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How to Display Paintball Guns | 2024 Guide

How to Display Paintball Guns

If you own several paintball guns, you need to think carefully about how you will store your equipment when you are not using it. Rather than keeping your markers packed away in cases or bags out of view, you should consider storing them for display. Below are some of the best ways you can display your beloved paintball arsenal for maximum impact.

Display Cases

If you have invested a lot of money in your paintball markers, you will want to ensure they are well protected when being displayed. Display cases are good option for those who want to enjoy full view of their equipment, without the worry of dust and moisture causing them any damage.

Ready-made display cases can be picked up easily enough online, although they can be quite at expensive. You may also struggle to find one that is suitably sized to house your marker of choice. To overcome this issue, you can think about making your own. Putting together a display case out of a few sheets of perspex is fairly simple, with the raw materials costing very little.

Mounted Wall Displays

This is another effective way of displaying your paintball guns. You have a couple of different methods for displaying paintball guns on walls. You can purchase a ready-made pegboard or display backing to house your paintball guns, with the board itself the only thing you need to worry about attaching to the wall. When choosing a wall display, make sure it is large enough to house your markets.

You should also be able to rearrange individual hooks and fasteners to rearrange your display over time. You can also mount paintball guns individually. Small mounting hooks are ideal if you want to give the impression that your markers are floating seamlessly, although they may not be the most secure way to display your gear. Instead, thing about installing an arrangement of floating shelves that can be used to accommodate markers of different shapes and sizes.

Freestanding Displays

If you want to display your paintball guns on tables and sideboards, freestanding mounts are the best option. You can purchase these ready-made for convenience, or instead think about making your own.

If your DIY skills are subpar, you should keep your designs simple. PVC piping is a good material to use when producing racking and freestanding displays for paintball guns as it can be cut to size with basic tools and fastened together with easily sourced connectors.



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