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Are Paintball Guns Legal? | 2024

Are Paintball Guns Legal?

Although purchasing and owning a paintball is legal in the United States, several states have additional regulations that need to be taken into account. In certain states, paintball guns are considered a weapon. In fact, in states like New Jersey and New York, sale and transportation of paintball guns is regulated similarly to conventional firearms.

Other states impose restrictions on the sale of paintball guns to minors. In states such as Rhode Island and New Hampshire, it is illegal to sell a paintball gun to anyone under the age of 18. Likewise, it is illegal for anyone aged 18 years and under to own a paintball gun. In other states such as Illinois, the law is a little more relaxed, with restrictions only applied to anyone aged under 13.

In all cases, a minor is only allowed to operate a paintball gun if they are using the item at home. They are also able to use such weapons if playing at a certified firing range. However, in both of these situations, the minor needs to be supervised by a parent or responsible adult.

Other Legal Considerations

In any state where a paintball gun is considered a weapon, strict regulation applies to transportation. For example, in some states you can only travel in a vehicle with a paintball gun if the weapon has been emptied of any paintball rounds, with said rounds stored away in a container. Compressed air tanks and CO2 sources must also be detached from the weapon when in transit. Finally, the main body of the paintball gun must be securely stored away while you are on the move.

Where Can You Operate a Paintball Gun?

Most states have strict laws on where you can use a paintball gun. You can not carry and fire a paintball gun in public spaces, such as along roads or on sidewalks. In fact, operating a paintball gun on public land of any kind is prohibited. In most instances, the only place deemed suitable for operating a paintball gun is private land or a designated firing range.

However, there are some exemptions to these rules. In places like Virginia, the state allows individual towns to determine local legislation when it comes to paintball guns. Elsewhere, the law is far stricter, with paintball guns restricted to use only when playing an actual game or partaking in an organized paintball competitions.



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