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Best Paintball Gun Brands | 2024 Guide

Best Paintball Gun Brands

If you’re tired of spending money on rental equipment when you play paintball, it’s time to start thinking about purchasing your own equipment. Not only will investing in your own paintball markers and accessories allow you to become proficient with your equipment of choice, it will also usually yield you a discount on entry fees at your local field.

If you want something that will perform well for a long time, you should resist the urge to go for cut-rate markers that are likely to require excessive maintenance in order to maintain function. Below, we explore some of the best paintball brands around to help you find the right equipment for your style of play.


Empire is one of the most reputable paintball brands on the market. Their biggest seller is without doubt the Empire Axe paintball marker. This particular paintball gun enjoys a solid reputation as a highly proficient marker, but its main appeal is the option for customisation. The Empire Axe is also very affordable, making it accessible to entry-level players and experienced paintballers alike.

Despite being fairly cheap, this paintball gun is constructed to a high standard, while the overall design is very user-friendly. Key selling features include the adjustable trigger, as well as the removable able. In addition to first-rate paintball markers, Empire is also known for its premium accessories. The brands face protectors and goggles are particularly popular, while their range of hoppers have also been well received by paintball enthusiasts.

Planet Eclipse

If you’re looking for more high-end paintball equipment, Planet Eclipse is a brand worth investigating. For paintballers looking to invest in an electronic marker, there is no better brand on the market. Planet Eclipse’s Geo paintball markers are particularly impressive, with integrated LCD screens that allow users to unlock the full capabilities of their new gun. Other popular marker models from this brand include the Etek, Etha and Ego.

Although pricier than some other brands, the extras included with Planet Eclipse’s markers more than justify the asking price. In addition to paintball guns, Planet Eclipse offers a full range of paintballing accessories. You’ll find everything from knee and elbow protection to paintball jerseys and vests on offer form this brand. The brand also offers a range of accessories like gun mats, which are ideal for those who need to carry out regular maintenance of their markets.


Tippmann is probably one of the better known paintball brands on the market. If you’ve ever used a rental marker at a paintball field, you’ve probably handled a Tippmann gun before. The Tippmann 98 Custom has long been the rental market of choice, with its user-friendly design making it the perfect fit for beginners.

This is by no means the only marker available from Tippmann, however. All products available from the Tippmann range share the same user-friendly design and superior build quality, with guns being easy to maintain and clean. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance marker that will hold up well to repeated use, a Tippmann paintball gun is probably the best option for you.


Although Valken offers a limited range of paintball markers like the Cobra, this brand is more synonymous with paintball rounds and accessories than guns themselves. It is also one of the most cost-effective brands for those looking to stock up on their own ammunition. Although most paintball fields will only allow you to play with ammo purchased directly on site, Valken paintball rounds are a great option if you’re looking to train on your own property.

Valken’s focus on their paintball round products means you can expect superior quality. This brand is known for its vibrant, neon-coloured paintball rounds that deliver incredible levels of accuracy and reliable breakage performance. If you’re looking to undertake some target practice, having a stock of Valken paintball rounds at your disposal is a good idea.


Dye is another established manufacturer in the paintball sector. This brand offers a wide variety of markers, as well as a full line-up of paintballing accessories. If you’re looking for a more stylish choice of marker, you should definitely think about looking into the Dye product catalogue. The brand is known for its slick designs and realistic aesthetics, making it the manufacturer of choice for the more experienced paintballer.

If you’re unsure of what to spend your money on, you might want to consider user-friendly and low-maintenance marker options like the Dye m2. This brand also offers some of the finest paintballing accessories currently available on the market, with its goggles and face protectors among some of the best around.


If you’re looking for a paintball gun for military simulation scenarios, Spyder is a solid brand to consider. Established in the early 1990s, this brand has an impressive range of realistic markers that are incredibly popular with the more experienced paintballer.

The MR6 is a particularly solid choice of paintball gun, with incredible levels of accuracy, even when you’re firing at speed. You’ll also find plenty of first-rate milsim accessories available from this brand. If you’re looking for a magazine loader to replace a standard hopper, Spyder offers some of the best products in this category.


Unlike other brands in this list, Ninja is a manufacturer that specialises in replacement parts and upgrade components for markers produced by other brands. You’ll find an amazing range of products available from Ninja, with a particular focus on air tanks, infill stations and regulators. If you’re looking to ditch your CO2 tank and upgrade to HPA, Ninja has some great options available.

Final Thoughts

Although the above brands are without doubt some of the best, they are by no means the only manufacturers producing premium paintball equipment. If you’’re looking for authentic-looking markers for military simulation scenarios, consider First Strike (otherwise known as Tiberius Arms).

If you’re looking for something specific, like a new hopper, specialist brands like Pinokio offer some of the finest loader solutions on the market. If budget is a concern, there are some great value basic brands that provide affordable paintball products that are built to a high standard. One of these budget-friendly brands if 3Skull, which offers an impressive range of C02 tanks, protective gear, loaders and paintball pods.



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