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Places to Go Paintballing in Miami | 2024 Guide

Places to Go Paintballing in Miami

With balmy temperatures and plenty of sunshine throughout the year, South Florida makes the perfect destination for paintball lovers. Those based in and around Miami may find the number of paintball venues lacking compared to other parts of the state, but there are still some first-rate fields to enjoy here. Although the majority of paintball fields in and around Miami are on the small side, you can look forward to premium facilities, affordable prices and flexible opening hours. Below is our pick of the best places to go paintballing in Miami.

Family Paintball Center

Located on 17th Avenue, Family Paintball Center is the ideal Miami venue for those who don’t want to travel too far. As the name suggests, this a family-friendly destination, with several fields and courses tailored toward players of all ages. Older paintballers and those after more of a challenge will love the speedball field, while the Old West inspired field and military zone field offer superb backdrops for specific game-play scenarios.

This paintball center is also open seven days a week for open play sessions, with extended opening hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Paintball rental prices are highly competitive, with a full range of protective gear and accessories on offer, alongside the basics like face masks and markers. Paintball rounds can also be purchased fairly inexpensively for those who have their own equipment they can bring along to play with.

Splat Paintball Park

Located in Medley, Splat Paintball Park is one of the best paintball venues in South Florida. This premier paintball venue was designed by professional players, which gives you an idea of the kind of course you can expect. As with most paintball venues in Miami, the total field size is on the small size, although the two acres this field encompasses packs plenty into compact dimensions.

In addition to tournament-grade turf, this field includes quality bunkers and plenty of challenging obstacles. Although this venue welcomes individual players, it will also suit the needs of groups looking to book out the entire venue for private functions. Pricing is fair, with competitive rental rates for paintball markers and equipment.

Special discounts are available for field trip and corporate groups, while paintball party packages are also available for those looking to celebrate a special day. This venue is open Friday through Sunday, with extended opening hours on Saturday and Sunday.

Extreme Rage Paintball Park

Extreme Rage Paintball Park is another premier paintball venue in South Florida. This paintball venue has been going strong for more than two decades, with its central location making it a go-to destination for those in the region. This venue includes three distinct playing areas, with one solely reserved for airsoft games.

The two paintball playing fields include a large wooded area with plenty of sloping hills, crawl tunnels and sniping tunnels. There are also machine gun bunkers, as well as a spacious building so players can enjoy close combat scenarios. For competition play, the field will is reorganized ahead of time to give players of different skill levels more of a challenge.

This venue also includes high-powered lighting, making nighttime engagements possible. The venue operates regular opening hours on Friday through Sunday, with weekday hours operating during holiday periods. The park is also available for weekday bookings by appointment. Affordable equipment rentals are also available for all players, although those with their own equipment are encouraged to bring their own gear if they wish.

Matrix Tactical

Matrix Tactical is one of the largest paintball venues in operation in Miami. In total, this paintball venue overs two acres of outdoor paintball fields, with large wooded areas and numerous bases, trenches and sniper towers. One field has been specially designed to include a replica of a suburban town, providing players the chance to engage in close combat paintball scenarios.

Full rental facilities are provided, with relatively inexpensive pricing across the board. A flat fee for admission is available to those who have their own gear to use, with free compressed air and CO2 tank fills provided. Full paintball gear rental is also available for a relatively small fee, with the cost including the use of a paintball marker, hopper, tank and protective gear. While individual players and small groups can make use of the field during regular opening hours, groups and parties are only admitted by advance reservation.

The Paintball Party Place

Although located some distance away from Miami itself, Invincibles Paintball Park is definitely worth considering if you are looking for more choice when it comes to paintball venues. Located north of Miami in Port St. Lucie, this paintball park has plenty going for it. This venue has several outside fields to enjoy, with a range of packages to suit all ages. If you have your own equipment, you can enjoy full access to the venue very inexpensively.

Those needing to rent their equipment will find low-cost gear rental and admission packages, while special packages for children aged 5-10 years are also available. Bear in mind, no outdoor paintball rounds can be used in the park, so even if you bring your own marker, you will need to purchase ammo and tank refills at the venue. An ‘all you can shoot’ package is also available, with unlimited rounds provided during a three hour playing window.

In Summary

Although Miami has fewer overall paintball venues than other cities, the locations you can find are all first-rate. One thing to remember about Miami paintball location is that venues tend to be on the small side, with less wooded areas to suit the needs of fans of woods ball. However, most Miami venues include two or three designated fields apiece, while pricing also tends to be very reasonable when compared to venues in other states across the US.



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