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The Top 30 Paintballing FAQs of 2024

There are endless questions to be asked in the world of paintball. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a place to start, or a professional wanting to take their game to the next level, this post provides answers to the top paintballing faqs.

What to wear to paintball?

First time playing paintball? No doubt one of your biggest concerns is what to wear. Although specialised paintball protective gear needs thinking about, let’s start with the basic garments you’ll want from your wardrobe first. Long sleeves are a must when picking out torso garments, while long trousers or jeans should also take priority. If possible, pick sweatpants and sweatshirts to allow for greater mobility when in play.

Opting for multiple layers is also advisable to protect against everyday paintballing injuries, although weather and temperatures will ultimately decide on how many layers you can reasonably reach for. A quality pair of trainers is the first port of call for footwear, although more specialist boots will bring you better performance.

When it comes to more targeted protection when playing you’ll want to make sure goggles, a paintball hat or beanie, as well as a pair of gloves are all part of your wardrobe. To learn more about the best paintball masks on the market today, make sure to check out our buyer’s guide and reviews. For the more committed paintballer, there’s a wide spectrum of protective gear to consider.

Gear sporting camouflage prints and motifs are the standard. A paintball jersey, vest and paintball pants are also a must. Neck protectors will also limit the amount of exposed skin, while goggles geared toward paintballing protection will ensure your eyes remain free of harm during play. Pod packs and belts are also essential for carting your paintball ammunition throughout the field of play.

How bad does paintball hurt?

How much a paintball hit hurts ultimately depends on how well protected you are and where exactly the pellet strikes. Parts of the body protected by fat and muscle tissue will stand up relatively well to the impact of a paintball. Bony areas of the body with little natural padding can suffer a great deal more.

Provided you’ve taken the proper precautions when it comes to protective gear, the worst you’ll encounter will be little more than a stinging sensation. Have a read of our review on the best paintball armor in order to become familiar on how to protect yourself out on the field.

How to treat paintball welts?

Everyone should expect to sustain paintball bruises and welts at some point during play. However, these minor injuries aren’t anything to be worried about. Basic treatment is all that’s needed to keep on top of any injuries, such as cleaning the problem area with soap and water to get rid of any debris or grime so to stave off potential infection.

To combat swelling, apply cold compressed. To alleviate pain, use a warm compress. If you find yourself unable to cope with the lingering sting, turn to over-the-counter pain relief medication as a short-term solution. Check out this wikihow article, which includes 12 steps for you to learn more about how to treat paintball welts.

What to wear paintballing in summer?

To combat higher temperatures in the summer, you’ll want to lose any excessive weight and bulk. Long sleeves and trousers are still standard to protect against paintball impacts, but single layers should be the way to go. Bulkier protective armour should be avoided when possible. Keeping hydrated will help alleviate the stress of paintballing in summer further.

How to clean a paintball gun?

To clean your paintball marker, first rid your tank of any excess gas. Then, disassemble the marker so you can get to work cleaning the body of the gun. Once you’ve cleaned the body, you can begin cleaning and maintenance of the barrel. Following that, the hammer and bolt can be inspected and cleaned.

At this point, carefully inspect for damage and weakening of any individual components, carrying out any replacements or repairs where required. Then lubricate individual parts of your marker to ensure optimal performance. Finally, you can reassemble the marker and render it fit for play. For visual aid, check out YouTube videos that can provide additional help when cleaning your weapon.

What to wear paintballing in winter?

Contending with lower temperatures can be a struggle when paintballing. Basic rules apply when dressing for combat in colder weather, so reach for your thermal components. Under armour gear, thermal gloves, face wraps and warm beanies are a standard. Thermal paintball masks are also worth considering.

Long sleeves are also a basic observation to remember when dressing for paintball in winter. What’s more, you’ll want to ensure you’ve stocked your wardrobe with waterproof gear as excess moisture can drastically lower body temperature if not wicked away properly by the right materials.

What hurts more paintball or airsoft?

Generally speaking, paintball pellets will cause more pain upon impact. Although they have an overall slower velocity than an airsoft pellet, paintballs have a much larger size. The result is that much more force is delivered upon impact. In fact, the average paintball pellet will deliver more than times the energy upon impact than that of an airsoft pellet. Make sure to have a read of our post comparing paintball vs airsoft, to learn more about the similarities and differences between the two games.

What shoes to wear when paintballing?

Footwear is a first-rate concern when dressing for paintball. One of the key reasons is due to the amount of ankle injuries and sprains that can occur when playing. Generally speaking, players reach for quality trainers or boots when playing paintball. Both categories of footwear will do, but do remember to pick out a pair you don’t mind putting through their paces and incurring some serious battering from the elements.

Do you need padding for paintball?

This all depends on what level of experience you have. For the newbie, more padding is preferable as you’re less accustomed to the impact of paintball and the everyday injuries that the average player can incur. For more information, we have a buyer’s guide and review for the best paintball armor.

However, with more play comes more resilience to such impacts and you’ll find yourself requiring less protective padding. That being said, if you’re still nursing injuries from previous bouts, maintaining adequate padding is important to ensure exiting ailments aren’t made any worse.

Weather and playing temperatures also dictate how much padding is appropriate. In warmer weather, excess padding and the added weight of paintball armour can cause body temperatures to rise significantly, so even the less experienced player may decide to curb protective layers to a point.

How much does a paintball gun cost?

While a paintball gun itself isn’t a huge investment, there are many extras and upgrades which can affect the overall price. Average prices for more basic paintball guns can fall anywhere between £100-200, but optional extras like hoppers and CO2 tanks can see that price skyrocket.

You may also want to consider the initial outlying cost for paintball ammunition when investing in a marker for the first time. To become better educated on the prices of guns on the market today, we have created a list on some of the best paintball guns that money can buy.

How does a paintball gun work?

Paintball mechanics vary slightly depending on the type of marker you’ve picked as your main weapon. With all guns, paintballs are fired by utilising compressed gas. In most cases, this gas is standard air or C02, stored in the form of tanks attached to said weapon.

When you fire your paintball marker, a bolt is activated that loads a paintball pellet into the barrel of the weapon. The paintball, now sealed into the barrel, is fired thanks to a valve release that delivers a shot of compressed air into the barrel. Check out this video showing the mechanics of the popular Tippmann A5 paintball gun:

How to fill a paintball tank with air compressor?

To refill a tank with compressed air, simply open the air valve to begin. Make use of the self-fill element or refer to the calibre to ascertain when to cease the refilling process. The PSI limit of your marker will ultimately depend on the size of your paintball gun and its manufacturer, although these limits should always be clearly labelled on the exterior of your weapon.

Can paintball be played in the rain?

Paintball can be played in the rain, but there are distinct challenges to overcome. Playing in rainy conditions is physically more demanding, while gear can be compromised when exposed to moisture. Your protective garments and clothing will become heavier, causing you to become more easily exerted.

What’s more, your paintball ammunition can become weaker when exposed to water, affecting ultimate velocity and accuracy. For more information, check out this blog post by choicepaintballguns, which goes into thorough detail about paintballing in the rain.

How to clean a paintball mask?

Paintball masks are easily cleaned. Use a lens cleaning solution or water to clear away all the residue incurred from a game. A microfibre cloth will give the best streak-free results.

How to aim a paintball gun?

First, familiarise yourself with your marker of choice by taking some test shots. As a standard rule, you’ll always want to line up the marker with your eyes when aiming. If your marker is enhanced with any accessories, you’ll also want to test to see whether or not these are obscuring a clear line of sight.

Patience is also a virtue when lining up a shot, so stave off the temptation to fire off excitedly for more precise results. Posture is also a paramount concern when aiming. Try to centre the marker with your body, turning your torso and feet to point toward your chosen target for best results.

What is speedball paintball?

One of the three main variants of paintball. Speedball utilises a field of play that’s made up of various bunkers. These bunkers are located at the same spot on opposing sides of the playing field and are made up of identical numbers for each participating team. The result of this is a playing field that’s identical in size for participating teams. Check out our guide to the best speedball guns on the market today!

What is woodsball paintball?

Woodsball is another of the main paintball types, along with scenario paintball and speedball. This format sees paintballing occur outdoors, often in a forested area. With this format, players utilise the natural surroundings for cover, as opposed to bunkers found in speedball. Our post showcasing the best woodsball guns is a must read for anyone looking to get started!

Which is better airsoft or paintball?

This ultimately depends on the player. Those who value accuracy above else might be best served by airsoft. Because of the higher levels of accuracy and reduced visibility of airsoft ammunition, airsoft may also appeal to the player seeking a more tactical game.

How old do you have to be to play paintball?

This all depends on where you live and what type of game you’re looking to play. Generally speaking, children are allowed to participate in games, although tournaments and specialist communities may adhere to stricter lower age limits. Always check the terms and conditions of the field you’re looking to play at before committing financially.

How long is a paintball tank hydro good for?

Generally speaking paintball hydro tanks need to be tested once every 3 to 5 years. The exact amount of time between testing will ultimately depend on the exact model and manufacturer of your tank.

How much does paintball cost?

The cost of paintballing ultimately depends on your long-term investment to play. If you’re looking to rent gear and play occasionally, you’re looking at fixed admission prices (anywhere from £10 and above), along with one-off costs for paintball ammunition. Paintballs are usually sold in increments of 100, bringing your overall game costs up to around £30-50. Rental of additional gear can also bring the overall cost up.

Can paintball wash off?

Residue left by paintball pellets will wash off skin and protective gear easily enough, but stains on fabrics may prove a little more stubborn. Intensive laundering of your gear should remove most marks caused by paintballs, but you’ll want to select garments you’re prepared to put through their paces when getting kitted out for paintball.

When is paintball season?

With the range of play potential nowadays, paintballing can be enjoyed throughout the year. The peak paintball play season is actually pretty lengthy in and of itself, with games played from early spring until around December.

Will paintball bruises go away?

They may look nasty when fresh, but paintball welts and bruises will disappear quickly enough with time. Follow basic first aid steps to alleviate pain and swelling and these paintball bruises will vanish in no time at all.

What is dwell paintball?

Dwell, measured in milliseconds, refers to the amount of time the selinoid valve of a marker is adequately charged to fire compressed air in a given direction. This Reddit forum should provide you with all the information needed to answer any other questions you might have surrounding dwell.

What is reball paintball?

Simply put, reball paintball refers to use of rubber ball ammunition used in place of conventional paintball pellets. The game itself plays out much the same, only without the mess and splatter of if using normal pellets. The site will surely help you discover more in the world of reball.

How accurate are paintball guns?

Just like when it comes to determining other specs of paintball guns, accuracy is ultimately determined by the individual marker model and its manufacturer. What’s more, tailored modifications carried out on a specific weapon can likewise affect the overall accuracy of the weapon. Generally speaking, however, most markers reserved for paintball should have little trouble in landing an impact on a rival player at a distance of around 30 metres.

What is an Autococker paintball gun?

An Autococker is a paintball marker of the semi-automatic variety that utilises a closed-bolt system. In the sport of paintball, Autococker markers are one of the formative models, with such markers being developed with the game in mind. One of the main draws of such a marker is its flexibility in terms of personalisation. Those looking to carry out modifications and upgrades to their marker are well served by such a model.

What are the rules for paintball?

Various rules apply for different categories of paintball, but basic foundations apply to all takes on the sport. A Boundary Check is one such staple. This involves a walk around the area of play prior to the game commencing, with positions laid out and bases establishes. A Dead Zone is another staple you should familiarise yourself with. This basically establishes directions you shouldn’t fire in. This not only protects the surrounding area from unwanted projectiles, but also provides a safe zone for eliminated players to remove surplus protective gear.

Setting out a clear goal for the game is also important. You may find yourself opting for an elimination type game, although capture the flag scenarios are also popular. Establishing clear visual aids to determine eliminated player is also important for game clarity.

How to get into paintball?

After carrying out some preliminary research into the sport, you’ll want to find a nearby field where you can see if paintball is for you. Rather than commit to a large financial investment right away, you may also want to consider renting equipment. However, if you are interested in purchasing your own equipment, take a look at our buyer’s guide and reviews of the best paintball guns.

If you do find that paintball appeals, carrying out further research into tailored protective gear and paintball markers should be your next port of call. You’ll want to resist the urge to undertake any equipment upgrades right away, however. First, discover your specifics of play before investing in bespoke modifications.



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