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Places to Go Paintballing in Georgia | 2024 Guide

Places to Go Paintballing in Georgia

Although most of the best paintball hubs in Georgia are clustered around Atlanta, this diverse southern state is home to a considerable amount of fields. Dense regions of forest make Georgia particularly attractive for those looking to enjoy a game of woodsball, but there’s a good variety of options here that will satisfy all needs.

Paintball Atlanta

This is arguably one of the best options for those looking for a paintball venue in Georgia. Established in 1987, this is also one of the most longest standing paintball venues in the state. This paintball park is incredibly varied, with a range of fields so all ages can play. This makes it fairly unusual in the paintball sector, with most venues only catering to a specific share of the market.

There are four different field options to choose from, including designated areas for woodsball, hyperball and brush ball. There also mounds and trenches that should satisfy those looking to enjoy military simulation paintball fixtures. One thing to bear in mind about Paintball Atlanta is that is only open to the general public on weekends, as well as on Wednesdays during the summer months. However, the venue does indeed operate seven days a week, with most of it is custom coming from private bookings.

Wildfire Paintball Games

Located in Snellville, Wildfire Paintball Games is a good choice of venue for those looking for flexible opening hours and a full-service paintball store. This venue is open to the public every day of the week, with the sole exception of Monday. During weekdays, opening times are 4 PM to 7 PM, although extended opening hours are in effect on Fridays and across the weekend. The Snellville location is an indoor paintball field, which should appeal to those with less paintballing experience under their belt.

Admission prices are also very reasonable, with the walk in special covering general admission, gun and mask rental, a full tank and one hundred paintball rounds. This venue also offers individual pricing options if you prefer to use some of your own equipment. You will also find HPA tank refills available here, rather than just the standard CO2 facilities. If you prefer to play outdoors, Wildfire operates another venue in nearby Conyer.

Arkenstone Paintball

If you’re looking for outdoor paintball scenarios in Georgia, Arkenstone Paintball is a good choice of venue. This paintball location has several established fields to make use of, with Dodge City arguably the best of the bunch. This field includes a replica western town that provides you with plenty of coverage, as well as two-storey vantage points.

Bunker Hill is another good option for those who prefer MilSim scenarios. This field is designed with trench warfare in mind, with sandbag fields and natural obstacles aplenty to contend with. If you prefer woodsball, you have two fields available. The largest of the two, the War Zone field, provides players with a huge variety of hiding places, as well as concealed spots for those looking to snipe their enemies.

Chaos is another first-rate field, combining the best elements of speedball and woodsball. Prices are fairly reasonable here, with day packages covering marker and equipment rentals. Discounted admission prices can also be taken advantage of if you bring your own marker, tank and mask.

Nitro Paintball

Located within close proximity to central Atlanta, Nitro Paintball is a good choice for those who want to play with the family and youngsters. There are numerous fields of play to engage with here, with the Low Impact gameplay scenario a good option if you are playing with children. This gameplay scenario uses smaller paintball rounds that travel at slower velocities, resulting in fewer injuries.

Of course, you will also find conventional paintball scenarios on offer here. The Black Hawk Down field has been meticulously created with a huge number of obstacles to provide you a real challenge. If you want a quicker game, you can head on down to the hyperball field. As this venue covers a considerable forested area, you can also enjoy first-rate woodsball at Nitro Paintball.

To be honest, Nitro Paintball is hard to beat and is one of the best options for those looking to go paintballing Atlanta. Prices are more than reasonable, opening times are generous and the variety of courses and fields on offer is incredible. Another huge draw of this venue is its family-friendly philosophy, with some scenarios allowing children as young as eight to join in the action.

Classic Paintball Pro

Classic Paintball first opened its field in 2003. Today, the venue offers five individual playing areas that provide paintballers with incredible variety. The urban city field is particularly impressive, providing large teams with plenty of coverage for longer engagements. This paintball venue also caters to a wide age range, with children as young as ten able to play on certain fields.

You can’t simply turn up and play here, however. If you want to play, you’ll have to make a reservation. The venue is only available for hire on Saturdays and Sundays, so you may find securing a booking during peak months difficult. However, the annexed paintball shop is open Wednesday to Friday, providing you plenty of time to stock up on markers and accessories ahead of your paintball engagements.

In Summary

These are just a handful of the best paintball fields in George. You’ll find many more open to all in the vicinity of Atlanta and further afield. Regardless of where you decide to play, bear in mind that venues catering to private bookings may need you to make your reservations far in advance to secure desired dates.

You should also thoroughly check the price list and rental options of any venue before you arrive. Many packages only include a limited amount of ammo, with fields charging a premium for additional rounds on the day. To make a saving, you should check to see if there are any discounted deals on offer if you bring your own equipment.



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