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What Paintball Guns Do Pros Use? | 2024 Guide

What Paintball Guns Do Pros Use?

If you are serious about paintball, you should think about upgrading from a basic marker to a more advanced alternative. Rather than go by price alone as a guideline, you should consider the type of guns that paintball professionals use.

Key Features to Consider When Shopping for a Professional Marker

One of the main factors that professionals look for when selecting a suitable paintball marker is the scope for customization. Experienced players and professionals like to personalize their guns, with the trigger and barrel two of the key components that are often customized.

If you want to emulate the professionals by personalizing your market down the line, you should make sure the gun body will allow for this. However, customization isn’t necessarily an indicator of a pro-level gun. Investing a little bit more in a high-quality design is often more cost-effective in the long run.

Firing consistency is also pivotal. Professionals tend to look for high-quality regulators and high velocities when selecting a suitable marker. A pro-level marker also needs to be efficient. A minimalist design helps in this regard, allowing the user to disassemble and reassemble their marker quickly. Using compressed air will also provide you with more shots per refill.

Professional Paintball Gun Picks

The Empire Axe 2.0 is one of the most commonly used markers by paintball professionals. Despite being a favorite of pro-level players, this marker is also quite affordable. This particular marker has a great front grip, while the streamlined design makes it very comfortable to use. It also has plenty of upgrade potential.

Any professional paintball favorite is the Planet Eclipse EMEK 100. As with the Axe 2.0, this paintball marker is surprisingly affordable, so is an accessible choice for the everyday player. This is also an appealing option for anyone looking to invest in a mechanical paintball marker.

Although mechanical paintball guns are not regularly used in professional circuits, the EMEK 100 has become a staple of the pro-level scene. Despite its mechanical design and mid-range price point, the EMEK 100 is fairly simple to use. It also provides exceptional reliability, with its Gamma Core Drive Train providing you with consistent firing.

The DLX Luxe X is another paintball gun favored by the professionals. The Luxe X is a more premium option than other paintball markers, with an electronic board with voice feedback that makes it incredibly user-friendly. It also offers multiple firing modes to tackle all kinds of paintball play scenarios. Although this paintball gun has a lot of choice features, it is fairly expensive.



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