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How to Choose Airsoft BBs?

Airsoft BBs are an essential component of airsoft guns, and choosing the right ones can greatly impact your performance on the field. With a wide variety of options available, it is important to understand the different types of airsoft BBs and how to choose the right ones for your needs.

By understanding the different types of airsoft BBs, considering the weight that suits your needs, and keeping other factors in mind, you can make an informed decision when choosing airsoft BBs for your gameplay.

Types of Airsoft BBs

Types of Airsoft BBs

When it comes to choosing airsoft BBs, understanding the different types is crucial. From plastic BBs to biodegradable options, tracer rounds to metal pellets, each category offers unique advantages.

Plastic BBs

  • Plastic BBs are the most common type of airsoft BBs used by players.
  • They are affordable and widely available in various quantities.
  • Plastic BBs are lightweight, typically weighing between 0.12g and 0.25g.
  • These Plastic BBs are suitable for beginners or players who prefer higher velocities.
  • They are made of plastic material, usually a form of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene).
  • Plastic BBs are seamless, ensuring consistent flight paths and accuracy.
  • They are compatible with most airsoft guns, including spring, gas, and electric-powered guns.
  • Players should consider the quality of the plastic BBs, as lower quality BBs may have imperfections that can affect performance.
  • It is important to store plastic BBs in a cool and dry place to prevent deformation.
  • Proper eye protection should always be worn when using plastic BBs, as they can cause injury if they hit the eyes.

Biodegradable BBs

Biodegradable BBs are a popular choice among airsoft players due to their environmental benefits. Here are some key points to consider when it comes to biodegradable BBs:

  1. Environmental Friendliness: Biodegradable BBs are designed to break down over time, reducing their impact on the environment. They are typically made from materials such as PLA (polylactic acid) or other bio-based substances.
  2. Performance: Despite being biodegradable, these BBs still offer good performance on the airsoft field. They have similar weight and accuracy characteristics as non-biodegradable BBs, ensuring a reliable shooting experience.
  3. Compatibility: Biodegradable BBs are compatible with most airsoft guns, including electric, gas, and spring-powered models. They work well with both high-end and entry-level guns, making them a versatile option.
  4. Cost: Biodegradable BBs are generally priced slightly higher than non-biodegradable ones. However, the difference in cost is usually minimal and can be considered a worthwhile investment for those concerned about environmental impact.
  5. Storage: It is important to store biodegradable BBs in a cool and dry place to maintain their quality. Excessive heat or moisture can cause them to degrade prematurely, affecting their performance during gameplay.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision when choosing biodegradable BBs for your airsoft games.

Remember to always follow proper safety guidelines and dispose of used BBs responsibly to minimize environmental impact.

Tracer BBs

  • Tracer BBs are a type of airsoft ammunition that have a special feature.
  • They contain a luminescent material that glows in the dark.
  • When fired, the tracer BB leaves a glowing trail behind it, allowing players to see the trajectory of their shots.
  • Tracer BBs are commonly used in low-light or night-time games, as they make it easier to track and analyze the path of the pellets.
  • These Tracer BBs enhance the overall experience and add an element of excitement to airsoft games.

Metal BBs

  • When it comes to airsoft ammunition, metal BBs are a popular choice. Made from steel or copper, metal BBs are known for their durability and realistic weight.
  • In terms of accuracy and impact, metal BBs outperform plastic BBs, providing a satisfying hit on the target.
  • Due to their ability to penetrate targets at long distances, metal BBs are commonly used in higher-powered airsoft guns and sniper rifles.
  • However, it is crucial to consider the power and muzzle velocity of your airsoft gun when using metal BBs to ensure safe and proper usage.

If you are considering using metal BBs, it is important to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of the airsoft field or event you will be participating in.

Some places may have restrictions on the use of metal BBs to prioritize safety. Additionally, always prioritize eye protection when using metal BBs to minimize the risk of potential injuries.

Choosing the Right Weight

Choosing the Right Weight

When it comes to choosing airsoft BBs, one crucial factor to consider is the weight. This section will dive into the different options available: light weight, standard weight, and heavy weight BBs.

Light Weight BBs

Light Weight BBs are a popular choice for airsoft players due to their specific advantages.

These BBs typically weigh between 0.20 grams to 0.25 grams, providing improved accuracy and range.

They are ideal for indoor games or close-quarters battles since they have a higher velocity and less energy loss.

Light Weight BBs are also less affected by wind, making them suitable for outdoor games with moderate wind conditions.

They are commonly made of plastic or biodegradable materials, ensuring environmental friendliness.

Using Light Weight BBs can help increase the rate of fire since they have less impact on the airsoft gun’s gearbox and motor.

These BBs are perfect for beginners as they are affordable and widely available.

It is important to note that the effectiveness of Light Weight BBs may vary depending on the airsoft gun’s specifications and upgrades.

Always follow safety guidelines and wear appropriate protective gear when using airsoft guns, regardless of the BB weight.

Standard Weight BBs

The sub-topic “Standard Weight BBs” refers to a specific type of airsoft BBs that have a standard weight. These BBs fall within a specific weight range that is commonly used by airsoft players.

  1. Consistency: Standard weight BBs are known for their consistent size and weight, which ensures a more accurate and reliable shooting experience.
  2. Versatility: Standard weight BBs are suitable for use in a variety of airsoft guns, including both low-power and high-power guns.
  3. Balanced Performance: These BBs strike a balance between speed and accuracy, providing a good compromise for players who want a decent range and accuracy.
  4. Availability: Standard weight BBs are widely available and can be easily found in stores or online, making them convenient for airsoft players to purchase.

The use of standard weight BBs in airsoft dates back to the early days of the sport. As airsoft gained popularity, players realized the need for a consistent and reliable ammunition option.

Standard weight BBs emerged as a popular choice due to their balanced performance and versatility.

Over the years, advancements in BB manufacturing technology have further improved the quality and consistency of standard weight BBs, cementing their place as a go-to option for many airsoft players.

Heavy Weight BBs

Heavy weight BBs, such as the ones mentioned above, are a popular choice among airsoft players for their increased stability and accuracy. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Higher Kinetic Energy: Heavy weight BBs, due to their weight, retain more energy when shot, resulting in greater impact on targets.
  • Improved Accuracy: These Heavy weight BBs have better stability and are less affected by wind, leading to improved accuracy at longer distances.
  • Ideal for Sniper Rifles: Heavy weight BBs are especially suitable for sniper rifles due to their ability to maintain a straighter trajectory.
  • Requires a Higher FPS: It’s important to note that heavy weight BBs require a higher FPS (feet per second) to achieve the desired range and accuracy.

Pro-tip: When using heavy weight BBs, make sure to adjust your hop-up and scope settings accordingly to maximize their performance and accuracy.

Considerations When Choosing Airsoft BBs

Considerations When Choosing Airsoft BBs

When it comes to choosing the right airsoft BBs, there are a few key factors you should keep in mind.

From accuracy to compatibility, safety to budget, we’ll explore each aspect, giving you valuable insights to help you make an informed decision.


  • Quality BBs: Using high-quality airsoft BBs is crucial for achieving accuracy in your shots. Cheap or low-quality BBs can be inconsistent in shape and weight, leading to inaccurate trajectories. Look for well-known brands that produce precision-made BBs, such as Elite Force or G&G Armament.
  • Weight selection: The weight of the BB can significantly affect its accuracy. It is important to choose the right weight for your airsoft gun. Lighter BBs, such as 0.20g, are ideal for close-range engagements, while heavier BBs, like 0.30g or 0.40g, offer better stability and accuracy at longer distances. Experiment with different weights to find the one that works best for your gun and playstyle.
  • BB consistency: Consistency plays a vital role in accuracy. Look for BBs that have a consistent diameter and shape. Irregularities in BBs can cause them to veer off course during flight, resulting in decreased accuracy. Consider investing in precision BBs that undergo rigorous quality control processes to ensure consistent performance.
  • Barrel cleaning and maintenance: Regular cleaning and maintenance of your airsoft gun’s barrel are essential for maintaining accuracy. Dirt, debris, or residue buildup can negatively impact the BB’s trajectory. Use a cleaning rod or a specialized cleaning kit to remove any debris from the barrel. Additionally, lubricating the barrel appropriately can enhance the smoothness of BB travel, positively impacting accuracy.


When considering the compatibility of airsoft BBs, it is essential to match the type and weight of the BBs with the specifications of your airsoft gun.

Type of Airsoft BBs Compatibility
Plastic BBs Compatible with most airsoft guns
Biodegradable BBs Compatible with most airsoft guns
Tracer BBs Compatible with airsoft guns equipped with tracer units
Metal BBs Compatible with airsoft guns specifically designed for metal BBs

Using incompatible BBs can result in feeding issues, decreased accuracy, or even damage to your airsoft gun.

It is crucial to check the manufacturer’s specifications or consult with experienced airsoft players to ensure you are using the correct type and weight of BBs for your gun.


When it comes to choosing airsoft BBs, safety should always be the top priority. Here are some crucial safety considerations:

  • Quality Control: Ensure that the BBs you choose come from reputable manufacturers with a proven track record of producing reliable and safe products.
  • Material: It’s important to opt for BBs made of non-toxic materials that do not harm the environment or pose any health risks. Avoid using metal BBs as they can cause serious injuries and damage to both players and equipment.
  • Size and Weight: Always use BBs that are compatible with the specifications of your airsoft gun. Using the wrong size or weight of BBs can result in misfires, jams, and potential accidents.
  • Protection: It is essential to always wear proper eye and face protection while participating in airsoft activities. BBs can travel at high speeds and cause severe injuries if they come into contact with unprotected areas.
  • Storage: Store your BBs in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Avoid exposing them to moisture as it can compromise their integrity and performance.
  • Usage: Always follow the rules and regulations of the airsoft field or venue where you play. Avoid shooting at non-airsoft targets or engaging in reckless behavior that could put yourself or others at risk.

By prioritizing safety and adhering to these guidelines, you can enjoy airsoft games with peace of mind and minimize the chances of accidents or injuries.


When considering the budget for purchasing airsoft BBs, it is important to keep in mind that prices can vary depending on the brand and type of BBs you choose.

Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Quality: When it comes to budget, it is worth noting that higher quality BBs may have a slightly higher price, but they are more likely to be consistent in shape and size, reducing the chances of jamming or damage to your airsoft gun.
  2. Quantity: Buying BBs in larger quantities can often save you money in the long run. Look for bulk packs or deals that offer a larger quantity of BBs at a lower price per BB.
  3. Type: Different types of BBs, such as biodegradable or tracer BBs, may have a higher price point compared to standard plastic BBs. Consider the specific needs of your airsoft game or event before deciding on the type of BB.
  4. Brand: Popular and reputable airsoft BB brands may have a higher price tag due to their reputation for quality and performance. However, it is important to research and read reviews to ensure you are getting the best value for your money.
  5. Budget-friendly options: If you are on a tight budget, there are affordable options available that still offer decent performance. Look for budget brands or value packs that provide a good balance between price and quality.

By considering these factors, you can find airsoft BBs that fit within your budget while still meeting your performance expectations in the field.

Tips for Buying Airsoft BBs

When buying airsoft BBs, it’s important to consider the following tips:

  • Quality: Choose BBs made by reputable manufacturers to ensure consistency in weight and shape.
  • Weight: Select BBs that are suitable for your airsoft gun. Lighter BBs are better for lower FPS guns, while heavier BBs are ideal for higher FPS guns.
  • Material: Opt for BBs made of high-quality materials, such as ABS or biodegradable materials, depending on your preferences and field regulations.
  • Accuracy: Look for BBs with a precise and consistent diameter to enhance accuracy and reduce jamming issues.
  • Bio-degradability: Consider using biodegradable BBs to minimize environmental impact, especially if you play in outdoor fields.
  • Quantity: Determine the amount of BBs you need, considering the length of your games and your shooting style to ensure you have enough on hand.
  • Price: Compare prices from different retailers to find a balance between quality and affordability.
  • Customer reviews: Read customer reviews and ratings to gain insights into the performance and reliability of the BBs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Choose Airsoft BBs?

When selecting airsoft BBs, consider factors like weight, material, diameter, polish, and brand reputation.

Choose a weight suitable for your gun’s power and shooting distance, ensuring compatibility with your gun’s specifications.

What is the optimal BB weight for my specific gun?

The optimal BB weight for your specific airsoft gun depends on its power, measured in joules or FPS.

You can refer to the Bulldog Airsoft BB Chart or the recommended BB weights provided by NOVRITSCH on their product pages to choose the right weight.

Are heavier BBs better for airsoft snipers?

Yes, heavier BBs are more stable and accurate for long-range engagements, making them ideal for airsoft snipers.

BB weights between 0.30g and 0.36g are commonly used by DMRs and low-powered sniper rifles.

What is the optimal BB weight for higher muzzle velocity?

To achieve higher muzzle velocity, lighter BBs are recommended. For close engagements, BB weights around 0.20g offer higher muzzle velocity and quicker response times.

Can I use 0.25g BBs for improved accuracy?

Yes, using 0.25g BBs is recommended for airsoft guns with high FPS. These BBs offer improved accuracy due to their slightly heavier weight.

How do I calibrate FPS limits with BB weight?

A 0.20g BB is commonly used to calibrate FPS limits of airsoft guns. This weight is often considered as the standard weight for most airsoft pistols and rifles.

Can lighter BBs be used for short distances?

Yes, lighter BBs can be used for short distances and close engagements. BB weights around 0.12g are suitable for low power spring pistols and rifles, providing a quick answer to short-range engagements.



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