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How to Make a Paintball Gun Stand

Investing in a paintball stand is a good idea if you want to store your marker safely when you are not using it. Not only will a stand protect your marker from suffering any damage when it is stored away, it also makes maintenance of your guns easier. A robust stand will provide you with easy access to your markers as you work to disassemble them, clean them and carry out essential upgrades to ensure they are always working correctly.

While you can buy ready-made stands from many dedicated retailers, these products are fairly expensive and may offer you the right dimensions or additional features required for your own arsenal of paintball markers. Thankfully, constructing your own paintball gun stand is fairly straightforward, with the basic materials costing very little money.

What You Will Need

Before you begin, you will need to invest in few basic materials and tools to ensure you can put together a decent paintball gun stand. The main body of a DIY paintball stand can be constructed from cheap PVC piping, which can be easily found in most home improvement stores. In addition to the PVC piping, you will need PVC 90’s (otherwise known as PVC corners) and PVC tees.

You will also need a saw that is sharp enough to cut through the PVC pipes without causing any damage. A modest hacksaw should be more than sufficient for this. You will also need a strong adhesive that can glue together PVC material reliably. Many hardware stores will offer a decent range of PVC glue.

Designing a Paintball Gun Stand

The overall design of your paintball marker stand will depend on your individual requirements. Think about the amount of guns you wish to store, as well as their overall size. If you want to store your paintball guns with accessories attached, you may also need to expand the dimensions of your stand to accommodate for this.

When putting together your plan, you should start counting how many joints and bends your stand will have. This will determine how many PVC corners and tees you need to purchase ahead of assembling it. Ultimately, your paintball stand should include two identical frame layers made from PVC piping, connected vertically by several shorter PVC pipes.

Assembling the Stand

Putting your stand together is fairly simple. Take two PVC tees and connect them via a long stretch of PVC pipe. Then add shorter cuts of PVC pipe in the remaining openings of the PVC tees. Cap each smaller section with a PVC corner. Then add longer cuts of PVC pipe to connect the corners with each other. Once this is complete, the PVC frame should resemble a square or rectangle, with a length of pipe intersecting the frame down the middle.

Create two of these frames and then add small lengths of PVC pipe in the remaining openings of the PVC corners to complete your build. Once you are happy with the overall shape and design, carefully disassemble the stand and reassemble again. This time, apply glue to the joins as you add individual pieces, allowing for a little drying time if required.



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