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Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Review – The Best Paintball Marker?

The decision to invest in a quality paintball marker is one that should not be made without the right information. If you are a paintball gaming fanatic and enjoy the real experience of combat, then the Planet Eclipse Etha 2 is a gun you should try out. It is a sequel of the original Etha paintball marker. The new version comes jam-packed with many goodies, well-engineered upgrades and brilliant features like never before. This planet eclipse etha 2 review will showcase what the new gun is all about.

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Review

What Makes The Planet Etha 2 Stand Out?

A Wide Grip

Unlike its predecessors, from the Etha series, the Etha2 is designed with a spacious grip. As such, this ensures that there is enough grip space, thus allowing users to hold the gun more effectively. Also, the gun has a flexible trigger that is sensitive to pull that can give users up to five shots in a second. Consequently, this implies that the gun is as only good as the bearer and that the gun is only limited by the number of shots that a user can take before the next reload.

On the same note, the company’s approach on a spacious grip guarantees user comfort between the frame and the trigger guard. This means that regardless of the size of your fingers, you can grip your hands around the piston minus experiencing discomfort or a sore hand. Also, the has a safety micro-switch near the trigger, thus guaranteeing user safety.

If you are looking to go long, then the gun has you covered. The new Etha2 has both an extendable grip plus a single GRN frame. As such, this guarantees that you can fire at a speed of 20 balls per second, provide you stretch out the grip and extend your frame.

The Bolting System

Another focal feature of this gun with added performance is the bolting system. The bolting system of Etha 2 has a spring system that works much better thanks to the enhanced foregrip and its strong GRN frame. The system implements a dual acceleration system, thus making it easy to pick the paintballs, even at inferior speeds.

Aside from the spring system, the bolt also has an adjustable PCB. This feature enhances user control and reduces the recoil caused when firing the semi-automatic.
To sum it up, the entire bolt system of the Etha 2 is controlled by a single screw. As a result, this makes it easy to open and maintain its internal components. Lastly, the gun also has a hose channel used to reduce air transfer in and out of the system, thus preventing leakages.

Why You Should Consider The Planet Etha 2

Convenient and Long-Lasting

In terms of convenience, the Planet Eclipse Etha 2 beats the expectation of most snipers and gunmen. For instance, the hose of this gun has less air; this makes it easy for the user to access its tank for refills. On top of that, the gun’s assembly makes it easy for users to fill the gun’s tank and get back into the game. All this is with the help of an on and off switch that easy to detach and attach back.

The gun’s marker is also easy to handle, thanks to the gun’s return spring. The spring automatically returns the bolt back to its original position thus making it easy to handle, even for newbies.

If you are on a tight budget and would like a durable gun, then worry not. The Etha2 is made of composite and nylon materials thus guaranteeing years of service. On the same note, the guns nylon nature makes it light and comfortable on the hands. As such, this makes the gun easy to run around for both veterans and beginners.

Unique Design

Another discussion point of this fun is its modern design. The Etha2 has undergone a redesign to improve performance and guarantee customer satisfaction. Here are a few examples of a few tweaks that have made the Etha2 a better gun than its predecessors: –

  • A new composite body made from nylon that can withstand even the harshest terrains/environments.
  • Internal components of the gun built from aluminium, thus guaranteeing stability and efficiency on firing. Also, this feature ensures that your gun can endure anything thrown at it while playing with friends.
  • A better Gamma core spool valve that can withstand harsh climates.
  • Lastly but not least, this gun has a sturdy frame that serves as the backbone of the gun.

Additional Features

As a bonus, the new Etha2 comes with the following features:-

  • Unlike the previous models, the Etha2 is more silent. As such, this guarantees better stealth, hence making it easy to sneak up on opponents.
  • Kickback issues have also been curbed with the new model, thus making it easy for beginners to handle the gun. Additionally, this feature also improves the shooting experience, making it easier to shoot.
  • Lastly, this gun also has a LED screen used to monitor ramping debounce and detect the rate of fire.


  • The gun is easy to clean.
  • It is super easy to use, even for beginners.
  • The planet Etha2 requires minimal maintenance.
  • The gun has numerous advanced features to maximize on and even play better.
  • Planet Etha 2 is super light and easy to balance.
  • The Planet Etha2 has a reduced recoil.
  • Offers numerous modern features making it worth every penny.
  • This gun is more accurate than previous versions; as such this allows players to go long.
  • Can be used in hostile environments.
  • The gun features a safety clip that guarantees safety.


  • The only disadvantage of this gun is that its noisy; however, the gun has upgrades that can help reduce the noise.

The Bottom Line

As seen above, the new Etha series gun offers great value for every penny spent. This gun is clear evidence of what Planet Eclipse is about and their goal in beating client expectations. The gun is all about user experience and merged with advance features, all at a fair price.

Additionally, the fact that it is durable and easy to use only makes the gun more glamorous to the eye. In other words, this gun is a brilliant upgrade to the previous versions, and you should consider having one.

The Planet Eclipse Etha 2 will guarantee you fun and a good time with friends, regardless of your experience status. Lastly, you should consider this gun because of its lock and load feature and wait for the ultimate experience when you have a game with your friends.



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