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Places to Go Paintballing in Orange County | 2024 Guide

Places to Go Paintballing in Orange County

California is home to some of the best paintballing venues in the US. Many of these can be found within California state limits, with some of the finest located in Orange County. Thanks to its agreeable climate and warm temperatures, Orange County allows for outdoor paintball play throughout the year. Planning a paintball trip with friends? Perhaps you’re looking to mix things up and discover somewhere near to play. Below are some essential paintballing destinations to try out in Orange County today.

SC Village Paintball & Airsoft Park

Spread out across 100 acres, SC Village Paintball & Airsoft Park is one of the largest paintball venues in Orange County. In total, this paintball venue offers 25 individual fields, with two of these reserved for airsoft play. Each field takes its name and course design from international locations, providing your games with a considerable amount of variety.

You’ll find everything from Middle Eastern inspired courses for close combat game-play, to historic recreations of Germany for those looking to dive into WW2 inspired scenarios. Fans of military simulation paintball will definitely love what’s on offer here. Although very popular, this paintball field does offer walk in admission thanks to its size. Prices aren’t the most competitive around, but you can make a small saving by prepaying online ahead of your visit.

You can also combine the price of your admission with a full line-up of equipment rental to make more significant savings. Due to its spectacular range of courses, this venue is also popular for major paintballing events. Therefore, if you’re looking to engage with other enthusiasts, it is worth checking the upcoming events schedule to see what’s on.

Jungle Island Paintball

Jungle Island is another superb venue for paintball players and airsoft enthusiasts. As with SC Village Paintball, Jungle Island has gone to great lengths when it comes to field design. This venue offers 13 individual fields, each with their own distinct character and course layout. Some of the best include the “Castle” field, which serves as the ideal venue for capture the flag scenarios.

The “Volcano” field is another standout, with its village ruins providing you with plenty of places to conceal yourself from enemy fire. The “Deadwood” field will also impress those with a passion for the Old West, while the “Somalia” field should satisfy fans of MilSim paintball looking for the perfect backdrop for their next engagement.

In addition to standard paintball play, Jungle Island offers low-impact paintball for younger players and beginners. This venue is open for walk on play on Saturdays and Sundays, with individuals and small groups welcome to turn up and join in. Private groups can also book the use of a field of their choice any day of the week, with weekdays reserved for such bookings.

Action Star Games Paintball Park

Although smaller than the previous venues in this list, Action Star Games Paintball Park is definitely worth investigating if you want a good range of themed fields and a high level of realism for military simulation game-play. With seven different fields to explore, this paintball park will reward regular visitors with plenty of variety.

In addition to standard urban themes, this Perris based paintball park also impresses with its “Civil War” and “Graveyard” playing fields. This venue is also suitable for tournament play, with speedball fields set aside specifically for this purpose. All fields are open Saturdays and Sundays for walk on play, although you may find yourself waiting around during peak periods. As such, you will probably want to reserve a spot during the week if you can visit as part of a group or large enough team.

This paintball park is staffed by experienced players, with training provided for those looking to improve their skills. Compared to other paintball venues in the area, Action Star Games Paintball Park is fairly affordable. Basic prices include all-day admission and unlimited compressed air refills. Rental packages are more expensive, but are still very reasonable when you compare it to similar packages offered by nearby venues in Orange County.

Hollywood Sports Paintball & Airsoft Park

If you want to relieve scenes from your favorite blockbusters, Hollywood Sports Paintball & Airsoft Park is a must-visit venue. Millions of dollars have gone into the design and construction of this premier paintball attraction, with themed fields and courses inspired by some of the most successful movies of all time.

You’ll find fields inspired by the likes of Godzilla, Saving Private Ryan and Starship Troopers. In addition to this, you’ll be able to play on fields with more general themes, such as the “Apocalypse” and “Forbidden City” fields. Prices are more than reasonable, although the best discounts are to be had by those who have their own paintball markers and gear to play with. If you need to rent out a paintball gun and protective gear, admission prices start to climb significantly.

However, the most expensive package offered by Hollywood Sports includes admittance to the fields, paintball gun and protective gear hire, unlimited air refills and 1600 rounds. Private parties can also be arranged, with big savings to be had on group bookings. Those who enjoy their first visit here can also pocket further savings down the line by purchasing a membership.

In Summary

Orange Country has some of the best paintball venues around. Not only does this corner of California offer some of the largest outdoor paintball venues in the state, it is also home to some truly incredible themed scenarios and courses. If you’ve always wanted to play paintball surrounded by sets and scenes from your favorite blockbusters, you’ll find more than one venue in Orange Country that can deliver the goods.

One slight drawback of paintball venues in this part of the country is that admission prices tend to be on the expensive side. You’ll make decent savings by using your own equipment, but the basic cost of admission and purchase of paintball ammo is still somewhat higher than the national average.



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