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Places to Go Paintballing in Illinois | 2023 Guide

Places to Go Paintballing in Illinois

Illinois is home to a considerable number of paintball venues. This state is the perfect location for outdoor paintball scenarios, with heavily forested stretches, rivers and challenging rural terrain. Whether you’re new to paintball and want to keep it simple with an indoor field, or you’re a more experienced player looking for a larger venue with immersive environments to engage with, you’re not short of choice in Illinois. Below are just a selection of some of the best paintballing locations you can visit right now in Illinois.

Power Paintball

Located in Lombard, Power Paintball is a first-rate choice of venue for those looking to enjoy a game of paintball. This is definitely the way to go if you are looking for a fairly central, indoor venue. Although this paintball center is on the small side, everything you need for an immersive paintball session is included here.

Opening hours are also fairly flexible here. Friday is the only of the week where open play sessions are available, although you can easily book a session any other of the week. However, booking a session during any other day than Friday will cost you a small premium. Sunday can also be booked for play, although this day is usually reserved for team practice sessions.

Pricing includes the use of a rental paintball gun and mask, as well as unlimited air refills and 250 paintball rounds. If you own your own marker, you can enjoy a slightly discounted admission price.

Pekin Paintball Park

If you’re looking for a larger paintball venue in Illinois, Pekin Paintball Park is a good option. This paintball park covers more than 10 aces, with half a dozen individual fields on offer. These fields vary in design, with each one tailored toward different playing scenarios and levels of skin.

The Call of Duty inspired driving range will definitely appeal to video game fans, while the an artificial turf layered field is a good choice for those who aren’t kitted out for a rough and ready woods ball engagement. Each outdoor field is roughly the dimensions of a standard football field, which also provides players with a chance to enjoy close combat engagement.

This venue is open every day of the week for private groups, although individual players and smaller groups can also enjoy walk on play. You will also find a full range of equipment available for rental, although the availability of such equipment will ultimately depend on how busy the venue is on any given day. Therefore, it makes sense to reserve your place ahead of time.

Bing Field Paintball

Bing Field caters to a variety of different sports, including laser tag and airsoft. However, its paintball field is definitely the standout offering of this first-rate venue. This epic paintball venue offers a variety of fields, including a staging area and several different areas that have been dressed to accommodate multiple game-play scenarios.

Although this venue caters to walk on players, it is really geared towards events and larger groups. If you are looking for somewhere you can simply turn up and start playing, you will be impressed by the low prices and wide array of rental options. However, if you want to make the most of this superior venue, it is advised you pull together a group of at least 10 people. Booking online is simple, while significant discounts are available when booking a field for a private game.

Semi-professional events are also regularly held at Bing Field, so it is definitely worth checking the upcoming schedule if you are an individual player looking to get involved with an organized event.

Wacky Warriors Paintball East

Wacky Warriors Paintball East is the ideal venue for those looking for an outdoor paintball park that all ages can enjoy. This huge outdoor venue welcomes players of all skill levels, with children as young as six able to take part in low-impact games. Children ages 10 years and over can join with standard games, although they will need to provide a waiver signed by a legal guardian or accompanying parent.

Open play sessions are held every Saturday and Sunday, with affordable packages that include 500 rounds and full equipment rental. If you are looking for somewhere to play as part of a larger group, you can take advantage of several discounted packages.

Area 52 Paintball

If you are looking for outdoor adventure in Illinois, Area 52 Paintball is the place to be. In addition to being a paintball park, Area 52 also caters to watersports enthusiasts, with canoe rentals available on side. Open play sessions are available on Saturdays and Sundays, while those looking to play during the week can do so by booking the venue ahead of time.

The wooded surroundings and riverside venue make it a particularly rewarding destination for fans of woods ball, with the paintball field regularly rearranged to provide frequent visitors with a fresh challenge, every time. The hyper field is particularly challenging for those looking to play at pace.

In Summary

Although the above is our pick of the some of the best places to go paintballing in Illinois, there are dozens more must-visit destinations for paintball enthusiasts across the state. If you are new to paintball, you may be better off looking into playing at an indoor center or a smaller outdoor field. If you are planning a paintball trip with younger children, check to see if the venue allows for waivers or offers a low-impact paintball alternative.

No matter which venue you decide on, if you don’t have access to your own marker and paintball equipment, you will need to make sure any given venue offers rental facilities. You will also need to consider your schedule. Most paintball fields offer open play sessions during the weekend, but these days are usually incredibly busy. Therefore, it may be better to book a private game during the week, provided of course you can pull together a large enough team of fellow players.



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