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8 Best Ankle Holsters | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews | 2024

If you are carrying a side arm during airsoft games, an ankle holster is an essential bit of kit worth investing in. A decent ankle holster should provide a safe and secure place to store an airsoft pistol during play, ensuring it never falls free during gameplay.
A good ankle holster also needs to be comfortable when worn, never digging into your flesh or causing irritation to the skin. Read on for some essential pointers any airsoft fan needs to keep in mind when looking for the best ankle holsters.

Weapon Compatibility

There is a huge amount of variation when it comes to airsoft handguns and pistols. Not every ankle holster will accommodate your preferred weapon, so make sure any holster you are looking to purchase is compatible with the weapon you most frequently use. Most manufacturers identify what type of firearm a holster can accommodate.

Although some retailers will itemise exact firearm models that are compatible with holsters, some will be more general in their guidance. Some holsters are only suitable for compact and subcompact pistols, while others are suitable for larger, full frame pistols. Other holsters may be substantially smaller in design and only suitable for housing revolvers.

Quick Release & Retrieval

A practical holster needs to allow for easy access to a stored weapon. Make sure any holster you purchase provides you with quick retrieval of your side arm. A generous opening needs to be included at the top to ensure the grip of your pistol can be reached and clamped down on, while a quick release tab also needs to be present to ensure minimal effort is required to pull the weapon free of the holster chamber.

Secure Storage

For additional security, look for holsters that include non-slip linings. These non-slip elements, usually made from silicone or similar material, will provide traction that will keep your weapons firmly in place when properly holstered. Some holsters may also moulded contours that conform precisely with the frame of a weapon. Of course, these types of holsters are very limited as they can only be used to secure specific pistols.

Additional Carrying Capacity

Unless concealment is your sole purpose, you should think about purchasing an ankle holster that provides additional storage, beyond a place to house your weapon. Some ankle holsters will also include an additional pocket that provides convenient storage for a second magazine. If you have minimal free storage available elsewhere, a more substantial ankle holder is a convenient way of boosting your carrying capacity.

Wearing Comfort

Ankle holsters may look small and inconsequential, but subpar designs can be very uncomfortable to wear. Go for ankle holsters that are made from neoprene material, with a stretchable design that will conform to your calves. Avoid any holster that includes bulky straps and attachments, as these will dig into your skin and cause irritation. Materials should be breathable and lightweight, while extra padding is always desirable.

Ankle Holsters | Reviews

Read on for our selection of the best ankle holsters to ensure you are always quick on the draw.

Ankle Holster for Concealed Carry | American Company | 4 Styles | B.U.G Leg Holster

This B.U.G leg holster is a must-have accessory for any airsoft player who wants to keep a smaller pistol on their person. This holster is designed to fit most guns, including the vast majority of compact pistols used for airsoft games. However, it is recommended you use this with handguns with a small or medium frame with a maximum length of seven inches.

This holster also boasts an anti-slip design that will ensure your weapon remains firmly in place when properly holstered. The holster also includes a secondary pouch that be used to store an extra magazine or smaller accessories. A secure retention strap ensures both your weapon and any additional accessories are locked firmly in place for the duration of a game.

This holster has always been designed with ambidextrous use in mind. This holster can be used to hold both your pistol and accessories securely against the lower leg and can be correctly positioned for easy retrieval by either hand. If you are looking to upgrade your carrying capacity and want to keep an airsoft pistol with you the next time you head into battle, this holster is a must-have item.


Ghost Concealment Ankle Holster for Concealed Carry Pistol | Universal Leg Carry Gun Holster with Magazine Pouch | Men and Woman Holster

This Ghost Concealment ankle holster is bound to impress those looking for upgraded aesthetics and the best in functionality. Although this holster provides you with sufficient storage for a pistol and smaller accessories, it is surprisingly low profile. The rip-tape fastening provides you with secure fitting, without the worry of more cumbersome straps and attachments sticking out from underneath your tactical pants.

This versatile holster can be used to house a variety of pistols, with extended barrel padding ensure your weapon is properly protected and kept safe from scratches as you play.

You can also look forward to quick draw performance with this holster, with the thumb break feature providing you instant access and easy retrieval of your weapon. The breathable material also makes this a comfortable holster option, while addition ankle padding means a fully loaded holster will not prove distracting if you choose to keep your pistol where it is until late in the game.


topmeet Upgraded Ankle Pistol Holster,not Ordinary – More Colors and More Sizes

This topmeet ankle pistol holster immediately impresses with its discreet design and user-friendly fit. This holster is less bulky than other options out there, providing you with a safe and secure holstering solution that will keep your weapon firmly in place for hours at a time. The anti-slip nylon belt will fit comfortably around your calf, ensuring your pistol stays locked in place and does not slip down toward the ankle or foot as you play airsoft.

Additional padding and thick foam interiors make this a very wearable and comfortable holster option. Your calf and ankle will never feel the hard metal or plastic of your pistol through the material. The quality retention strap also ensures this holster will not make any unwelcome noises, making this good for those looking to maintain a good degree of stealth when playing airsoft.

This holster is suitable for use with a wide variety of pistol types, although to ensure the best fit possible, you should only use it with small frame double-action revolvers.


CREATRILL Ankle Holster with Padding for Concealed Carry with Elastic Secure Strap

This CREATRILL ankle holster is probably one of the most discreet options on the market. This user-friendly holster boasts additional padding to ensure maximum comfort for the wearer, while the secure hook and loop retention strap ensures your weapon of choice is kept firmly in place for the duration of an airsoft game.

This holster will also provide ample storage for a wide variety of weapons, ranging from compact handgun models to smaller revolver frames. If you are looking for a versatile holster that can be used to carry a broader arsenal, this is an ideal product.

This holster has been manufactured to a very impressive standard. The soft knit material is both durable and breathable, making it suitable for those looking to enjoy long airsoft sessions. The material is also very flexible thanks to a welcome degree of stretch in the composition.

This will also ensure the holster lasts for as long as possible, with minimal wear on the overall design if you are heavy-handed when using it. This holster will also appeal to those looking for an ambidextrous design.


ComfortTac Ankle Holster with Calf Strap and Spare Magazine Pouch for Concealed Carry – One Size Fits Most

This ComfortTac ankle holster is easy to wear and provides ready access to your airsoft pistol and rounds. This compact holster will easily fit underneath your tactical pants or jeans, keeping the profile of your weapon concealed from view. The one-size-fits-all design also makes ordering easy, with no complex adjustments to worry about.

This holster features a neoprene band that can be worn directly against the skin. Foam padding is also included to ensure your ankle and calf are protected against unwanted pressure, meaning you can wear the holster for long periods of time, without it becoming uncomfortable.

This holster is also suitable for use with a wide variety of weapon types. You can use it to house micro and compact pistols, but it is also suitable for storing revolvers. As a general rule, you should stick to pistols with a maximum length of 6.5 inches to ensure your weapon is housed as securely as possible.

The retention strap includes a metal snap for quick and silent drawing of your weapon. A spare magazine pouch is also included, providing you with essential extra storage.


BUGBite Concealment Calf Holster

This BUGBite concealed calf holster is a good idea for anyone who values comfort and carrying convenience above all else. This lightweight holster is made from neoprene, making it a very breathable choice of holster that will ensure maximum wearing comfort, even when fastened to the calf for hours at a time.

The fastenings on offer here are first-rate, with a rip-tape retention strap ensuring things remain firmly locked against your calf for long periods of time. A zipper safety is also included to ensure the holster is firmly positioned toward the ankle. Despite its sleek design, this holster is incredibly secure and will provide you with total confidence that your weapon of choice is within easy reach when you need it most.

Retrieval of your weapon is also incredibly easy, with quick and silent drawing of your airsoft pistol guaranteed. Additional storage is also provided courtesy of an extra pocket at the side. This is ideal for carrying around additional airsoft ammo rounds, flash lights, knives and more.


Neoprene Ankle Holster with Padding for Concealed Carry, Spare Magazine Pouch & Extra Elastic Secure Strap for Pistol Concealment for Women Men Fits for Small to Medium Frame Pistols and Revolver

This premium ankle holster is perfect for airsoft players looking to carry a second weapon around in total comfort. This holster features plush padding that will deliver exceptional levels of comfort, while the retention strap will ensure your pistol is kept firmly in place for the duration of an airsoft came.

The neoprene material is also very breathable, meaning the holster can be worn directly against the skin. This is a must for anyone who wants to maintain a good degree of stealth when playing airsoft.

This ankle holster is also easily adjusted to accommodate pistols of various sizes. It can be used to safely house all compact and subcompact pistol frames with ease, as well as most revolvers. A spare magazine pouch is also included, providing you with additional carrying capacity.

As with the main holster, the magazine pouch includes adjustable retention straps for security and instant retrieval. This holster will also suit those looking for an ambidextrous carrying solution. If you are right-handed, simply fit it to the left leg. If you are left-handed, attach it to the right leg.


Galco Ankle Glove Holster Compatible with Glock 26 27 33 Right Hand

If you are looking for a more premium ankle holster, this leather design from Galco may be the perfect solution. This ankle holster has been designed to accommodate a wide variety of Glock pistols, with a moulded shape that will provide snug storage for 26, 27 and 33 models. When properly fitted, this ankle holster will remain firmly in place.

A neoprene ankle band with hook and loop closure makes this a very wearable holster, granting you good levels of wearing comfort and maximum security. Leather padding is also provided, ensuring the frame of your weapon will not apply unwanted pressure on your skin.

A reinforced thumb break strap is included to allow for quick retrieval of your weapon when you come to draw it. The detailed moulding is also useful in ensuring your weapon remains as firmly in place as possible. This holster will certainly appeal to purists looking for enhanced realism, but you will need to ensure you have a compatible pistol in order to properly utilise it.




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