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Top Paintball Podcasts | 2024 Guide

Top Paintball Podcasts

If you’ve exhausted your go-to paintball blogs and websites, it might be time to investigate the world of paintball podcasts. Although the podcast sector is pretty saturated with second-rate content, there are some first-rate productions currently going strong. These range for bite-sized casts lasting just a few minutes, to weekly releases with epic running times that shine a spotlight on the unique paintballing topics and player profiles. Below are some of the best paintball podcasts currently releasing new content.

The Playing On Podcast

Hosted by professional paintballer Carl Markowski, this is one of the most popular paintballing podcasts around. Although this podcast covers news items and the latest developments from the sport, there’s a keen focus on storytelling, with Markowski hosting a rotating panel of guests from the paintballing world.

Episode lengths vary, but each podcast almost always runs beyond 70 minutes, giving the host and his guests plenty of time to tackle in-depth topics. If you’re looking for some regular listening, the weekly frequency of this podcast will also appeal.

Overshot | A Paintball Podcast

Overshot is another weekly paintball paintball podcast that deserves your attention. This podcast has been growing in popularity and amassing legions of listeners since it launched in 2020. Each week, the podcasting team tackle a broad range of subjects, with an impressive line-up of industry experts and professional players regularly joining the hosts to talk all things paintball. Around four episodes a month are released, with each episode running to around 80 minutes.

PBM Paintball Magazine

This UK-based podcast debuted at the start of 2019 off the back of the PMB print publication. Because of its print publication origins, this podcast is incredibly popular among the paintballing community, especially those based in the United Kingdom. However, it is fairly infrequent, with around one major podcast episode released annually. Despite this, it is definitely worth a listen.

You’ll find a healthy mix of conversation focused on tournament-level play, woodsball paintball, military simulation scenarios and more. Although infrequent, this podcast also tends to bring together a first-rate list of guests, while the inclusion of music gives this some high-end production values.

Weekend Grind

Although Weekend Grind has a fairly infrequent release schedule, this is a podcast well worth a listen if you’re keen to take your passion for paintballing to the professional level. Podcast host Carney takes the lead on this one, detailing all the information you need to help you rise through the ranks to compete in tournament-level play.

This podcast debuted back in January 2020 and has maintained a fairly consistent schedule since. On average, you can expect three new episodes of Weekend Grind to debut. Although not as prolific as other podcasts, Weekend Grind is rich in information, with insightful topics geared toward the more experienced paintballer.

Paintball Without the Y

The name of this podcast gives you an idea of the panel line-up. Unique amongst other paintball podcasts, Paintball Without the Y has an all-female panel that get together throughout the year to discuss a variety of topics relating to the popular sport.

This podcast is released in season form, with each each season usually including around eight individual episodes. Although these episodes are just in nature, with most lasting little more than five minutes, they are worth a listen if you’re seeking bite-sized content that’s rich in information.

Popular Unknown Paintball Podcast

If you’re seeking a more constant stream of paintball content, the Popular Unknown Paintball Podcast is worth looking into. This podcast has been going strong since early 2019 and usually releases a new episode once every 2-3 weeks. This lively podcast is packed with interviews, news stories and in-depth discussions on all things paintball. Episode length is also substantial, with most podcasts running to more than 45 minutes.

Behind The Bunker Paintball Podcast

Behind the Bunker is arguably the most popular paintball podcast out there. This podcast debuted in 2017 and continues to be the listening material of choice for paintball enthusiasts across the globe. This podcast has a regular team of hosts including Joe Kimpson, Todd Ancich and Gavin Sharma, with each episode packed with paintball discussion, the latest news and other off-topic conversations.

This is also a fairly regular podcast, with a new episode recorded and released every week. With each episode lasting more than an hour, there’s plenty of insights to be enjoyed here.

Frontline Beef Podcast

The Frontline Beef paintball podcast is one of the more unusual productions out there. Host Ben Painter keeps things largely focused on the sport itself, with visiting guests and call-ins keeping things fresh. This podcast debuted back in March 2020 and continues to prove popular with the paintball community.

In addition to industry talk, other topics include movies and television reviews, current affairs and sporting developments. A key selling feature of this podcast is that it makes space for conspiracy theory talk, which will appeal to the tin hat community. Frontline Beef releases around 19-20 new episodes per year, with each podcast running for around 45 minutes.

Down Under Paintball

If you’re based in New Zealand or Australia, the Down Under Paintball podcast is definitely worth downloading. This podcast celebrates the history of paintball in these two countries, with each episode shining a spotlight on key players and topics unique to this part of the world. This is also a fairly regular podcast, with around 20 new episodes released every year.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to paintball podcasts. However, with irregular release schedules and varying episode lengths, you are probably going to want to start listening to a few different productions in order to keep your playlists well stocked with fresh content.



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