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Tippmann Cronus Review – Best Beginner Paintball Gun in 2024?

The Tippmann Cronus is a great choice of paintball marker for those looking for something that is both durable and easy to use. This marker has been designed with longevity in mind, making it an ideal choice for the budget-conscious buyer. The paintball novice will love the reliable nature of this marker and its user-friendliness, while the more experienced player will appreciate the high levels of firing accuracy on offer here. An updated version of the widely used Tippmann 98 model, the Cronus continues to prove a popular choice for paintball players everywhere. Read on for our Tippmann Cronus review to see what all the fuss is about.

Enhanced User Experience

Tippman has been a leading authority in the manufacture of paintball makers since the 1980s. As previously mentioned, the Cronus is in many ways an advanced upgrade of the Tippman 98 marker. If you have ever played paintball and rented equipment for the purpose, this model name might sound familiar.

The Tippmann 98 is often the go-to choice for less experienced players looking to fine-tune their performance. Geared towards the rental market, this markers are also manufactured with reliable performance and durability in mind. They can be put through their paces without suffering any significant damage.

Tippmann have built upon the success of the 98 model with the Cronus, delivering a paintball marker that is incredibly easy to handle and operate. Players can enjoy rapid firing speeds and high levels of firing accuracy with minimal effort, allowing for a much more enjoyable experience from the off.

Another massive draw of the Tippmann Cronus is that maintenance is incredibly straightforward. While other marker models can be difficult to disassemble and adjust, the Cronus is an altogether more accessible choice. A complete beginner can get to grips with basic maintenance in no time at all, while more extensive maintenance procedures can be mastered with little practice.


Key Cronus Specs

Do not be duped into thinking the Tippmann Cronus is an everyday entry-level marker. Despite the relative affordability of this paintball marker, there are some very impressive specs to enjoy here. For a start, this marker weighs in at 3.7 pounds. Compared to other base models, this may seem a little bulky. However, the extra weight makes for a more robust and hard-wearing design that will hold up well against the rigours of intensive play in the field. The durable nature of the Cronus is one of its most appealing qualities.

This .68 caliber marker also offers both HPA Air and C02 tank capabilities. A mechanical trigger is also incorporated into the overall design of this marker, which allows for more rapid firing rates. A 9-inch stock barrel also comes as standard here, with the wider diameter reducing the chance of jams that might require maintenance in the middle of a game.

The barrel design also minimises firing sound, making it a good option for those who value stealth. An open bolt blow back is also a welcome standard feature. A particularly handy feature is a gravity feed for paintball rounds. This allows for much smoother operation and ensures optimal levels of reliability. To round things off, the Tippmann Cronus is a stylish choice of paintball marker. The exterior housing of the Cronus looks very authentic, with realistic details and colour aesthetics that will impress at the paintball field.


Firing Speed and Accuracy

The Tippmann Cronus might be a user-friendly choice for the novice, but you don’t have to worry about subpar performance. This semi-automatic marker is incredibly simple to operate, letting you to fire off at rapid speeds of up to eight balls a second. The maximum range of this marker also deserves a mention.

You can expect ranges of up to 150 feet with good levels of accuracy, giving you plenty of confidence at close range and from afar. No matter what your playing style or firing speed, this marker should never prove cumbersome or awkward to hold. Moulded rubberised grips allow for a secure hold of your weapon at all time and in all conditions.


Potential for Customisation

One of the key selling features of the Tippman Cronus is the freedom to customise the marker to your liking. In fact, the Cronus is one of the most customisable marker models currently available on the market. The main body of the marker includes multiple rails that allow for a wide slate of enhancements. There are no less than four rails on offer here, allowing for a variety of attachments.

You can integrate scopes to help improve your overall levels of accuracy, for example. This marker also offers the option of more significant modification, with a full upgrade to the Special Tactical Edition possible. For more information on the potential add-ons to this weapon, check out our review on the best paintball hoppers on the market today.

The impressive levels of customisation offered by the Cronus make it an incredibly cost-effective choice, particularly for newcomers to the game. Most paintball markers designed with beginners in mind are usually limited in this regard, with little or no scope for upgrades. Players quickly find these entry-level markers redundant for their requirements and are forced to invest in a whole new weapon in order to advance their game.

When you invest in the Cronus, you can do so knowing you will not have to fork out again for a brand new model a few months later. Because of its popularity, you will find many upgrades readily available on the market. Those wary about budget will also find plenty of great value upgrade bundles available.


Upgraded Version

Earlier in this Tippmann Cronus review, we talked about the customisation potential of the maker. Those looking for an optimal alternative to the base model can look to invest in the Tippmann Cronus Tactical Edition. All the basic benefits of the Cronus marker are present and accounted for here, but the most desirable upgrades are also included.

As with the basic Cronus model, the Tactical Edition is a semi-automatic option. Even with the additional upgrades, you can still look forward to high levels of reliability and smooth firing results. One noticeable difference between the basic option and the Tactical Edition is the inclusion of an A-5 barrel. Many paintballers looking to upgrade an entry-level marker will often reach for a barrel like this, so it is a welcome enhancement here.

The Cronus Tactical Edition also includes a collapsible stock. This is particularly useful for those looking to enjoy variations in gameplay scenarios and environment as it allows you to modify your marker more quickly. You can upgrade your Tactical Edition further thanks to a selection of pre-installed rails dotted around the main body of the marker. Such rails can be found on top of the gun itself, as well as at the sides of the marker housing.

There is an additional rail at the bottom of the marker as well, which serves as a good mounting place for more advanced accessories like laser sights. To balance the added weight of these pre-installed extras, as well as any more you might be looking to attach, this Cronus upgrade includes an extra grip at the front of the gun itself. This makes the marker incredibly easy to handle and ensures no compromise to accurate aiming and firing.

When you buy the Tippmann Cronus Tactical Edition, you will also find several useful extras for better maintenance of your marker. Handy extras include oil lubricant and a squeegee for hassle-free cleaning. For more advanced modification and maintenance, you will also find a selection of Allen keys that can be used to fix all manner of attachments and accessories to your marker. You will also find a selection of o-rings included to replenish your stock of spare parts. A barrel sleeve is also included, providing you with a nifty storage solution.


In Summary

If you are new to the world of paintballing, the Tippmann Cronus is definitely worth considering. This popular choice of paintball gun has been designed with the novice in mind, bringing you the very best in user experience. The lightweight body is very easy to handle and manoeuvre, allowing you to move quickly throughout playing environments. It also allows you to aim and fire with higher levels of accuracy.

In addition to its robust design and durable nature, the Tippmann Cronus scores highly when it comes to reliability. The gravity feed ensures a consistent supply of paintball rounds, eliminating the chance of chop. For the less experienced player or those who value constant firing, this is a huge advantage. When paintball rounds are chopped and impaired, accuracy is significantly affected. Damaged paintball rounds will also clog your marker, often requiring immediate maintenance in the midst of play. With the Cronus, this kind of on-the-spot maintenance isn’t something you need to worry about.

With its affordable price tag and first-rate features, the Tippmann Cronus is an easy choice. However, if you have a little bit more of a budget to play with, the Tippmann Cronus Tactical Edition rewards you with upgraded prowess and enhancement potential



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