considering the overall design and kind of features on offer, the Mini GS offers an excellent value for money. The pared-approach and simple operation make the perfect starter option for beginners. However, even more advanced players will fall in love with the Mini GS.

If you are an intermediate paintballer looking for a reliable marker with a low carrying wight and superb functionality, the Mini GS will deliver. It definitely stands apart from other markers at this price point.


Key Design Features

The Empire Mini GS is ready to use straight of the box. It requires little in the way of preparing before you can take to the field and start firing. In fact, the Mini GS provides you some pretty significant firepower. You can expect this marker to fire at around 275 FPS from the off. Take a little time to practice with this marker and you can push the firing rate a little higher.

You can push the performance capabilities of this marker by utilising the 45/4500 HPA tank. This high-pressure air tank will definitely give you a real edge in combat. All in all, you can expect to fire at minimum of 100,000 paintball rounds before having to replenish your tank.

Even those opponents with first-rate equipment will struggle to match you in terms of tank capacity. The Empire GS also improves upon its predecessor by producing minimal recoil. This will definitely benefit the less confident beginner, but also appeal to the more experienced player who wants fewer wasted shots.

The Empire Mini GS is also a good marker for stealth applications. This paintball gun barely makes any sound when firing. This not only presents fewer distractions for the user, but also allows you to remain fairly concealed form the attention of the enemy, allowing you to fire multiple rounds before you need to think about retreating for cover.

This versatile paintball gun is designed with all users in mind. The ambidextrous approach to marker design makes it well suited to right and left-handed players. Some users have previously complained about the Empire Mini GS being too unwieldy, but this is almost certainly down to improper handling and poor technique. Provided you know how to properly hold and manage a marker, you should have little trouble with the Mini GS.

All this being said, you will want to pay some mind to general performance to ensure your marker is fit for purpose. If you come across significantly low firing rates, you will probably find there is a manufacturing defect holding your marker back. You should also look out for things like tank leaks.

Should you encounter any of these issues, make sure you flag them with your retailer or the manufacturer. Provided your marker is still within its warranty, you will have no issues getting it replaced.


Simple Operation

The Empire Mini GS performs well when it comes to easy operation. This paintball marker definitely excels in this area when you compare it to other options on the market from other manufacturers. Despite falling in the affordable price bracket, the Empire Mini GS handles more like a top-tier marker design.

There are a ton of design details that contribute toward the superior handling of this marker. These include rubber grips that provide ergonomic enhancement, allowing you to main firm control over your weapon, even in wet conditions. The general design of the marker has been carefully considered so you can get to grips with the basic operation more quickly. You should only need one session to become fully acclimatised to the handling of this paintball gun. If you are unfamiliar with electronic components, the LED indicators may take a little getting used to, however.



Another standout feature of the Empire Mini GS is its durability. This is a marker that has been built for heavy-duty applications, so you do not have to worry about being delicate with it. Although the frame of this marker is made from aluminium, it is a surprisingly touch version of the material. This provides you with a good balance of lightweight convenience and resilience.

You certainly will not have to think about replacing your marker for some time. The little details also help keep your marker in superb condition for as long as possible. The rubber grip is particularly effective at maintaining the frame shape of your marker. The clamping feedneck is also a welcome improvement over the traditional feedneck element of the previous model, allowing you to attach your hopper more securely.


Trigger Specifics

The Empire Mini GS includes an effective micro-switch trigger. Whenever you pull the trigger, you can expect an audible click. This acoustic feedback is essential for boosting confidence when playing, allowing to unleash shots with more assurance. Finding a micro-switch trigger with such an affordable model is definitely a rare thing.


Tank Removal

Another new feature of the Empire Mini GS is the on/off ASA function. This is important as it allows you to quickly and easily remove the tank. More awkward markers do not include this feature as a standard, leading to time-consuming tank removal and replacement that can derail a paintball game.


Effortless Maintenance

Easy maintenance is something every marker should allow for. Being able to properly care for your gun will ensure it performs consistently well for every game. It will also ensure you are getting the best result sin terms of firing accuracy. Thankfully, the Empire Mini GS allows you to carry out maintenance with next to no effort.

The less experienced player will probably find the prospect of carrying out maintenance quite daunting. The Mini GS is designed to accommodate the needs of the beginner. Several small bolts need to be removed in order for you to field strip your paintball gun, but things are relatively straightforward and certainly not as complex as other markers.

You will definitely want to take the to read through and study the marker manual in detail before you commit to a full maintenance session, however. You should also brush up on maintenance basics and simple cleaning tutorials before you think about stripping our marker down. The quickest clean will often eliminate the need for more in-depth maintenance.


In Conclusion

If you are searching for a paintball gun or speedball, you should definitely look to invest in the Empire Mini GS. This reliable marker will meet the demands of the intermediate player who wants standout performance, without a significant price tag to match. Even the novice can make good use of the Mini GS.

The accessible design is easy to approach and get to grips with. Some users will of course find the compact design of the Empire Mini GS a little too small to work with. If this applies to you, consider other premium marker from Empire’s line-up. The Empire Axe offers similar performance with a more substantial dimensions.




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