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Places to Go Paintballing in Wisconsin | 2024 Guide

Places to Go Paintballing in Wisconsin

The Midwest is home to some of the best paintballing venues in the US. If you are based in Wisconsin and looking to enjoy an unforgettable game of paintball, you have dozens of first-rate venues available to you. Below you will find a shortlist of some of the finest paintball fields in the state, with facilities geared towards the beginner and advanced player alike.

The Siege

If you’re looking for an all-in-one outdoor pursuits facility, The Siege is arguably one of the best venues in all of Wisconsin. This superb venue caters to both laser tag and airsoft players, but it’s the paintball offering that truly impresses. The Siege is home to no less than 9 paintball fields, with its woods ball fields particularly appealing.

You will also find indoor playing facilities on offer here, which allows for all-weather combat. Players of all ages can enjoy what’s on offer at The Siege, with players as young as 10 years old able to join in the fun. Private bookings for low-impact scenarios are also available for children as young as 8 years old. Pricing is fairly reasonable, although the pricing structure is a little confusing when compared to other venues.

Things like compressed air tank rental will also set you back a small premium, while protective gear rental also comes with an extra charge. You can however make a saving by purchasing a monthly membership, which will allow you free admission to the fields, as well as significant discounts on paintball round purchases and equipment rentals.

Splat Tag Paintball Park

Although paintball purists tend to avoid franchises, Splat Tag is definitely worth seeking out if you are a beginner or more casual player. This particular Splat Tag venue has more than 20 unique courses, which each make full use of the wooded surroundings and natural setting. Because of the varied design of this paintball park, all skill levels will find something to challenge them here.

The huge range of courses also make Splat Tag a good venue for those looking to book a private party, even if group numbers are considerable. However, walk on play is also provided here, with no prior reservation required. Splat Tag Paintball Park also plays host to occasional special events, which will appeal more to the experienced player. Equipment rentals are fairly affordable here, with gear from big brands like Tippmann in stock. Admission discounts are also available for those arriving with their own equipment.

Commando Paintball Sports

Commando Paintball Sports is definitely worth a second look if you are planning a paintball excursion with the whole family. This venue not only offers walk on play for general paintball scenarios, it also provides a low-impact alternative for younger players. Located near Little Suamico, this venue is open every Saturday and Sunday for all day play. The venue is also open throughout the week for private bookings.

The more experienced paintball fan looking for a challenge will be glad to know that Commando also plays host to regular special events. During special events, all 8 fields are utilized for non-stop action. However, if you want to join in the fun, you will need to register ahead of time. Admission to these special events also requires minimum paintball purchases. In addition to paintball, this venue also offers laser tag, airsoft and other outdoor pursuit activities.

Boneyard Paintball

This Wisconsin paintball venue was established in 2003 for private hire, before opening to the public in 2009. Boneyard Paintball has been designed to accommodate players of all ages and playing ability. The outdoor recreational field is large enough for big groups, with plenty of obstacles to provide coverage and sniping points during play. Equipment rental is also provided by this venue, although the markers and accessories used are strictly Valkan in variety.

If you have never used guns or equipment from this brand before, this may be a point of contention. Unlike other paintball venues in Wisconsin, Boneyard Paintball doesn’t operate on a fixed schedule. Open play is provided throughout the year, with most dates falling once every two weeks. Private parties can be booked more generally, although you will need to make your reservations in good time to avoid disappointment.

Outdoor Adventures Paintball

Located in Weyauwega, Outdoor Adventures Paintball is another superb choice of paintball venue in Wisconsin. This paintball venue has been in business since 1987, with more than 40 acres of terrain and 11 individual playing fields. Because of its size, this venue will serve a variety of playing scenarios, ranging from capture the flag to woods ball. In terms of pricing, this venue keeps things simple.

Admission is very reasonable, while gun rental and paintball round pricing is highly competitive when compared to other places. You can also make considerable savings when booking group play or reserving the field for private parties. Outdoor Adventure Paintball also plays host to big tournaments and events, making it an essential destination for the more experienced players out there.

In Summary

If you’re based in Wisconsin, you have masses of choice when it comes to paintball venues. The majority of paintball establishments in this state offer sprawling fields with plenty of wooded coverage and sloping terrain. Many of the best venues also offer a wide variety of unique courses and themed fields, as well as indoor playing venues. The largest and most established venues offer open play sessions during weekends, although smaller establishments will usually require you to book in advance.

If you do not own your own paintball gun and gear, you should also take the time to consult pricing lists for equipment hire prior to booking. Although most places offer gun and gear rental fairly cheaply, the cost of hiring out equipment can become sometimes prove expensive when combined with admission fees and the cost of paintball rounds.



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