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Places to Go Paintballing in Massachusetts | 2024 Guide

Places to Go Paintballing in Massachusetts

The wider New England region is well known for its many paintball venues, with the state of Massachusetts home to many of the best paintball fields in the country. Thanks to its thick woodland scenery and unspoiled terrain, Massachusetts offers a considerable number of woods ball and outdoor playing fields. The best venues also offer a wide selection of themed courses and indoor playing environments. Below is a shortlist of some of the best paintballing venues currently operating in Massachusetts.

Xtreme Paintball

Situated near Springfield in Massachusetts, Xtreme Paintball is a rewarding outdoor venue for paintball lovers. This venue plays host to both paintball and airsoft, but it is the line-up of paintball fields that are particularly exciting. The “Nuketown” field includes an array of buildings to explore, with vehicle wrecks also on hand to provide essential cover.

One of the newest additions to this venue is “Fort Xtreme”, a particularly large field that includes a variety of towers and tall perimeter walls. This paintball venue is open every Sunday for open play sessions, although the field can be hired out for private parties every other day of the week. In addition to the multiple playing fields, Xtreme Paintball also operates its own store. You can pick up a brand new marker ahead of a game, or rent equipment to use on the day.

High Voltage Paintball

If you prefer woods ball scenarios, High Voltage Paintball is the perfect choice of venue. Covering more than 21 acres, this heavily wooded paintball venue will suit a variety of different paintball scenarios. The speedball field is particularly appealing, with wide open spaces leaving you exposed to enemy fire. However, the woods ball fields offer plenty of coverage for those looking to enjoy games with a great degree of stealth.

Located in Holbrook, this Massachusetts paintball venue is open both Saturdays and Sundays for open play sessions. It also operates throughout the week for private parties, although you will need to reserve your spot well in advance. Pricing is a little steeper than elsewhere, although basic play packages are fairly affordable. If you can bring your own paintball gun to play with, self-equipped discount deals provide an easy way to make a saving.

Friendly Fire Paintball

One of New England’s best paintball fields, Friendly Fire Paintball covers more than 14 acres and puts an emphasis on family-friendly combat. Unlike other venues, Friendly Fire Paintball welcomes individual players, as well as small parties and larger groups alike. Field hours are fairly flexible, with open play sessions running on both Saturdays and Sundays for much of the day.

Monday to Friday is kept reserved for private bookings. Pricing is also very competitive, with basic rental packages including all-day admission to the playing field, as well as use of a Tippmann marker ans basic protective gear. Compressed air refills are also included in the overall rental package. You will also find low-cost rental upgrades on offer here, with advanced markers, thermal masks and chest protectors all available for a small additional fee.

P&L Paintball

P&L Paintball has been a popular destination with paintball enthusiasts since 1991. The playing conditions of this venue are incredibly varied. The wooded fields provide players with the perfect place for woods ball scenarios, while the iconic ghost town field is ideal for those looking for more coverage and immersive play.

Unlike other venues in Massachusetts, this venue strictly caters toward the recreational paintballer. Despite this, you will still find a range of game scenarios on offer, with no professional-level players with an unfair advantage lurking around. Although this venue facilitates open play during weekends, you will still need to reserve your spot ahead of time. The venue can be hired during the week for group play, however.

This is also a family-friendly paintball location, with players as young as 8 able to play. Pricing is competitive, with discounts available for group rentals and self-equipped players. All rental package types include all-day play, a full line-up of basic equipment, an inventory of paintball ammunition and unlimited HPA air refills.

Action Games Paintball

Located just 20 minutes from Boston, Action Games Paintball is the perfect paintball venue for those looking to escape from the city for a few hours. This expansive paintball field caters to both amateur and professional players alike, with multiple courses and game scenarios available. This venue also caters to both single players and groups, with children as young as 10 able to join in the paintballing fun.

Open play sessions are scheduled every Saturday and Sunday, although weekday paintball games can be scheduled by reservation. The pricing structure of this venue is also very attractive, with a full day of play available at just a fraction of the price that you would expect to pay elsewhere. Playing fees include the use of an Emek PAL paintball marker, as well as protective goggles. The fee also covers unlimited compressed air refills and 500 paintball rounds.

In Summary

If you are based in Massachusetts and looking for somewhere to go paintballing, you are not short of options. The above are just a few of the best options currently available in the state. Before you narrow down your selection to just one, remember to take a few things into account. If you are looking to enjoy an open play session, remember that paintball venues are likely to be incredibly busy during open days.

Open play is also usually reserved for weekend dates only. You should also think about pricing. Although most venues will offer a all-day access to their fields for a standard price, this may not always cover the cost of equipment rental. You will almost certainly need to cover the cost of paintball rounds, while additional gear and marker upgrades will also set you back a small premium.



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