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Best SUV Air Mattresses | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews | 2024

An SUV air mattress is worth considering if you regularly find yourself on the road, heading to paintballing tournaments, for days at a time. To ensure you are properly rested after a long day of driving, you should never compromise and settle for an upright sleep in a car seat.
An SUV mattress operates in much the same way as a conventional air mattress, but boasts distinct features that allow it to be fitted within the back of your vehicle. The best SUV air mattresses can also be used for camping and bedding down when visiting friends and family overnight.

Key Design Features

Unlike traditional air mattresses, SUV and car air mattresses are usually made up of several distinct sections. In most cases, an inflatable car mattress will include a main sleeping surface, along with a separate support for the head and neck. Each of these sections will include their own air channels, allowing for optimal inflation and support.

Another key difference between typical air mattresses and SUV air mattresses is the sides. The sides of a car bed will usually be inclined so the mattress can be fit within a range of vehicle interiors. Some air mattresses will also include cut-0ut sections at the side to conform with awkward spaces typical of car interiors.

Durable Construction

Any airbed needs to be durable to cope with air pressure and the weight of the user, but a car air mattress needs to be even more resilient to wear and tear. As your air mattress will be coming into contact with tough surfaces within your vehicle, you should ensure it is made from sturdy materials with a high degree of resilience. Decent PVC material should be more than sufficient to prevent punctures and other damage.

Pumps & Valves

When shopping for an air mattress to use in your car, make sure a compatible pump is included. You should at least have a car adapter included with the mattress itself, allowing you to connect it to your car lighter socket to power the inflation process. To enjoy broader applications, you should also think about purchasing an air mattress that includes a conventional AC adapter along with a car adapter. This will allow you to inflate the airbed via an electrical socket when you come to use it indoors.

Product Reviews

Tired of second-rate sleep during road trips? We have selected some of the finest SUV air mattresses for you to consider.

WEY&FLY SUV Air Mattress Thickened and Double-Sided Flocking Travel Mattress Camping Air Bed Dedicated Mobile Cushion Extended Outdoor for SUV Back Seat 4 Air Bags

This SUV air mattress from WEY&FLY will provide you with maximum comfort on the go. This air mattress is surprisingly think and durable when compared to other solution son the market, with flocking on both sides to add to the overall levels of durability. The PVC material not only ensures the mattress holds up against rigorous daily use, wear and tear, it is also resistant to cold temperatures. This makes it a good option for those looking to overnight in their vehicles in colder climes, or during the winter months.

This air mattress includes four individual inflatable sections. The main section is the sleeping mat, which itself is made up of several ridged sections to provide good levels of pressure for sleepers. In addition to the sleeping surface, there are two raised barriers at the edges, along with an inclined pillow section to provide comfortable support for the head and neck.

Air pressure can be tailored to your individual preference. If you intend to use this air mattress for two people, it is best to fully inflate the mattress. However, if you are looking to sleep alone, you can choose to inflate with less air. This flexibility also means the air mattress can be accommodated by different SUV interiors with ease.


SAYGOGO SUV Air Mattress Camping Bed Cushion Pillow – Inflatable Thickened Car Air Bed with Electric Air Pump Flocking Surface Portable Sleeping Pad for Travel Camping Upgraded Version – Gray

This SAYGOGO SUV air mattress is ideal for those looking to catch up on their sleep during long drives, but can also be used for camping excursions and more. This 3-in-1 air mattress boasts six individual sections to provide you with the best levels of support possible. Unlike other mattresses in this list, this SUV air mattress is sectioned to accommodate two sleepers. Each half includes a main sleeping area, along with a barrier support and raised head and neck support.

A dual purpose air pump is included along with the air mattress itself. This pump will allow you to inflate this air mattress in the car or at home. The car adapter is particularly handy for inflating on the go, while the AC connector allows you to hook this air mattress up to an electrical socket for fast inflation or deflation.

The flocked material of this mattress makes this a comfortable option, enhancing the overall resilience of the design to ensure it can support more than one individual. When fully inflated, this mattress can in fact accommodate up to three individual sleepers, without you having to worry about any air leakage or compromises to comfort.


QDH SUV Air Mattress – Thickened Car Bed Back Seat Mattress – Portable Car Mattress for Vehicle Cushion Air Bed Inflatable Mattress Car Bed with Air-Pump – Camping Blow Up Mattress for SUV

This premium SUV mattress from ODH will satisfy drivers looking for exceptional comfort and superior support. This hard-wearing air mattress is made from a particularly thick PVC material that is not only durable, but also engineered to withstand particularly cold temperatures.

This means you never need to worry about storing it in colder conditions. The dense material is also soft to the touch, with no odours distracting you from a good night’s sleep. Thick flocking also makes this a skin-friendly choice, helping you relax and drift off more easily.

This mattress includes a car air pump to allow for quick inflation, meaning you will not have to wait around for an age in order to get your head down after a long drive. The sectional design of this mattress also means you can enjoy balanced levels of inflated support throughout the entire mattress, with no worries of leaks in the middle of the night. The versatile dimensions of this mattress also means it can be used within a wide variety of vehicles, from conventional saloon cars to roomier SUV vehicles.


Berocia SUV Air Mattress, Thickened Car Bed Inflatable Home Air Mattress Portable Camping Outdoor Mattress, Flocking Surface, Fast Inflation

This Berocia SUV air mattress more than delivers big when it comes to comfort and convenience. This durable air mattress hits high notes when it comes to comfort, with a flocked surface and thick materials allowing you to achieve similar levels of snugness to a conventional mattress.

The sectional design of this mattress means that air channels are evenly distributed throughout the entire design, giving your entire body ample support. This quality air mattress is divided into several main sections, with a foldable sleeping mat that can be adjusted to fit different vehicle sizes, along with two raised barriers and a separate pillow section.

In addition to the air mattress, you will also find an air pump included for easy inflation. If you intend to use this air mattress during long drives, you will definitely be glad to find a car charged included. However, an AC charger is also included so you can connect the mattress to a wall socket and inflate electronically. If you are looking for an air mattress that can be used in the car and your final destination, this product might be the ideal choice for you.


PAVONI Car Inflatable Air Camping Mattress Pad – with Electric Mattress Pump, Towel, Repair Patches & Storage Bag – Bed Mattress for SUVs, RVs & Minivans – Quick Inflation/Deflation – Durable & Comfy

This PAVONI inflatable car mattress will take the discomfort out of long drives. This air mattress is suitable for use in a wide variety of vehicles, with its relatively thin and flexible dimensions ensuring a good fit in the back of most SUV vehicles and car types. The mattress is made up of several distinct sections, including a main sleeping mat, side barriers and head support section. Each of these include their own air channels, meaning you can look forward to incredible support once fully inflated.

This air mattress includes a pump and adapters so you can inflate it within the car or at home with ease. Also included is a mattress towel to add a further level of comfort to your inflatable sleeping surface. A car strap hanger with sight hooks is also included, allowing you to properly fit the mattress into your vehicle of choice.


SuitedNomad Double Sleeping Pad for Camping, 2 Person Inflatable SUV Air Mattress Bed, Lightweight Versatile Design Mat for Car Camping, Tent, Backpacking,Travel (Double)

This SuitedNomad double sleeping pad is a bit different from other options in this list, mainly due to its ergonomic air cell design. If you have had bad luck with conventional inflatable mattresses in the past, this sleeping pad will likely prove itself a revelation. When inflated, the air cells of this mattress provide you with a 2.2-inch thick sleeping surface that keeps your bodyweight away from cold ground or hand surfaces beneath. This sleeping pad also features cut-outs at the sides, allowing for an easier fit for a range of SUV interiors.

The pad itself comes with an air pump sack that only needs to be filled a few times in order to fully inflate the mattress. This saves you the hassle of having to carry additional accessories like manual and electric pumps, as well as adapters. The pump sack also eliminates the chance of moisture being fed into the interior of the pad, maintaining its durability for as long as possible. When not in use, this sleeping pad is easily deflated and folded discreetly for convenient storage.


DTOWER SUV Air Mattress, Car Inflatable Mattress Thickened Car Air Bed Portable Camping Outdoor Mattress with Air Pump Home Air Mattress for Outdoor Camping Travel, Flocking Surface, Fast Inflation

This DTOWER SUV air mattress will come in handy when you take to the road for long trips or head out into the great outdoors for camping holidays. The universal dimensions of this air mattress also mean you will little trouble ensuring a perfect fit with your vehicle o choice.

This mattress is proportioned to be used in most types of vehicles, including saloon cars, minivans, SUV vehicles and more. The soft material also provides you with a comfy sleeping surface, with the flocked finish particularly smooth and breathable. The durable material is also easy to clean and maintain, meaning it will last for years to come if properly cared for.

This mattress can be easily plugged into the lighter socket of your car for inflation. A universal household socket can also be used if are you looking to inflate the mattress indoors. Once inflated, you can expect stable support and long-lasting comfort. This mattress can accommodate maximum loads of up to 660 pounds, which roughly equates to three adults of average weight.


Sibosen Inflatable Car Air Mattress Back Seat, SUV Air Mattress Car Travel Bed with Air Pump Kit, Portable Car Mattress Fast Inflation Bed for Universal Car SUV Truck Home Camping Vacation (Black)

This Sibosen inflatable air mattress is very affordable and manufactured to an impressive standard. This portable air mattress is perfect for those looking for cushioned support after long spells on the road, with a user-friendly design that makes inflation and setup a breeze.

With five different air chambers included in the overall design, you can achieve varying degrees of inflation to best meet your comfort needs. The mattress includes a main sleeping surface, along with two inclined headrest supports. This mattress also includes two inclined barriers at the sides that allow for an easy fit within most vehicle interiors.

In addition to the ribbed air cushioning, this mattress excels when it comes to comfort levels thanks to the flocked finish and breathable material layers. This mattress is an easy choice for use in all weathers, helping you stay cool during balmy summer nights and warm during cold snaps. Inflation is also very straightforward, with an electric pump included that can be easily attached to the lighter socket within your vehicle.


BHMOTORUS Mobile Inflation Travel Thicker Back Seat Cushion Air Bed for SUV,SUV Mattress Air Bed Portable Car Bed for Outdoor Traveling,Free Electric Air Pump

This BHMOTORUS air mattress combines portability and comfort, providing you with a first-rate sleeping surface for road trips, camping excursions and overnight stays alike. Made from durable PVC material, this mattress can be used regularly without the worry of becoming damaged or suffering punctures.

This folding mattress includes three distinct sections, allowing it to be adapted to the interior dimensions of most SUV vehicles with ease. The multidimensional flocking is another ice feature, adding a layer of insulation to your sleeping environment to allow you to enjoy undisturbed rest.

This mattress comes with an electric pump and adapter so you can inflate it anywhere. This pump is a more advanced option than other products in this list, with an anti-overcharge function and anti-burst protection ensuring your mattress is never overloaded with air pressure that might compromise comfort or damage the integrity of the material.





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