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Action Village Tippmann US Army Alpha Elite Package | 2024 Review

If you are keen for your money to go further, it makes complete sense to invest in a complete paintball marker package. The best value paintball kits include a reliable marker, along with must-have accessories like pod harnesses, visors, masks and more. The Action Village Tippmann US Army Alpha Elite Package is one of the best-selling complete packages currently available. This affordable set is built around a very reliable paintball marker and cuts no corners when it comes to first-rate extras and accessories.


The Tippmann US Army Alpha Elite

Before we explore what else is included in this package, we will take a closer look at the magnificent marker that sits at the heart of this great value set. The US Army Alpha Elite is good option if you are just starting out at paintball or want to fine-tune your technique. It performs well in its own right, but will also keep you become familiar with playing tactics and marker specifics that you can then keep in mind when you eventually come to upgrade to a more advanced paintball gun model.

The Tippmann US Army Alpha Elite is also a marker of choice for the paintballer who prefers a more realistic design and authentic military aesthetics. If this marker looks at all familiar, it is because it is a licensed paintball product that takes its inspirations from US Army firearms. This paintball gun is incredibly realistic. Not only does it look the real article, it boasts a weight that is comparable to the weapon it is based on.

When fully loaded with paintball rounds, the US Army Alpha Elite weighs approximately 10 pounds. This is significantly heavier than other markers. If it is your first time handling a paintball marker, you probably won’t be put off by the bulk of this design. However, if you have spent some time handling other markers, you will likely need to spend some time with the US Army Alpha Elite before you become confident and comfortable with it.

If you are looking for a paintball gun to deploy in MilSim games, you should think about your specific requirements. Compared to other MilSim markers, this one is considerably heavier. The majority of markers designed for military simulation play rarely weigh m ore than five pounds. The US Army Alpha Elite is twice as heavy as this, so unless you have good levels of strength and stamina, it may hold you back.

Although the basic level of detail is very appealing, you can further customise this marker to bring it closer to the aesthetics of military firearms. You have huge scope when it comes to cosmetic enhancements with this marker. Picatinny rails can be found along the marker frame, allowing you to mount a good selection of military inspired accessories. As this marker has been designed with military simulation users in mind, you will however be somewhat limited when it comes to the types of accessories available.

Do not be duped by the magazine attachment for this marker. Some buyers may think this is a magazine ammo loader, but this is not a MagFed paintball gun. The magazine is in fact an aesthetic element, serving no actual function. It can however be used for storing small items like tools, but this will likely cause an unwanted rattle when moving around with your marker.


Essential Upgrades

This marker can be upgraded at a later point, making it an attractive long-term investment. One thing you can think about upgrading to is an E-grip. This handy component will provide better regulation of gas flow pressure when you fire. This regulation of pressure makes a marker far more efficient, allowing you to fire for longer spells and with higher capacity before you need to think about refilling or replacing tank. Speaking of tanks, this marker is compatible with both CO2 and high-pressure air.


Firing Modes

The Tippmann US Army Alpha Elite provides you with a good selection of firing modes. Semi-automatic will probably be the firing mode of choice for most users. When semi-automatic mode is activated, you can unleash one shot for every pull of the trigger. Full automatic firing is also supported here. With this mode activated, you can unleash incredible rates of fire by pulling and holding the trigger down.

Burst firing is also possible, although you are limited to small bursts of three shots for every pull of the trigger. The latter firing mode will definitely be appreciated by those who enjoy speedball scenarios. Those looking for a more realistic scenario will probably want to stick to full and semi-automatic firing, however.



The bulk of this marker is made from lightweight aluminium. However, the frame material is very robust compared to everyday aluminium. This provides a good balance between convenient carrying and durability. The additional components of this marker are instead made from robust plastic. This includes the adjustable stock.

The CO2 line also boasts a reinforced construction to ensure it lasts for as long as possible. This is very handy as CO2 lines are particularly difficult to replace. In fact, many paintballers look to swap out an entire marker, rather than replace a CO2 line.


What Else is Included?

It is amazing just how much you get thrown in along with the marker in this affordable set. While many complete kits are bulked out with inferior products, the majority of items are manufactured by Action Village and other leading brands, ensuring they will perform well in the field and last for a considerable amount of time.

Included along with the US Army Alpha Elite is a carry handle and red dot sight that can be attached to your marker. This not only makes your marker more convenient to handle and carry about the field, it also adds to the military aesthetics. A GXG 200-round hopper can also be found in this set. While gravity-assisted hoppers are rather unsightly, this one comes in classic black to ensure a good match with your marker frame.

Other available essentials include an Action Village 4+1 paintball harness. Again, this harness comes in classic black, allowing for good coordination with your other paintball gear. This harness is designed to be worn around the waist, with secure fastenings and easy adjustments so it will fit most users with little fuss.

The harness includes storage capacity for four paintball pods. These pods are included in this set, with each one housing 140 individual rounds of standard size. This means you can kick off a game with 560 individual paintball rounds. The harness also provides vertical storage for a 20-ounce C02 tank, which also comes included in this package.

Another standout component of this paintball set is the GXG XVSN protective paintball mask. This quality mask will provide you with good levels of protection. This paintball mask is admittedly rather basic when you compare it to other models, but it provides adequate protection for most paintball scenarios. The single-piece lens offers a good field off vision, while the faceplate is very well ventilated to ensure good breathability. However, the mask is not the most comfortable model around. It also disappoints when it comes to anti-fog performance.


In Conclusion

This Tippmann US Army Alpha Elite marker package from Action Village will provide you with everything you need for most paintball gameplay situations. The Tippmann marker itself is a very decent paintball gun that performs reliably in the field. If you are a military simulation enthusiasts, the realistic design and scope for customisation should appeal. Considering the overall cost of this package, the additional accessories are surprisingly decent. The harness and mask might be on the basic side, but the marker accessories are particularly durable and perfect for pushing the limits of your paintball gun.




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