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HK Army Eject Harness Review | The Best Paintball Harness? | 2024

If you have spent a reasonable amount on a good quality marker and have kitted yourself out with reliable protective gear, the next thing on your shopping list should be a first-rate paintball harness. The HK Army Eject is certainly one of the best options currently on offer to paintballers. Eager to learn more about taking your game to the next level? Our HK Army Eject Harness Review has all the information you need!

This superb harness is designed with user convenience in mind, allowing you to instantly retrieve your paintball pod holders so you can top up your hopper and get back to firing. It is also designed with heavy-duty paintball play in mind. Unlike other paintball harnesses that involve awkward adjustments and do not always deliver a good fit, the HK Army Eject will cling firm to your body and remain in place for potentially hours at a time.

This first class harness from HK Army also offers some seriously impressive additional features that put it far out in front of many other options available. Ample padding and brilliant lumbar support make it comfortable to wear for long periods of time, allowing to perform well, every time.


Fit & Ergonomics

A paintball harness needs to fit well and securely. Unless you intend to stay close to base and take a step back from the heat of battle, you will be crawling through undergrowth, sliding across the ground and diving out of the line of fire on a regular basis. Therefore, your harness needs to be able to handle all of this energetic activity.

This HK Army Eject harness includes incredibly tough rip-tape straps, meaning all your pod holder pockets will stay locked in place once you have folded down the lids. The waist attachment is also very rugged and designed to keep the harness clinging closely to your body, even when throwing yourself into the action.

This harness is designed with a wide variety of wearers, with a two-way adjustable waistband that can quickly tailored toward your specific waist measurements so you receive the best in stability and comfort.


Lightweight Design

The HK Army Eject is promoted as a featherweight harness option by the manufacturer. This is achieved by the incredibly lightweight composition. Neoprene is the main material utilised here, which is known for its hard-wearing performance and durability. It is designed to withstand regular use and cope with the strains of heavy loads, so you will not have to worry a fully-loaded harness will begin to suffer from wear and tear.

The premium fabric is also designed with the elements in mind. You can expose this harness to all kinds of weather and outdoor conditions with the confidence it will endure well for years to come. It has superficial waterproofing to ensure moisture never becomes a problem, while the lightweight material will dry incredibly quickly, even if submerged or drenched in a downpour.


Carrying Capacity

There are different size options to consider when purchasing the HK Army Eject harness. These include the 3+2 and the 4+3. The smallest model provides three hard-wearing pouches with enclosures that provide you with the best place to store your paintball pod holders. In between these pod holder pockets are two elasticated straps that can be used to store a further two pods. The larger Eject harness model, the 4+3, include four robust pod holder pockets, along with three elasticated pouches for storing additional holders.

Even the most basic model offers you a substantial amount of ammo carrying capacity. Short of a premium tactical vest, you are likely only to find carrying capacity for four standard pod holders with most paintball harnesses. If you are someone who enjoys playing paintball for hours at a time and are unlikely to have the chance to replenish your ammo stocks, the HK Army Eject 4+3 harness will probably be your preferred mode.

You will of course need to purchase pod holders for ammo storage separately. Make sure any holders you select are of a suitable size so that they can be tucked away into this harness easily enough.


Eject Release System

Convenience is the key selling feature of the HK Army Eject paintball harness. The pod holder pockets are reinforced with four-way elastic, producing the so-called ‘Eject’ strap system. This allows each and every pod to remain secure in its position during gameplay.

Poor quality paintball harnesses will often allow pod holders to fall free of their position, which many players overlook until they come to retrieve a new holder to replenish their hopper with fresh rounds. The HK Army Eject will make this problem a thing of the past, allowing you to always be confident you have sufficient paintball ammo at your disposal.


Comfort & Support

Although this harness impresses with its storage capacity for paintball rounds and eject strap system, it should also attract the attentions of paintballers looking for a more comfortable choice. The lightweight materials and design of this harnesses already make the HK Army Eject a very wearable option. However, you can expect superior support here. This harness includes comfortable padding throughout, with extra padding at the rear to provide you with excellent lumbar support.

If you walked away from a game before with a serious case of backache, this harness will help eliminate the chance of a recurrence of the issue. The lumbar support properties of this harness are enhanced by the inclusion of anti-slip pads. This means lumbar cushioning is distributed in the right place, while also ensuring your pod holder pockets are kept in a suitable position.


Durable Composition

The heavy-duty design of this harness is assured thanks to the hard-wearing neoprene that makes up the bulk of the material. The harness has been produced to a very high standard, with double-stitched seams ensuring material does not fray and layers do not fall apart. If you have had bad history with subpar harnesses that have fallen apart after only occasional use, you will be amazed at just how durable the HK Army Eject will prove to be.


In Conclusion

The HK Army Eject paintball harness has everything the average player could want. This quality harness is incredibly lightweight, allowing you to remain mobile and quick on your feet during gameplay, but is also very comfortable.

The lumbar support feature is definitely something that sets this harness apart from other paintball harness models, reducing the amount of carrying fatigue and discomfort you will experience. The anti-slip pads are also a welcome extra, with the harness barely shifting from its position while you move around the field and traverse obstacles.

The Eject strap system also means you have a harness that will keep all of your ammo close to hand for an entire game. The four-way stretch straps keep full pod holders safe and sound as you play, meaning you are very unlikely to find yourself missing essential rounds when it comes to reloading your hopper. The two-way adjustable waistband also means the HK Army Eject is suitable for the majority of wearers.

Even those with a larger waist size will have no issue securing a comfortable fit with this harness. The additional pod storage capacity of both size models makes the HK Army Eject an essential for anyone looking to carry more rounds with them, particularly if they are looking to enjoy far longer paintball games. The HK Army Eject might be a bit pricier than the average harness, but you will find plenty to justify the added expense here.




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