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Places to Go Paintballing in Chicago | 2024 Guide

Places to Go Paintballing in Chicago

If you are a paintball enthusiast based in the Chicago area, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to first-rate paintballing venues. You will find dozens of outdoor and indoor paintball venues within close proximity to Chicago and further afield elsewhere in Illinois. Below are some of the best venues for you to consider, with fields designed for both the occasional player and the more experienced paintballer alike.

Badlandz Paintball Field

If you’re looking for a particularly budget-friendly paintball venue in the vicinity of Chicago, the Badlandz Paintball Field is definitely somewhere to consider. This venue caters to both airsoft and paintball, with more than a dozen individual fields on offer. Paintball players will love the challenge of Zombie Ridge, Dead Man’s Creek and Death Valley. These field names give you an idea of the kind of terrain to expect and should not disappoint the more experienced player looking for a challenge.

The pricing structure of this venue will also appeal to those who are weary of spending too much. If you’re based nearby, you can take advantage of 2-day packages that provide you with two full day entry passes, as well as two complete rental packages. This deal also includes unlimited air refills and 500 paintball rounds. You can also take advantage of more affordable half-day play and rental packages.

Power Paintball

Located just outside of Chicago in Lombard, Illinois, Power Paintball is a standout venue for those looking for challenging outdoor terrain and very affordable pricing. This paintball venue is open seven days a week, although you can only take advantage of open play Friday to Sunday.

The venue is open Monday to Thursday, but these days are reserved for private bookings and require advance reservations. The pricing structure of Power Paintball will appeal to those looking to make a saving. Yearly membership costs for this venue are very reasonable, while bundled packages make Power Paintball far cheaper than other fields in the area.

Gun and mask rental only costs a few dollars, while paintball rounds can be purchased in bulk at minimal cost. This venue also offers a low impact paintball bundle, which makes it ideal for those who are weary of conventional paintball scenarios. The low impact option also makes Power Paintball a good choice for those who who want to play alongside younger paintball lovers.

Paintball Explosion

If you find some paintball venues to be lacking when it comes to terrain and scenario environments, Paintball Explosion is guaranteed to impress. Located within close proximity to Chicago, this paintball venue goes above and beyond to provide players with a truly immersive experience. This venue has several fields, each decked out with realistic surroundings, hideouts and obstacles.

Many of the fields have been decked out with quality sets, with surroundings reminiscent of your favorite co-operative video games. In addition to catering to paintball, this outdoor pursuits park also provides airsoft and laser tag scenarios. You can book ahead if you plan on playing along with a larger group, although walk on play is also provided. Pretty much everyone is welcome here, with children as young as 10 able to play. In addition to stand paintball, a low impact version of the game is also provided.


This fantastic paintball venue stands out from the competition. Situated at Nike Missile Site C-47, a previously operational Cold War missile base, this venue has all the raw ingredients for an unforgettable game of paintball. In total, this venue has more than 20 acres of terrain to explore, with more than a dozen historic buildings on site.

These include genuine barracks, radar towers and a mess hall. The field owners have also heavily modified the surrounding terrain to provide you with a more immersive environment on which to play paintball. If you are looking for the perfect venue to enjoy a game of military simulation, Blastcamp is without doubt one of the best places in the vicinity of Chicago.

Walk on rates are more than reasonable, although the overall cost of equipment rentals and paintball rounds can stack up. However, you can save money by purchasing an ‘Officers Club’ membership. Although first-rate, this venue is incredibly popular with paintball enthusiasts. If you are looking for a venue to host a large group or party, you will definitely want to book ahead.

RHC Paintball Fields

Although a little further out from the center of Chicago than other venues, RHC Paintball Fields is definitely somewhere to seek out if you are searching for something special. Although this venue caters to all skill levels, the established fields will appeal to the more experienced paintball enthusiast. There are several standout fields to enjoy here, including the apocalyptic ‘Doomsday’ field with its ample bunkers and junkyard aesthetics.

If you prefer wild frontier settings, ‘The Last Frontier Fort’ will definitely excite. This huge themed field includes a selection of bunkers and sniper towers, making it the ideal choice for those looking to add some stealth to their paintball engagements. For the paintballing pro, the ‘Meatgrinder’ field is the best of the bunch. This demanding field will force you into close quarter combat situations, requiring you to use speed and skill to outdo the competition.

In Summary

These are just a few of the best paintball venues in Chicago, although you will find dozens more available for walk on play and private parties. Before you make your decision, make sure you have considered what’s most important to you. If you are looking to experience paintball for the first time, walk on play is probably your best bet.

Make sure any venue you select offers full equipment rental and operates a field designed for novice players. If you have more experience, you will almost certainly want a variety of options when it comes to fields and terrain. Look for paintball parks that include themed fields with plenty of obstacles and buildings that can be used as hideouts and for cover as you play.

You will also want to consider availability. Most paintball venues only cater to walk on players during the weekend or for limited hours during the week. Booking ahead is also your only option if you want to organize a big event with ten or more players.



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