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8 Best Laser Tag Guns | Buyer’s Guide & Product Reviews | 2024

Everyone enjoys a great game of laser tag, but this action-packed pursuit can be an expensive venture when playing at a specialist venue. Purchasing your own laser tag guns and equipment can be a cost-effective alternative to playing at a dedicated venue.

Even the most basic of laser tag gun sets can provide you with an immersive gameplay experience, with impressive firing ranges so you can play indoors or outside. Interested in enjoying laser tag at home? Our buying guide explores the key features you should focus on when selecting the best laser tag guns from what is available on the market.

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Sound Effects & Vibrations

These are what really make a game of laser tag great. Look for laser tag guns that emit a variety of sound effects when firing. You should also opt for laser tag guns that provide you with multiple firing modes.

Most laser tag weapons will allow you to switch between firing modes at the touch of a button, with associated sound effects for each and every mode. Vibration feedback is also important. These will not only provide you with a more immersive experience when firing, but also let you know when you have been successfully fired upon.

Receiver Vests

You have two main options to consider when selecting laser tag guns for use at home. The most conventional choice is a laser tag gun and vest combination. The vests are worn across the chest, with receivers placed at the front and/or back. These are what you would typically find as the standard at laser tag venues.

However, it can be costly to keep both vests and laser tag guns fully charged with batteries. Vests can also be awkward to use between users of various sizes. Therefore, you may want to consider opting for a laser tag gun that includes a receiver as part of its design.

Firing Range

If you only want to play indoors, firing range is not that important. Almost every laser tag gun on the market will provide you with more than enough range to handle indoor gameplay.

However, if you want to head outdoors to play laser tag, you should be sure you have sufficient firing range in order to do so. A range of 180 feet should provide you with enough flexibility when it comes to laser tag gameplay outdoors. However, more advanced laser tag guns will provide you with more range than that.

Expanding Gameplay

When shopping for laser tag guns, you will find a variety of sets available. These range from single guns that need to be combined with additional purchases, to sets of two or more guns.

Even if you purchase a set that includes four guns and receivers, you may want to later play with more players. Therefore, make sure any laser tag equipment you buy is compatible with additional guns you may wish to purchase at a later date.

Best Laser Tag Guns Reviews

Want to enjoy a great game of laser tag at home? We have selected some of the very best laser tag guns currently available for you to consider.

Kidpal Laser Tag, Laser Tag Gun with Vest Set 4 Pack for Family Fun

This Kidpal laser tag set proves you do not to have spent too much money to enjoy a great game of laser combat at home. This premium package includes four laser tag guns, along with four laser tag vests, meaning the whole family a group of friends can enjoy a game at once.

You can also easily pair this set up with other vests and guns from additional sets, dramatically broadening your laser tag game possibilities.

With four gun and vest sets included, you can split into teams of two, or set a single player against a large team of three. With four unique team colours, it is easy to split groups into individual teams and always ensure you are firing off in the correct direction when playing.

Unlike basic laser tag sets, the items included here provide advanced features and immersive feedback. The guns themselves offer multiple firing modes, ranging from single shots to rocket launcher style attacks.

A variety of sounds are on offer to provide you with an engaging and action-packed experience. The vests also produce vibrations when you suffer an enemy hit, providing you with excellent feedback and immersing you even deeper in your gameplay.


Ainek Infrared Laser Tag Sets with Gun and Vest – Adults & Kids Laser Tag Blaster Gun Set of 4

If you are looking for an affordable laser tag set to enjoy at home, this package from Ainek is a good option. Included in this set are four guns and four vests, making it a very inexpensive way to enjoy action-packed games of laser tag at home.

Each vest and gun pair comes in its own distinct colour, making it easy to identify enemy targets in the midst of battle. You also have complete freedom when it comes to team allocation.

You can keep things simple and split teams down the middle to pit two players against two combatants, or opt to have one player take on the challenge of a trio of enemies. You an also pair this set with other Ainek vests and guns, with no upper limit on the amount of players that can participate in a game of laser tag.

There is also plenty of scope for adjusting things to your laser tag liking. The guns boasts multiple firing modes so you can unleash infrared shots in a variety of ways, with assorted sound effects and voice-guided directions on hand to fully immerse you in your game.

The vests also deliver excellent feedback, with vibrations letting you know you have sustained a hit from enemy fire.


Laser X 88016 Two Player Laser Gaming Set

Although this Laser X gaming set is not the cheapest option in this list, it is a good option for those who want something more advanced. This set includes two guns with attached receiver vests.

Although the guns are attached to the vests via a wire, you can still enjoy unrestricted access to your infrared firearm without impeding your gameplay. The range of these laser tag guns is particularly impressive, with maximum ranges of up to 200 feet possible.

The vests and guns also deliver an array of lighting effects so you can keep track of successful hits, even when firing from a significant distance.

You will also enjoy the benefit of interactive voice coaching, with the feature on hand to provide you with useful tips and feedback as you play. Headphones can be connected to the the receiver to provide you with additional sound effects as you play.

These guns and receivers are compatible with any Laser X equipment, meaning you can increase the number of laser tag participants with ease.


YASITY Laser Tag Guns, Upgraded New Version Infrared Laser Tag Guns with Vests 4 Pack

This YASITY laser tag set includes all the elements you need to enjoy a great game of laser tag combat at home. Included in this package are four laser tag guns and four receiver vests, each in their own distinctive colour to allow for easy team identification.

These laser tag guns also provide you with an impressive firing range of up to 130 feet, meaning you can engage in combat outdoors. You can switch between various firing modes, including pistol, machine gun, rocket launcher and shotgun modes.

Each firing mode also comes with its own unique sound effects. The guns are also designed with ergonomic handling in mind, allowing users of all ages to comfortably use them.

The ergonomic shape of these guns make them a child-friendly option, while the infrared emittance is also safe for youngsters. With four guns and receivers included, you have more than enough equipment for families and small groups of friends to play with.

However, you can also pair up with additional YASITY laser gun sets to enjoy a far grander game of laser tag.


AlphaPoint Nerf Laser Ops Pro Toy Blasters

These AlphaPoint Nerf Laser Ops Pro blasters are a little different than other laser tag products in this list, but they offer some neat functions and features not provided by other products. Each blaster features an array of light and sound effects, providing you with immersive gameplay.

With unlimited ammo and quick reloading, you can engage in lengthy games of laser tag without having to worry about keeping Nerf projectiles to hand. The blasters also include health indicators and ammo capacity updates, eliminating the need for a separate receiver vest.

These blasters also provide you with an impressive range of 225 feet, making them ideal for use indoors and out. You can also download the Nerf Laser Ops Pro app to customise your blasters to your liking, as well as track your gameplay and performance statistics.

Each blaster also comes with its own armband, allowing you to keep your paired smart device close by so you have instant access to essential gameplay updates and information.


ArmoGear Mini Laser Tag Guns Set of 4

These ArmoGear laser tag guns are a great choice for younger users. This set includes four mini blasters, each with their own distinctive colour to allow players to split into teams and always ensure they are firing at the enemy.

Each blaster includes an array of LED lights that emit various effects during gameplay, while vibrations are also on hand to further add to the experience. The ergonomic design of these blasters has been engineered with younger users and smaller hands in mind.

As the guns themselves act as receivers for enemy fire, there is no need for additional vests. This makes them particularly handy when you want to enjoy a quick game of laser tag, and prevents the chance of individual components becoming damaged and preventing you from playing.

The smaller design of the guns also makes them easy to pack and transport, meaning they can be taken along with you when visiting friends. With no receiver vests, you also have less batteries to worry about buying.


Majik Dueling Laser Tag – Kids Multiplayer LED Laser Tag Set for Indoor & Outdoor Play

Although this laser tag set might look a little bit different from other products in this list, it is well worth considering. This pair of laser tag blasters from Majik offers many of the same features of conventional laser tag blasters, but benefits from a more compact design that negates the need for separate receiver vests.

Each blaster features LED indicators to alert each player to how much life they have left, while a range of sound effects provide you with an immersive gameplay experience.

One thing to consider about this set is that the range is fairly limited. You will only be able to fire infrared beams at a maximum distance of around 20 feet, which might make outdoor gameplay a little difficult.

However, the short range makes these laser tag blasters a good fit for indoor play. You can also combine these blasters with other compatible sets from Majik when you want to include more than two players.


Ryans World Laser-Tag for Kids Infared Lazer-Tag Blasters

If you are looking for a laser tag blaster for little ones, this option from Ryans World is something to consider. This blaster offers three different shooting modes, each with its own sound effects and feedback. You can switch between shooting modes in the midst of battle, allowing you to gain an edge of enemy combatants in seconds.

This blaster also features a secret weapon button which, when pressed, unleashes a powerful attack that can quickly turn the tide of a game. However, this button can only be used once per game, so should be utilised wisely.

An infrared sensor is integrated into the blaster itself, meaning you do not have to wear a vest when playing. The receiver is particularly sensitive and is able to pick up signals across an 180-degree field, meaning it will register a wide range of incoming shots.

One thing to remember before buying this blaster is that you are purchasing a single weapon. If you want to enjoy laser tag games immediately, you will need to purchase at least two blasters to get started.


Key Things to Consider Before Buying Laser Tag Guns

Before you select a laser tag product, you should think about what is most important to you. Looking to play with the family without spending too much money? A set including at least four blasters and receivers is definitely the best way to go.

However, if you are looking for greater firing range and more refined features, you may best purchasing a pair of blasters or a single gun that can be synced up later with compatible products.

You should also consider whether or not you want to have a separate receiver. While receiver vests tend to provide better responsiveness to incoming fire, they can be cumbersome and awkward to wear. They will also require additional batteries, which can result in a significant ongoing cost.

If you can afford the additional premium, go for a quality blaster that incorporates an infrared receiver into its design. The best laser tag blasters with in-built receivers will be able to detect enemy fire from almost any angles, making them just as reliable as a separate receiver.



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