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Empire Sniper Review

If you are looking to upgrade your paintballing arsenal with a tournament-level marker, the Empire Sniper is worth considering. The Empire Sniper makes a great first impression with its sleek profile and tactical aesthetics, while the durable build quality makes this a good fit for heavy-duty play.

Empire Sniper Review

This marker is also a solid performer, with reliable firing and efficient operation.. If you want an auto-cocker type of marker that will not fail you in the midst of combat, the Empire Sniper should provide a perfect solution. Although fairly expensive when compared to the most basic of paintball markers, the Empire Sniper is definitely a more affordable option for those looking to splash out on a tournament-level paintball weapon. Our detailed review explores all the key specs that make the Empire Sniper such a standout choice.

Overall Design

The Empire Sniper is a pump-action style marker that has been designed to operate with low pressure. The Sniper combines an auto-cocker barrel, with a vertical feed system that can handle ten rounds. There is an also an automatic trigger that allows you to fire off rounds instantaneously. The dual pump of this marker is made from robust stainless steel, making the marker particularly stable when handled. You also have flexibility when it comes to placement of the 300 PSI gauge, with the option to position it just about anywhere on the marker itself.

How Does the Empire Sniper Perform?

The Empire Sniper is fairly easy to handle thanks to the inclusion of moulded grips. This not only makes it possible to maintain a firm grip on your paintball gun, but ensures maximum comfort. The grips are further enhanced by grooves for finger placement. No matter how fast you are firing, you can always ensure this marker is kept within your grasp. This also benefits firing accuracy.

The upgraded version of the Empire Sniper utilises a contemporary pump that makes it one of the best markers in its class. Although this a pump-action marker, it can fire just as quickly and efficiently as many semi-automatic guns out there. You an also enjoy impressive ranges of around 50 feet. Even when firing from this maximum distances, you can still expect superior precision, with rounds firing along straight trajectories.

The pump handle of this marker is also very easy to use. You can re-cock your marker with just two fingers. This means you can keep the barrel of the marker faced forward in the direction of the target s you re-cock. Because of this, you can continue to fire and unleash subsequent rounds at a target with little effort. The Empire Sniper is also a good choice for those looking for an ambidextrous marker. This paintball gun features adapters that can be used with equal ease by left and right-handed users. The carrying weight of this marker also makes it a very ergonomic option, thanks in part to the sleek grip frame. The automatic trigger is also perforated, making it particularly lightweight and easy to work with.

The Empire Sniper also features a conveniently placed safety button which is easy to access. Although most players will rarely need to use the safety, it is a welcome feature that can help your ammo stocks. The aluminium barrel also keeps the carrying weight of this marker down, while also keeping the firing noise down.

Marker Design

The Empire Sniper is a very functional marker. Almost everything you need to is already integrated into the overall design of the marker. The only other items you will need to use your sniper is a compressed air tank, a hopper and paintball rounds. The overall build of this marker is sleek and minimal, with weight distributed evenly to ensure better balance. Compared to other pump action paintball guns, the Empire Sniper is very lightweight, coming in at around two pounds.

The on/off regulator for the compressed air tank is fed by a lever, that delivers air from the tank directly to the in-line controller of the marker. A hopper can also be firmly connected via the secure feed neck that camps down securely. Internal components like the pump rods are made from stainless steel, ensuring everything stays in the correct position and the marker performs optimally at all times.

The Empire Marker also allows you to maintain impressive firing rates thanks to the spring return pump handle. You also have some flexibility when it comes to air tanks and hoppers, with various models suitable for use with this marker.

A particular standout of the Empire Sniper is its pump feeding tube. This feed mechanism is quickly and easy added to the marker, with the 10-round feed system allowing to unleash a substantial amount of rounds at once.

Durability & Maintenance

Although the Empire Sniper is affordable when compared to other markers in this category, you should not expect second-rate durability. The Sniper has been manufactured to a high standard, with high-grade materials and a robust build that makes it suitable for rigorous use.

The Empire Sniper is also relatively easy to maintain and care for. To ensure your paintball gun performs well for as long as possible, you will of course want to follow some basic maintenance routines. Make sure you thoroughly clean your marker after every game. You may also want to lubricate the regulator and pump rod on a regular basis. Some basic maintenance materials are included along with the marker, but you will certainly want to invest in some additional items so you can care for your gun for years.

Upgrades & Customisation

Unfortunately, this is one area where the Empire Sniper falls shorts. Firstly, you are fairly limited when it comes to colourways. The Sniper only comes available in two main shades, with many of the individual components in standard black. If you are looking for a marker you can customise with tactical elements for a military aesthetic, the Empire Sniper will disappoint. Although a few accessories are readily available, your only real scope for customisation is the tank you use and the hopper you select. However, this limitation is easily forgiven when you consider how well the Empire Sniper performs in the field.


– A very efficient choice of marker
– Consistent and reliable firing performance
– Relatively silent operation makes this a good option for stealth
– Automatic trigger makes this very user-friendly
– Easy to handle with an ergonomic design
– Good levels of firing accuracy
– Can be used straight out of the box
– Fairly affordable for a tournament-level marker


– Still fairly expensive for those looking to stick to a budget
– Those more comfortable with a semi-automatic marker may find this hard to handle
– Limited range of upgrades restricts customisation
– The included barrel kit is rather basic

The Verdict

If you are in the market for a tournament-level market, the Empire Sniper is definitely worth further thought. This marker boasts all the core features and functionality required of a tournament play, with solid performance and reliable firing. It is also fairly easy to use, making it a good choice for those looking to discover the benefits of pump-action markers for the first time. Although still fairly pricey, the Empire Sniper is an affordable option when you compare it to other tournament-level markers in this category. The only real drawback of this paintball marker is that it can not really be upgraded or customised. However, if consistent performance and precise firing is all you require, the Empire Sniper is more than fit for purpose.




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