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Top 10 Paintball Magazines | 2024 Guide

Top 10 Paintball Magazines

Although blogs and podcasts provide today’s paintballer with plenty of information, many pine for the days of print publications. Although you’ll struggle to find many paintball magazines on news stand shelves today, a few solid titles are still in regular circulation.

The advent of smart phones and tablet devices has also led to a rise in the number of digital-only titles, with most of these available to download and read for free. Below, we break down 10 of the best paintball magazines worth seeking out, including some classic out of print publications.

Paintball Sports Magazine

This US publication has been popular reading material for paintballers for many years. With head offices based out of New York, this quality magazine provides a healthy mix of events and tournament coverage, product reviews and in-depth guides for paintballers looking to hone their craft.

Unlike other magazines that are released fairly infrequently, this paintballing glossy is released every month. Although not as high-end as other publications, you’ll find plenty of useful information and paintballing news packed within the covers of Paintball Sports Magazine. It is also far more affordable than other publications, with an annual subscription proving particularly cheap.


If you were only glancing at the cover of this magazine, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were looking a high-end fashion or lifestyle publication. Facefull is in fact one of Europe’s leading paintball publication, with its head offices based in France. Although a little more expensive than other publications, Facefull is more than worth the asking price.

Expect high-end quality across the board here, with first-rate features and editorials, along with stunning photography across every page. Even the paper the magazine is printed on is of a superior standard to what else you will find on the news stands. Although this a European publication, the editorial and photography teams are globetrotters, covering tournament fixtures in the US and beyond.

XPAINT Paintball Magazine

If you’re based outside of the US and want a magazine catered more towards your part of the world, XPAINT magazine will prove suitable reading material. This French publication is admittedly quite focused on the European paintball scene, but the editorial staff do provide plenty of coverage of tournaments and paintballing events happening across the globe. The quality of this magazine is much higher than other publications, with first-rate photography and colourful spreads.

There’s also thorough commentary on what’s happening in the paintball, putting in more line with high-spec sporting quarterlies. One downside of this magazine in the price, with an annual subscription likely to cost you twice that of more affordable publications. You’ll also struggle to make sense of the content unless you are a fluent French speaker, although you can navigate around this by opting for a digital version of the magazine.

Action Pursuit Games

If you’re just getting started in the world of paintball, Action Pursuit Games is essential reading. This magazine is geared toward the paintballing novice, or intermediate-level players will still find plenty of useful content between the covers. Inside, you’ll find plenty of paintball gun and accessory reviews, along with the latest news regarding tournaments and event fixtures.

There’s also more in-depth articles delving deep into the history of paintball, along with profile pieces on the paintballing professionals. In more recent years, Action Pursuit Games has broadened its content to include other high-octane activities and outdoor sports, including BMX and skateboarding. You’ll also find engaging content on video games, fashion, health and fitness.

Paintball Media Magazine

If you’re looking for a free source of paintball information, Paintball Media Magazine is worth adding to your reading list. This an entirely digital magazine, with a new edition released every month. Despite being free to read, this magazine is one of the best sources around for paintballing news, players profiles and in-depth guides.

There’s a lot of focus on product reviews and equipment write-ups in this magazine, with its digital format providing convenient links to product manufacturers and sponsor websites. While this makes shopping for spotlighted products easy, you should be cautious not to part with your money too quickly. A particular strong point of this digital publication is its professional profiles and industry expert interviews.

Paintball Scene

This digital magazine is the brainchild of the UK Paintball Sports Federation, the governing body in charge of paintball in the United Kingdom. As it is published by the UKPSF, you can expect more of a focus on rules and regulation, with less emphasis on promotional pieces and product reviews. However, plenty of column inches are reserved for interviews with industry experts, as well as profile pieces on leading professionals in the sport.

Welt Magazine

Welt Magazine markets itself as the very first digital paintball magazine. In addition to being readily available thanks to its digital format, Welt Magazine is also completely free to download and view. You will need to first register in order to be able to download the latest issue, however. Although Welt Magazine is a digital format, you can expect all the usual content you’d find in a print publication. There’s comparison articles, tournament news, player interviews and competitions with big prizes up for grabs.


PBUK is an English publication that covers pretty much every aspect of paintball. This established magazine is a go-to if you’re looking for technical write-ups and in-depth guides to help you improve your performance. It also offers first-rate articles and guides relating to scenario gameplay, as well as more recreational paintballing.

You’ll also find complete coverage of national tournaments and competitions, along with player profiles and the latest developments from paintballing organisations based further afield. Although this magazine is currently out of print, you can easily pick up older editions online. Many of the technical articles are still very relevant, while collectors will definitely want to complete their libraries with a few historic copies of this first-rate paintballing magazine.

Portal Paintball

Although Portal Paintball magazine is out of print, it’s worth looking around a few online marketplaces to see if you can pick up a few old copies. At its peak, this magazine provided extensive coverage of tournaments, as well scenario and recreational paintballing. It also dedicated considerable page coverage to product reviews and tests.

If you’re interested in purchasing older copies of this magazine, you’ll still find plenty of relevant material within the pages, with a wealth of articles outlining maintenance tips and playing techniques on offer.

Paintball Games International

Paintball Games International was once one of the most popular print magazines going. This English publication has since gone out of print, but older copies still serve as a wealth of information for those looking to brush up on some classic paintballing techniques and maintenance tips. It also contains a great deal of player profiles and interviews that have considerable nostalgic value.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, there’s not many print publications in circulation focused squarely on paintball. In fact, even the most successful paintball magazines have long since moved to exclusively digital platforms. That being said, you can still find several major titles hitting shelves monthly, with even more digital magazines available to download for free.



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