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Tippmann A5 Review – Best All Round Paintball Gun?

If you are new in the world of paintball, choosing the right paintball gun among tons of options available in the market is not an easy task. A good paintball gun goes beyond a barrel and a trigger. It should come as a sturdy and reliable package with room for upgrades. One of the best features of the Tippmann A5 is that it can be customised and upgraded as per the needs of specific game types such as King of the Hill or Bomb Squad. This Tippmann a5 review seeks to provide you with all the information you need about the amazing paintball marker.

This paintball gun is an improved version of its predecessor, the Tippmann 98 custom. It is a suitable tool for players who want to improve their paintballing skills. Whether you’re a beginner looking for the perfect starter weapon, or a more experienced player trying to take your game to the very next level, the Tippmann A5 might just be the gun for you. The durability of this marker, coupled with its wide range of upgrades, ensures that you get years of high-quality paintball action.


Tippmann A5 Review

Key Features

This Tippmann marker is designed to meet the ever-changing needs of paintball players. It boasts of improved features as compared to some of the other Tippmann guns in the market. Some of its key features include;

• 8.5-Inch long stock barrel

• Cyclone air fed system that can feed up to 15 balls per second (BPS)

• Five firing modes that can fire 8 balls per second

• Larger front grip for steady shooting

• Easy to assemble or disassemble

• It is easy to customize or upgrade owing to its compatibility with most Tippmann’s add-ons

• Shock absorbers at its end cap to reduce wear, tear and recoil

• Has a 200-round mouth hopper, that keeps the payer in the game for long stretches

• Black gas line for enhanced field stealth and durability

• Comes with a 2-year warranty


• Weighs 3.1 pounds

• 200-round mouth hopper

• 8.5-inch barrel

• 20-inch full length

8 BPS firing rate and 15 BPS feeding rate

• 150-foot firing range

Pros and Cons of the Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun

As with all guns currently available on the market, this marker has its advantages as well as drawbacks. They are as listed below;


• Easy to upgrade and customise

• Easy to clean and maintain

• Reduced shooting noise due to its stone-honed barrel

• Minimal wear owing to its well fitted shock absorbers

• Easy to assemble or disassemble


• Non-customisable barrel

• Not compatible with paintballs from other companies since they clog the hopper



This marker is one of the highest performing guns in the paintball gun market. The Tippmann A5 owes its enhanced performance to several factors. First, its 150-foot effective range and the 8.5-inch barrel improve its shooting capacity. Second, its noise production capacity is reduced by its stone-honed barrel. The reduced noise allows the player to move around and shoot without being noticed by the opponents. Third, it has high firing and feeding rates of 15 and 8 BPS, respectively. The high rates help in boosting shooting speeds and keeping the player in the game for long stretches.

Another feature that contributes to its performance is the end cap shock absorbers, which reduce recoil and tear. The reduced recoil aspect makes it a perfect option for beginners who are not skilled enough for the game. It gives them a chance to perfect their paintballing skills without worrying about the safety of a shoot.

Material and Durability

Tippmann manufacturer is known for producing quality tools with a long lifespan. This Tippmann marker is made of a perfect blend of durable aluminum material and quality plastic. The sturdy metal frame prevents it from breaking even if it falls from a high surface.

Its weight is about 3.1 pounds, which is neither too heavy nor too light. It is a perfect weight for a paintball gun. Its texture offers a firm grip making it an ideal piece for shooting. The reduced wear and tear by the shock absorbers make this marker durable. Its unique black gas line also contributes to its enhanced durability. Investing in this paintball gun guarantees you of several years of quality service.

Assembling and Disassembling

As a player, you do not need special skills and tools to either disassemble or assemble this marker. You can do it in about 60 seconds! You can even do it in the middle of a battlefield. What’s more interesting is that you do not require any tools to do so; your hands, eyes and brain are enough. The ease of assembling and disassembling makes it a perfect fit for beginners in the game.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The fact that this marker can be disassembled and reassembled with ease makes its cleaning easy. All you need to do is detach the parts, wipe them clean and then reattach them back. Even with minimal cleanup, the gun would still function well.

You should not worry about maintaining the parts of the gun because they are not prone to breakage. However, if any of the parts break, it is easy to find a replacement in the market. Generally, cleaning and maintaining this paintball gun is easy.


Additional Features

The Tippmann A5’s high speeds and enhanced performance are some of the dominant features noticeable by both novice and professional paintball players. Other than the high speeds, this marker comes with some additional features that make it a perfect choice for many players.

It boasts of its unique air fed cyclone feed system. You do not have to worry about changing batteries and O rings during a game. It also has sling mounts that make it easy for players to carry it around. To top it up, it has an E grip switch with 5 firing styles and a magnetic Hall Effect sensor fitted with three separate sessions. The magnetically initiated sensor allows players to adjust speeds on the fly.

Shooting Experience

This paintball gun has semi-automatic shooting actions with a firing capacity of 15 BPS. It has high shooting speeds and improved accuracy enhanced mainly by the larger front grip. The E grip feature also adds to its enhanced shooting capacity.

Players also have the option of using the E triggers that allows for a single shot or auto firing modes. Its 8.5 Inch barrel allows for a shoot of up to 150 feet. To increase the shooting range, you can add an Apex 15- inch barrel, which significantly increases the range and accuracy of a shot. Despite having a highly rated shot capacity, the effectiveness of a shoot depends on the ability of a player to press the trigger.

Final Thought

The Tippmann A5 paintball gun puts into consideration all the needs of paintball players. It is durable, high performing, and with accurate shots. It is a perfect choice for both beginners and intermediate players.

It is easy to find hundreds of paintball guns in the market that suits your expectations. However, finding a paintball gun that is high performing and with a guarantee of giving you premium services for several years is not easy. If you are looking forward to investing your hard-earned money on a paintball gun, the Tippmann A5 is the best deal for you. Try it today and make your paintballing experience more exciting and fun!


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